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10 Best Things to Do in Shepparton

10 Best Things to Do in Shepparton

June 19, 2022 5 min read

Shepparton is about a 2-hour drive northeast of Melbourne, making it the perfect weekend getaway. Here are the top 10 picks for things to do and see in Shepparton.
The Ultimate Guide to Bendigo – Top 15 Things to Do

The Ultimate Guide to Bendigo – Top 15 Things to Do

June 13, 2022 11 min read

Visit one of Victoria’s culture-rich towns, Bendigo and see what there is to see and do. Here are the top 15 things to do in Bendigo!
The 7 Best Last Minute Getaways in VIC

The 7 Best Last Minute Getaways in VIC

June 11, 2022 5 min read

Whether it’s a change in seasons, a public holiday coming up or you just need a little break, any time is the perfect time to book a last-minute weekend getaway! Here’s your guide to the best picks for a weekend getaway in Victoria.

About Snowboarding

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of excitement in waterskiing and wakeboarding in Australia. Riding behind the boat while the sun shines on your face, surrounded by friends and family, is the summer dream. Make your water adventures that little bit better with Auski's latest wakeboard and waterski equipment. Shop online today for Australia's biggest waterski and wakeboard brands and look the part while out on the water.

Top Waterski Brands in Australia

Auski stocks the latest range and biggest waterski brands available including Connelly, Radar, and H.O.

Connelly Waterskis

Connelly is one of the leading tournament ski manufacturers building the most advanced and competitive waterski equipment. The range has diversified into wakeboards, paddleboards, wakesurfers, and kneeboards. Auski is proud to stock Connelly's latest gear online for you to grab.

Radar Waterskis

Radar provide the largest range of waterskis in Australia. Radar makes skis perfect for Australian conditions, and Radar waterski boots are the best on the market and again perfect for what Australian skiers need. We can help you with everything Radar online or in our regional stores.


H.O. Waterskis design multiple skis for different types of styles, including course skiers, crossover skiers, and freeskiers. H.O. manufactures Syndicate Waterskis, one of the best Slalom Ski designs in the world, pushing the boundaries for innovative technological designs.

Kids Waterskis

Kid's Slalom Skis

If your little one is already ripping up the water on a single ski, Auski stocks kids' slalom skis that are designed specifically for children. Beginner skis, intermediate skis, and advanced kids slalom skis are all designed to help younger skiers improve fast. Kids waterski bindings are narrower and designed to fit the shape of the smaller foot.

Kid's Double Skis

Kids testing out skiing for the first time will use combo skis. Kids' double skis should come with a training bar or at least screw holes for the bar to be connected. Smaller training skis are available for children from 2 years old up to 7 years old, and they have an attached rope and training bar to make learning a breeze.

Waterski Bindings

Waterski bindings are available to buy online at Auski individually or matched back to a ski in one of our packages. H.O., Radar, and Connelly all have a selection of boots for different styles of skiing and ability levels. Beginners should look for a boot with a lower cuff with more flex, making it easier to get on and off. Intermediate skiers can opt for a softer boot or stiffer waterski boot depending on personal preference and their forward lean. Advanced riders typically use more rigid waterski boots to give the individual more support locking them into the ski. If you are unsure what waterski binding would suit you best, give us a call or drop into one of our regional stores, and our experienced team members would love to help.

Waterski Ropes & Handles

Slalom ski ropes come in many different combinations. You can buy one of your favourite brands to match your ski. Radar, H.O. Skis, and Connelly all have a full selection of waterski ropes and waterski handles or you can buy a specialist rope brand, Masterline, that have been making slalom ropes for 30 years. The less expensive ropes will have more stretch and won't last as long compared to more expensive ropes. Their handles usually are less durable, and the better-quality ropes will stand up to the hot conditions we find in Australia and will also have more strands running through the rope with a lot less stretch. Long V's are for beginners to guide their ski with the long V and short V's for slalom skiers who need more control.

