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    Selecting the proper snowboard size can be challenging. There are four main elements that affect choosing the length of a snowboard, including: weight, riding style, ability level, and height. Auski has developed a straightforward method for determining the ideal board size.
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    A Local's Guide to Skiing in Niseko

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    About Skiing

    Ski Clothing Australia

    Planning a trip to the mountain can be intimidating, with a daunting packing list, and for some it's hard to know what ski clothing to bring. The essentials we recommend bringing are thermals, a light wool or fleece jumper, ski/snow socks, a ski jacket and pants, ski gloves/mittens, a helmet, goggles, facemask or neck warmer, snow skis, ski bindings, ski boots, and ski poles. Although it may seem like a lot compared to your average holiday, it's worth it once you're having the time of your life in the mountains. Purchasing insulated snow gear is essential to keeping you warm all day in the mountains, and you can read our guide to insulated snow gear to best prepare for your ski trip. Come into Auski before your trip, and our incredible team can help you get ready for the mountains, save stress and time on renting gear on the slopes and find ski clothing and gear tailored to you as well as your budget.

    Washing and taking care of your ski clothing is crucial to keeping it in good condition for a long time, and it saves you money too. Check out our guide how to care for and wash your snow clothing, where we give you all the tips and tricks necessary to ensure your ski gear lasts.

    Ski Jackets

    When choosing the best ski jacket for the slopes, there are several major brands choose from including Phenix, XTM, Kjus, Roxy, Salomon, Descente, Arc’teryx, Atomic, Volkl, Spyder, and more. Ski jackets are vital to keeping you dry and warm throughout the day; purchasing a good quality ski jacket is an investment that will last you many years and provide you with great comfort and warmth when facing harsh weather conditions out on the mountains.

    When considering ski jackets, it's important to understand waterproof ratings and breathability. You can read our guide to snow clothing insulation explained for more information. Manufacturers describe the waterproof and breathability ratings of fabrics using two numbers, often separated by a backslash, the first number is waterproof, the second is breathability. To measure how waterproof a ski jacket is, for example, if the garment was rated at 20k, the lab will put a tube with dimensions of "1x1" over the jacket and fill the tube with water up to the 20,000mm mark before you would start to see water penetrate through the jacket. To put it simply, the higher the waterproof rating, the more water the jacket can resist, but this also means the price will increase.

    Similarly, with breathability ratings, the lab will test how many grams of water vapour can pass through a square meter of fabric from inside to outside in 24 hours. If the jacket is labeled 10,000/20,000, it has a 10K waterproof rating and a 20K breathability rating.

    Low breathability rates you can generally get away with if you don't exert too much energy, are not on the mountain for too long, or just walking around town, and a ski jacket with a rating of 10,000 grams and under will suffice. However, high breathability ensures individuals that are carving the slopes all day, ski touring or those prone to sweating a lot, guarantees for all-day comfort and warmth – then its best considering purchasing a jacket with a 15,000-20,000 rating and over.

    We recommend a minimum waterproof rating of 5,000 mm (5K) if you ride primarily in cold and clear conditions while taking regular breaks to dry out the jacket. However, if you are an avid skier, you will need more protection for being out on the slopes in any weather condition, and therefore we suggest looking at ratings of 10K-20K. Over 20K is considered to be the best on the market, being rainproof and waterproof under very high pressure.

    Our four favourite brands at Auski for ski jackets that provide ultimate comfort and warmth are Kjus, Phenix, Sypder, and Mountain Force. They not only have very high waterproof ratings but are highly breathable and use 4-way stretch fabrics, so the jacket feels like an extension of your skin.

    Ski Pants

    Stay comfortable and warm on the mountains this year with good quality men’s ski pants or women’s ski pants from Auski. We stock the most extensive range of brands for men and women from brands including XTM, Picture, Roxy, Phenix, Karbon, Spyder, Salomon, Nils, Descente, and so many more. Many of the ski pants we have at Auski use top materials including Gore-tex, Dermizax, PrimaLoft and feature 4-way stretch fabrics, so they are incredibly comfortable.

