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    Men’s Apres Ski Boots, Snow Boots & Walking Boots

    Auski has a sizable selection of Apres Boots, Walking Boots and Snow Boots for men from top brands including Attiba, XTM, Vans, Mammut, and many others. Shop a wide selection of snow boots online for the greatest skiing and snowboarding experience. Auski has a great range of Apres snow walking boots for sale online.

    Stay warm and dry in waterproof walking boots for the snow from Sorel, Khombu, Attiba, Salomon and XTM. Snow walking boots for men and women are on sale at Auski online so you can navigate icy slopes without falling. Ice spikes that fit over your Apre boots are another item we stock.Most of our men's and women's apres boots are insulated so you can walk around in temperatures down to -20 and not get cold feet. Sorel have been making snow walking boots for a long time and are cut extremely high for people who will be walking through deep fresh snow. If you want something more stylish, try the Attiba snow boots that look like a nice leather walking boot but have insulation and ice spikes built in.

    Cheap snow boots will do the job if you are in Australia, however if you are travelling overseas this year you should consider a higher quality apres boots that are waterproof and use high grade insulation as the temperature can easily reach -20 degrees. You may find yourself walking in deep snow every time you are outside. Sorel or Attiba boots that comes up to your knee would be the best choice if you plan to walk around a lot or if you are working in the snow.After spending the day skiing or snowboarding, you're ready to explore the rest of your snow resort, so put on a pair of killer après-ski boots and head into town. These snow boots and apres boots will give you grip on slippery and snow-covered pavements, preventing you from losing your footing and damaging your street cred. Take advantage of our fantastic selection from renowned brands to be protected and unquestionably fashionable when skiing.