Waterski Gloves

Waterski gloves are designed to improve your grip when out on the water. Wear them very tight to prevent creases and remember they will stretch slightly when wet. Radar, H.O., and Masterline all have great gloves, the main difference is in the palm material, and of course, the more you pay, the stronger they are.

Women's waterski gloves will be narrower than the men's across the palm and through the fingers. Women can buy the smaller sizes in the men's waterski gloves, which is very common, or pick from one of the ladies gloves made specifically for women. Radar and H.O. all have ladies waterski gloves but look through the men's gloves as well to find the perfect one for you. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers will all benefit from wearing gloves as it will take the pressure off the forearms, and the skier does not have to hang on as hard. Remember, they must be tight to work.

Guide to Choosing the Correct Waterski

Waterskiing is one of the most fun and rewarding activities you can enjoy on the water, but it can be daunting knowing which skis to purchase with various options available. Auski stocks a range of slalom skis, from beginners, testing one ski to advanced riders carving through the course. Firstly, there are four types of waterskis, Combo Skis, Kids Trainers, Slalom Skis, and Wide Skis, all serving a different purpose. Longer skis will work better for beginners as they will be easier to get up on – yet may be bulkier and slower. Shorter skis are better suited to intermediate skiers and seasoned veterans – they will be quicker on the water but more challenging to control.

The best option for first-timers is to get on a pair of double skis while building up your confidence and skills behind the boat. Next up, beginner skis are for those learning deep water starts and working on their first turns. Combo skis are a great place to start as they are wider and offer more surface area making it easier to learn on, allowing you to progress to a single ski. Combo skis are great as they come in various sizes to suit juniors through to adults and are also not as weight-specific as slalom skis.

An intermediate skier is mostly sticking to open water and gradually increasing speed. Intermediates selecting slalom skis must consider their weight, ability, and boat speed, as well as the frequency of their skiing. Intermediate slalom skiers may choose a wider series or a shaped slalom ski to make it easier to get out of the water and allows a slower boat speed. Skiing is meant to be fun, and the wider series enables a skier to cruise and enjoy their skiing.

Slalom skis for advanced skiers have a narrow tail and a concave bottom, which helps pull the ski down into the water to provide the power and control the advanced skier needs. The skis are made of stronger and lighter materials that are very responsive to allow the advanced skier to turn harder and increase their speed across the wake.

Our blog Choosing the Right Set of Waterskis will give you a guide to follow when selecting a slalom ski.

Waterski and Wakeboard Life Jackets & Life Vests

Life vests or life jackets are an essential piece to your water sports gear. We stock various brands, including Follow, Jet Pilot, Connelly, KGB, Rip Curl, Ronix, and Radar, that all provide a range of colours, graphics, and styles to choose from. When choosing a life jacket in Australia, ensure it's tight and firm that it won't ride up when you hit the water. We suggest that beginners to intermediate riders looking for life vests lean towards jackets that provide more buoyancy. Whereas advanced riders usually use a thinner vest to allow for more movement. Shop the best life jackets in Australia at Auski.

Popular Wakeboard Brands


Ronix is renowned for high-quality performance wakeboards and wakeboard boots using high-tech materials. The price matches its superior performance, and as a bonus, the boards and boots will make you look good too. Ronix wakesurfers are also setting the standards in the industry using the same high-tech materials giving the Ronix wakesurfers an incredible feel that puts you in charge.


Hyperlite wakeboards have always set the standard in wakeboarding, pushing boundaries, and building stronger and more dynamic boards every year. They continue to create, design, and manufacture every board, binding, surfer, life vest & rope to the highest standards and stand behind each 100%.

Guide to Choosing the Correct Wakeboard Size

There are two factors to consider when choosing the correct wakeboard size, firstly your weight. Check out our wakeboard size chart to consider which length is appropriate for you. Note that the same goes for height, where the typical rule of thumb is that the taller you are, the more likely it is that you will need a longer wakeboard.

Secondly, your riding style will dictate which wakeboard is best for you, as some people will prefer a shorter wakeboard and others a long one. Longer wakeboards are recommended to beginners to allow for a softer landing, better floating capabilities, and flex pattern.