    All the ski pants we have online are waterproof, breathable, and insulated to varying amounts, with the same waterproof and breathability measures/ratings as ski jackets. We suggest buying the same brand of jacket and pants as they may have clips on the powder skirt that hook up to the pant, ensuring you don't get any snow up your jacket when skiing in powder. When choosing ski pants you may find it helpful to use our sizing charts, these are very accurate and can help you pick the right size when buying online. Just remember that it's always better to have a little bit more room and feel comfortable, one size up than a pair of jeans as you need to move freely in them. When you visit us in-store our team of specialists can help you find the right gear for you and your budget, talking you through the features of different brands.

    Snow Skis

    We stock many leading brands of snow skis at Auski, with a variety of skis based on ability, height, weight, and terrain type. Our major snow ski brands include K2, Head, Rossignol, Volkl, Black Crows, Blizzard, Dynastar, Atomic, Salomon, and many more, with a massive range for men, women and kids. Unlike snow jackets and pants, snow skis are gender-specific, and our guide to women's skis explained details features including having a softer flex than men's and often having a shorter turn radius' making them more agile. Ladies' ski and binding packages often have the binding mounted further forward as ladies often have a lower centre of gravity, and this helps turn the ski with less effort. However, you can purchase any ski specific to preferability and what works best for you. Our staff in store are specialists in ski gear and can help you find the right snow skis for you. You can also read the complete guide to storing ski & snowboard gear to make sure you’re in for a happy start to the beginning of the next snow season.

    Best Snow Skis for Beginners

    Beginner skis offer great value and an easy platform for learning the basics of turning, balance and control, and shorter skis are preferred for many beginners as they allow you to learn the proper technique faster. Buying your own skis will enable you to become familiar with how they feel and respond to you, which can be one of the main advantages over renting them. Each ski on our website will suggest if the ski is best for beginners, intermediate, or advanced riders, if you are still unsure what ski to purchase, pop into Auski and speak to one of our experienced crew members or send us a message online, and we will be able to assist you on getting the best ski for you.

    How Do I Choose the Best Ski?

    The type of snow ski that will be best suited to you will depend on a variety of factors such as your ability on the slopes, your skill level (e.g. beginner, intermediate, or a seasoned pro), your height and weight, and preferred terrain type of skiing also come into play when choosing the best ski. There are many different snow skis types, all suited to various conditions such as all-mountain terrain, powder skis, park/pipe (freestyle) skis, alpine touring skis, and so many more. If you are still unsure what the best ski is for you, our team can assist you online and in-store.

    Ski Goggles Australia

    Ski goggles are an essential piece of gear vital to your visibility and enjoyment in the mountains. It is crucial to invest in high-quality ski goggles as you want them to fit your face perfectly without them falling or feeling any discomfort, as well as purchasing ski goggles that don't fog up. With hundreds of goggles online, Auski can help you find the perfect snow goggle that suits all your requirements and budget.

    Anon 2021 ski goggles are extremely popular due to their Perceive Lens range; state-of-the-art lens technology for any day in the snow, rain, hail, or shine, the new lenses have got you covered. The 2021 Perceive Lens allows for sharp visual definition, true colour contrast, and heightened on-snow perception. Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses are ideal for intermediate-advanced riders that can keep a spare lens in their ski jacket and change it to suit the conditions.

    The best ski goggle brands include Anon, Roxy, Oakley, Giro, Smith, and Dragon; you'll find them online at Auski or in our stores. We recommended ensuring your goggles fit with your helmet – this is why some people buy them at the same time or bring your helmet along when choosing the goggle, and our team members will ensure they fit together seamlessly.

    Ski Boots and Bindings Australia

    Ski boots and bindings are undoubtedly one of the most essential pieces of ski equipment; if you don't have the right fitting ski boot, you could spend all day in pain and not improve your technique. Ski bindings are extremely vital as they prevent unwanted pre-releases that can be detrimental to your safety and allow your boots to be released safely when you fall. We have all the top brands of ski boots including Lange, Salomon, Rossignol, Atomic, Head, Dalbello, and Nordica.

