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    Women's Snowboard Gloves & Mitts

    Snowboard gloves and mitts are one of the most important pieces of snow gear you will own. Gore-tex and PrimaLoft leather gloves and mitts can allow you to snowboard all day long in extreme conditions. Auski online store has a huge selection of board gloves and mitts for sale all year round.

    If you get particularly cold hands in the snow, we suggest trying mitts rather than gloves as when your fingers are next to each other in the mitt they keep each other warm and can trap the heat in.

    We have great Gore-tex, PrimaLoft, leather gloves and mitts from Burton, Dakine, Pow and more.

    Snowboard Gloves For Women

    It cannot be emphasised how important a great pair of snow gloves are for a day of adventure in the mountains. Your snowboard gloves or mitts will ensure your comfort, warmth, and protection while you are snowboarding. You know how quickly this can spoil your entire day if you've ever had one of those days where your hands are chilly and wet from wearing poor gloves! A good pair of snow gloves should be waterproof, windproof, breathable, and warm. Depending on your demands, you can choose from a variety of insulation options and gloves or mittens. For greater comfort and performance, high-end snow gloves are usually made of leather, Gore-Tex, and a plush interior lining. Leather is inherently durable, windproof, and comfortable. Gore-Tex is the ideal membrane for both breathability and waterproofing, and a decent liner is soft against the skin.

    Women's Snow Gloves Vs Mitts

    When deciding between ski gloves and mittens, it's critical to consider how sensitive you are to the cold. Mitts naturally keep you warmer because there is less of your body exposed to the cold, but sometimes they make you less dextrous because your fingers aren't separated. If you're going somewhere cold or you know you get cold quickly, try a pair of mittens for some added warmth. Gloves made by Dakine are recognised for being incredibly durable and waterproof for a very long period. POW and XTM manufacture extremely technical gloves of the highest quality and worth.

    Which Winter Gloves Are Best For Outdoor Use?

    Before investing in a fresh set of outdoor gloves, think about how you plan to utilise them. Do you simply want to keep your hands warm as the weather gets a little icier? Or perhaps you're looking for durable outdoor gloves that can withstand inclement weather like snow? By answering these questions, you can narrow down your choices. If you require winter gloves for a cold, snowy climate, use some gloves with a waterproof shell. These snow gloves contain an additional waterproof layer that prevents your hands from becoming wet when coming into touch with snow while yet keeping them warm. Some people simply want winter gloves to keep their hands warm throughout the cooler months. For these folks, straightforward thermal gloves made of wool, fleece, or cotton are ideal. Of course, if you expect to be exposed to both chilly weather and rain, waterproof gloves may be helpful.

    It is significant to remember that mobility can change depending on the design you choose. Some wool gloves include individual fingers, protecting the range of motion in your hand. However, other outdoor gloves may be a single, sturdy piece without a designated area for your fingertips. Making this decision may make it more difficult to complete tasks that require fine motor skills. However, these specific gloves might be warmer.

    And last, if you spend a lot of time outside, buying several pairs of warm gloves can be a wise choice. Despite the fact that gloves are made of sturdy materials, regular use might nevertheless cause some wear and tear. Consequently, having extra gloves on hand is always a good idea.