A shorter wakeboard generally is used by more experienced riders as the board will have faster response times when it comes to changes in the toe and heel side. Completing tricks is also significantly easier on a shorter wakeboard, as it enables you to move and spin in the air as you flip or fly across the water. However, it requires more energy and skill (to some degree) to push through the water since it is lighter than longer wakeboards and the landings are not as soft, thus ensure you have strong knees and prepare for the landing when using a shorter wakeboard.

If you want more information, our Wakeboard Size Chart blog goes into depth on the technical aspects surrounding wakeboard features.

Wakeboard Boots

Men's wakeboard boots are designed to suit different riders and their abilities. Ronix and Hyperlite create their boots to suit a specific riding style. From entry-level open-toe beginner wakeboard boots to specialist cable park wakeboard boots. Flex is the priority to a good rider, do you like a soft wakeboard boot or a stiff wakeboard boot that gives you an immediate response? Wakeboard boots have different height cuffs, and the prices vary with performance and quality.

Women's wakeboard boots have come a long way in the last few years. Ronix has made the women's boot much more comfortable but has kept the performance that women need. The heel cup usually is softer but still locks the women's foot into place, and the cuff will sit just under the calf muscle. It is recommended that women wakeboarders use a women's wakeboard boot which is safer and will allow the rider to stay out on the water longer.

Wakeboards and Waterskis for Sale

Our waterski and wakeboard sale section online has high-quality equipment for you and the whole family if you are searching for a good discount on waterski and wakeboard gear. Products that go on sale are still an investment and are discounted for several reasons; we may have upgraded the product, or different colours/graphics have come in. Past season's waterski and wakeboard gear may be discounted, allowing you to grab a great discount on quality gear that is only a year out of season.


Kneeboards are part of the standard equipment every boat must-have. They provide joy to the whole family and build up one's confidence to ride behind the boat. When buying a kneeboard in Australia, it is straightforward. Would you prefer a plastic kneeboard that is more durable or a fiberglass kneeboard that is more performance-based? The more expensive models in each category typically have a better kneepads for comfort and support. Keep an eye out for the hook on most basic models that the handle can connect to, great for kids to make it easier to get up on or hook the board on to free up your hands. We sell Radar, H.O., Test Pilot, and Kidder Kneeboards online for you to enjoy.


Tubes, donuts, towables, inflatables, whatever you prefer to call them, have come a long way. From single rider tubes right up to massive 5 or 6-seater tubes are available. Auski stocks, WOW Tubes, Radar Tubes, Connelly Tubes, Jet Pilot Tubes, H.O. Tubes, and Jobe Tubes. Remember to match up with the suitable tube tow rope, pump, and carry a spare repair kit just in case.


Wakesurfs are becoming increasingly popular for individuals to enjoy behind the boat. With so many wakesurf products available from different brands, including Ronix, Connelly, Hyperlite, and H.O., it can be hard to decide which one is for you. We have ensured the descriptions for each wakesurf provide details on the board and how it performs, making it easier for you to choose which board is best for you. We have wakesurf boards for beginners learning how to get up through to advanced riders who want to perform tricks and turns. Wakesurfing also has separate rope making it easier to get up and stay out of the way while wakesurfing.

Where to Waterski and Wakeboard in NSW

Wisemans Ferry

Wisemans Ferry is located 75km north-west of Sydney's CBD. The wide riverbanks, miles of skiable water, and gorgeous backdrop of rolling green hills make Wisemans Ferry a must-visit water sports destination.

Lake Jindabyne

In south-east NSW, you'll find beautiful Lake Jindabyne, one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in NSW. It is the perfect family holiday location, as the town is full of activities for everyone, and water sports is just one of them. Camping by Lake Jindabyne is popular in the summer. Waking up early with easy access to glass water for skiing and wakeboarding will have everyone eager for a sunrise adventure.

Lake Mulwala

Situated right on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, Lake Mulwala is home to some of the best waterskiing in Australia. The Mulwala Waterskiing club is a popular destination in summer, hosting an excellent bingo night, live music, and water sport shows.