    At Auski, we make custom-made inner soles made by taking an imprint of your foot and correcting the alignment faults, giving you all-day comfort on the slopes. Come instore today and get fitted by one of our specialists to ensure you have the right boot for your foot shape, ankle flex, and skiing ability. You can also read our guide to the perfect ski boot fit which may help selecting the best pair of ski boots for you.

    Ski Clearance Australia

    Suppose you're looking for Australia's latest range of ski gear online at competitive prices, or you don't have a huge budget for top-of-the-line ski gear. In that case, you can shop the ski clearance section for great discounts on ski & snow apparel, ski equipment, ski accessories, and more online today at Auski! Ski gear that goes on sale is still high-quality and an investment and they are discounted for several reasons; we may have gotten an upgrade of the product or different colours/graphics. Past season ski clothing and ski gear may be discounted, allowing you to grab a great discount on quality ski gear that is only a year out of season.

    Hiring your ski gear can save you money in the short term for a once-off snow trip; however, if you continue to do this year after year, you will end up out of pocket, and it won't benefit you. Shop Auski's ski clearance and get discounts on a range of high-quality ski gear. Owning your ski equipment and ski clothing will save you time and money in the future. Feel comfortable in your gear at a discounted price when you shop Auski’s ski clearance range. We also usually have a sale twice a year where you can snap up some great discounts that will have you ready for the slopes with gear that's tailored to you.

    Can You Ski in Australia? Ski Resorts in Australia

    When you think of Australia, you think of hot sun, beaches, desert, and kangaroos, but in winter, the mountains come alive, and people travel far to reach the slopes for some of the best snow in the world. Whilst skiing in Australia is already popular, it is growing each year, with many looking forward to the 453 kilometres of slopes with a range of terrain. From beginner to advanced riders, there is something for everyone.

    The most popular places to snowboard and ski in Australia include Thredbo and Perisher (both 6 hours south of Sydney, with Perisher boasting the largest resort terrain in Australasia), as well as Falls Creek, Hotham and Mount Buller (all 3-4.5 hours from Melbourne). Perisher, New South Wales, has 22% beginner terrain and 60% intermediate terrain, making it a top mountain if you are still new to the slopes. In contrast, Mount Hotham, located in Victoria, is known for experienced riders with a huge 35% of advanced runs. Australia has some of the best-experienced ski instructors globally, offering group and private lessons for any age bracket.

    When Is Australia's Ski Season? When Does the Ski Season Start?

    Australia's ski season is incredible with the winter months of the year putting on a show for us. Each year Australia's ski season can change due to the weather conditions and how much snow there is; the mountains open and the ski seasons starts in June, and you can confidently ski through to September, giving you a solid few months of amazing adventures. Auski sells snow gear all year round, allowing you to prepare early and jump on all our new arrivals for the upcoming snow season.

    Can You Ski in Australia In September or October?

    In Australia you can ski in September and mountains are still open for you to enjoy; however, October ski resorts tend to quiet down significantly during this month due to the lack of snow. Perisher ski resort has the most extended ski season and may be open during the first week of October, however, we recommend getting your ski trips in before October as that's when there is the best snow, and all mountains are open.

    Where to Ski in Australia

    Australia certainly flies under the radar when it comes to the snow season, and with 453 kilometres of slopes, the opportunities are endless. It is best to go skiing in Australia in the southern hemisphere’s winter, where the mountain ranges are impeccable, and there is terrain for every ability and age. As mentioned above, when deciding where to ski in Australia, the choices are between New South Wales and Victoria, and with 3 solid months of snow season you can plan to visit multiple mountains. Get your kids loving the snow at a young age and bring them along to your next trip, read our blog on personal snow experiences from the Auski crew. It may not be all sunshine and rainbows to start with, but we can guarantee your kid will love every minute on the slopes. Auski offers a wide range of snow clothing and gear for young kids, so drop into one of our stores, and we will get your little one decked out for their new adventure.

    Ski Fields Australia

    Ski Fields in Australia offer a unique skiing experience with classic Aussie scenery through snow gum forests with native animals surrounding the wilderness between elevations of around 1250 m to 2200 m. Australia's ski fields lie in two parts of Australia, the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales and the Victorian Alps, both less than a day's drive away from Sydney or Melbourne. Multiple ski fields lay across these regions, however, the major resorts that are most popular and offer more than just a skiing experience. Interestingly, Thredbo near Mount Kosciusko has Australia’s highest lifted point at 2037m elevation whilst Mount Buller has Australia’s largest snow village with 7000 beds of accommodation to choose from.

    Ski Resorts Near Sydney

    Six hours south of Sydney lies Thredbo, a ski mountain for those who like long runs, ski-in/ski-out accommodation, and a thriving après scene. Thredbo is known to be the highest ski resort in Australia at 2,037m with a buzzing atmosphere surrounding the village, there is always live music and entertainment in the alpine village, perfect for those who love to have a beverage or two.

    Perisher is one of the most popular ski resorts near Sydney; it’s nearly a 6-hour drive from the heart of CBD, so ensure to stock up on a lot of snacks and have a good playlist pumping for the road trip. Perisher is not only the largest ski area in Australia, but in the Southern Hemisphere. Perisher ski resort comprises four different sections (Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes, and Guthega) there's more than enough terrain to keep everyone busy at Australia's largest ski resort. Perisher is a family-friendly mountain with most lodges containing their own bars and restaurants, ideal for families with young children. If you're looking to head to Perisher this snow season, check out our ultimate guide to Perisher Resort.

    Charlotte Pass is the perfect ski resort near Sydney if you're looking for a quieter destination. This isolated resort is only accessible via oversnow transport from Perisher Valley due to its altitude. The mountain receives some of the most consistent snowfalls delivering the best quality natural snow in Australia.

    Mount Selwyn is the ultimate mountain for beginners, with a variety of easy runs to navigate down. The ski resort is very family-oriented with multiple fun activities to participate in, there are two Snow tube parks, cross-country skiing available, and tobogganing.

    Ski Resorts Near Melbourne

    Victoria is a popular destination for the snow season, with multiple ski resorts only being a few hours from the heart of Melbourne. When looking for ski resorts near Melbourne, the three biggest mountains include Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, and Mt Buller, followed by Lake Mountain, Mt Buffalo, Mt Baw Baw, and Mt Stirling which are other smaller ski resorts located near Melbourne.

    Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, and Mt Buller are incredible ski resorts near Melbourne, with a large variety of terrain for all levels of skiers, making these three mountains the perfect weekend getaway trip with family or friends. Mt Hotham is a popular ski resort near Melbourne and provides a unique upside-down layout with the village and resort at the top of the mountain, and it is also one of the less crowded mountains to visit. Mt Hotham is the go-to mountain for experienced skiers looking for challenging terrain with a vast range of cross-country ski trails. Falls Creek is a popular ski resort near Melbourne that provides a vast range of intermediate-friendly terrain making it the go-to choice for first-timers and getaway trips with friends. With wide ski fields, Falls Creek is a go-to spot for skiers with a wide range of cross-country ski trails to explore. The most notable of ski resorts near Melbourne is Mount Buller, known for its solid snow grooming, picturesque village, fun après ski scene (over 30 bars and restaurants) and the fact that it is within easy reach from Melbourne CBD.

    All the ski resorts near Melbourne offer spectacular restaurants and an awesome après scene - once the sun goes down and chair lifts stop, the bars and live music are bursting with a buzzing atmosphere. Planning a snow trip can be daunting with an ample number of options available. Mt Buller is the closest large ski resort located near Melbourne and our ultimate guide to Mt. Buller and Mansfield can help you plan and get the inside scoop of the best places to eat, stay, shop at and activities to experience in the region.