Where to Waterski and Wakeboard in Victoria

Murray River

Similar to Lake Mulwala, The Murray River shares its banks with NSW and Victoria. The long, winding river provides on-water options for those of all levels, with wider spots for novices and riverbanks to call home for the day. The Murray is Australia's longest river, so there's certainly space for everyone to get behind a boat.

Lake Eildon

Located about three hours north of Melbourne's CBD, you'll find Lake Eildon. With a large area for all water sports, Lake Eildon is the perfect place to learn how to waterski and wakeboard.

Lake Eppalock

Not far from Bendigo, you'll stumble upon Lake Eppalock. The lake itself is a popular water sports destination; it's protected from the wind often, providing calm water to carve up and a beautiful spot for swimming and relaxing.

Where to Waterski and Wakeboard in Queensland

Borumba Dam

Borumba Dam is just south of Gympie but feels like you're out in the middle of whoop-whoop. An absolute favourite for locals as it's relatively quiet due to its hidden location. Lake temperatures are generally warm enough year-round for swimming and enjoying lake life.

Lake Somerset

Situated just under two hours outside of Brisbane, Lake Somerset is easily accessible for a day trip or a weekend. With wide-open spaces for waterskiing and wakeboarding, Somerset is also a fantastic spot to get your confidence up. The size of the lake means space isn't an issue for super fun adventures year-round.

Lake Elphinstone

Lake Elphinstone is 2 hours south of Mackay, and an incredible spot for all your favourite water sport activities. The warmth that northern Queensland is famous for is an absolute dream. Lake Elphinstone is known for warm water temperatures, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you want to search for more places to waterski and wakeboard in Australia our three blogs, Where to waterski and wakeboard in Australia, 5 Best Places to Waterski and Wakeboard in NSW, and Victoria’s Top-Secret Spots to Waterski and Wakeboard, will have everything you need to know about where to travel to.

Top 5 Wakeboard Cable Parks in Australia

Water sports are no longer limited to those who own or know someone who owns a boat. Cable Parks allow individuals to wakeboard or kneeboard without a boat. The overhead cable system pulls riders around the lake. Riders grab a handle, take off from the start dock, and complete laps of the lake. There are strategically placed obstacles around the lake for riders to bounce off or rider over. Australia offers a range of Cable Parks around the country for everyone to enjoy, from beginners to advanced pros, and cable parks are definitely a lot of fun.

Bli Bli Wake Park

Located in the Sunshine Coast, Bli Bli Wake Park boasts 3 separate lakes, 4 different towing cables, and 37 obstacles. The Park caters to all levels of riders, from first-timers and beginners up to the pro ranks. They offer beginner lessons for riders to build up their confidence and develop their skills rapidly.

GoWake Cable Park

The Wake House Australia, GoWake Cable Park Mackay in Queensland provides a fun wakeboard and wakeskate experience on their 2 cable lakes, complete with a great array of obstacles. They also host wakeboard competitions throughout the year.

Perth Wake Park

Perth Wake Park is conveniently located 30 minutes south of Perth City. The Park has a full-size main cable, two beginner-specific cables, a café, pro shop, hire shop, and a large veranda overlooking the action. Perth Wake Park offers cable wakeboarding introduction sessions on their specific beginner systems and has a main lake filled with obstacles for advanced riders to enjoy.

Bayside Wake Park

Bayside Wake Park is a Wakeboard and Waterski Park located in the heart of sunny South East Queensland. It provides an action-packed and fun experience for first-time visitors through to advanced riders. It is the perfect option for riders looking for that added adrenaline rush as a new challenge to their riding.

Melbourne Cable Park

Melbourne Cable Park is Victoria's only cable wakeboarding lake, offering wakeboarding and kneeboarding all year round. They cater for parties, schools, corporate groups, sports clubs, and disability wakeboarding. Melbourne Cable Park has 2 full-size Cable Systems, with each one offering over 500m of cable wakeboarding fun.