    Ski Trips in Australia - Best Ski Day Trips

    Don't underestimate a day trip to the snow; some of Australia's best ski resorts are only a few hours' drive from the CBD and you'll be sure to have the time of your life while saving some money. If you're from Melbourne like us at Auski, Lake Mountain or Mt Buller will be your best options for a day trip to the snow in Melbourne. Even if skiing isn't your thing, a day trip to the snow is still the perfect opportunity to experience Australia's beauty. Snowmobiling, dog sledding, tobogganing, tubing, wildlife spotting, fat biking, snowshoeing, and so much more can be experienced in the snow without buckling into a pair of skis.

    Cross Country Skiing in Australia

    With Australia playing host to some of the best snow fields in the Southern Hemisphere it’s not surprising that there is a vast range of cross country ski and backcountry trails to explore. Cross Country skiing is popular in Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales as well as Alpine National Park in Victoria in the Central Highlands and Alpine regions of Victoria. Mt Hotham boasts 35 km of cross country ski trails to explore. Falls Creek provides some of the best cross-country skiing in the country with over 64km of trails! If you’re new to or an avid back country skier, then our guide to Backcountry Ski Touring in Australia is perfect for you.

    Skiing in Australia vs. NZ?

    The big debate between Australia vs. New Zealand and which country is better when it comes to snow skiing is a long one. Each country has different attributes that make it special and a great option for a snow trip, making it hard to pick a true winner. Starting simple, the size of each mountain range; Australia is famously known as having the largest ski resort in Australasia, with Perisher having 1245 hectares of slopes. Thredbo is also home to Australia's longest run, known as the Supertrail, at 5.9km. When it comes to the vertical descent, skiing in New Zealand wins, with Turoa having 722 meters of steep slopes, making New Zealand a little more appealing to those advanced skiers and snowboarders. Suppose you like untouched powder and slopes with very few, if any people on them, then New Zealand is the place to ski. Helicopters take skiers to another world deep within the impressive Southern Alps. Although this can be done in Australia, New Zealand backcountry ski runs are a little more unique and dreamier than Australia's.

    Giving Australia the credit it deserves, our ski in ski out accommodation is sensational, particularly Falls Creek, as it is pedestrian-only. With runs starting and ending right at our doorstep, Australia triumphs when it comes to this dreamy setup. However, Australia doesn't have Queenstown, a lakeside resort town with more than 130 bars and restaurants. On a down day in Australia, there are only a few things to do, and you tend to stay on the mountain tops in your lodge, however in New Zealand, down days are buzzing as there are an endless number of activities to do such as bungy jumping, jet boating, winery hopping, golf, spa days or take in a movie.

    Skiing in Australia will forever be our favourite as it feels like home to us, only a short drive away and endless amounts of fun. If you are interested in learning more about New Zealand's snow season, check out the Best Snow Trips in New Zealand From Australia – Your Guide to a Short Snow Getaway for a run-down of the best snow-filled destinations. If you are heading there to ski as well, come into our stores or shop online at Auski, and we can help you get decked out for your next adventure.

    Ski Australia Packages

    Snow skiing is a lot of fun and a memorable adventure with family or friends; you can either spend a lot of money and enjoy a lavish ski trip or travel on a budget and save as much money wherever you can. Purchasing a ski package is a great option to save some money and have everything pre-planned for you. Each mountain offers its own packages that can be bought online. Travel agents also provides packages for skiing in Australia, especially if you don't live in NSW or Victoria, with flights be included in the bundle. Ski Australia packages can offer accommodation, chair lift passes, day activities, travel expenses all with great offers. There are individual, family, or group packages available for every mountain, catering to everyone's needs.

    If you are an avid skier, an Epic Pass is an incredible deal, with access to Perisher, Falls Creek, and Mt Hotham, you will never get bored of the same mountain range in Australia again. With many other benefits, including overseas passes to incredible ski resorts in Canada, America, Japan and more, Epic Pass Australia is certainly not one to miss.