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    Want to replace that outdated kneeboard made of plastic? Or are you only trying to get the youngsters interested in water sports? You don't need to search any further — we have an enormous selection of kneeboards to get you on the water! Kneeboards are part of the standard equipment every boat must have. When buying a kneeboard it is very easy, would you prefer a plastic kneeboard that is more durable or a fibreglass kneeboard that is more performance based.?The more expensive models in each category normally have a better kneepad for comfort and support. Keep an eye out for the hook that is on most basic models that the handle can connect to, great for kids to make it easier to get up on or simply hook the board on to free up your hands. Jobe, HO, Kidder, Radar, Connelly, all have great kneeboards that we can ship fast with free shipping available. We also provide a range of Kneeboard Bags to keep your gear covered and protected and a huge range of life jackets to ensure you have a safe enjoyable time on the water.

    Kneeboard Types and Ability Levels

    Beginner Kneeboards – Plastic Construction

    Beginner kneeboarders should be introduced on a solid, forgiving board since this will encourage rapid progress. Beginner kneeboards are made from a durable, extremely buoyant plastic usually. Even at sluggish speeds, a buoyant board will surface quickly and remain stable and balanced. Beginner/plastic kneeboards often include an integrated or pop-up front tow hook to help you gently grab the handle when you go from a laying down to a kneeling posture. Plastic kneeboards are designed with a rounded, soft rail that makes turning easier and reduces the chance of a rider's being pushed off balance. Since plastic kneeboards are almost always constructed from the same components, the quality of add-ons such the drop-down fins (available on a limited number of models), the foam kneepad, and the kneeboard strap sets the starting kneeboards different in price. Beginner or plastic kneeboards are the best option for kids and those who are new to the sport. Additionally, they usually make a great alternative for friends and family to have on the boat.

    Intermediate Kneeboards – Fibreglass Structure

    Intermediate kneeboards switch from a plastic to a fibreglass design (compression-molded), much like wakeboards and water skis. The result is a significantly lighter board with a very sharp rail and significantly reduced buoyancy. Because of the sharp rail and reduced buoyancy, balance and stability are given up in favour of greater manoeuvrability and edge grip. Although we normally suggest riders who are able to use a fibreglass kneeboard shouldn't need one, most intermediate and fibreglass kneeboards come with inserts that make it easy to install a front tow hook for aid with starts. The best kneeboards for intermediate riders are those who wish to push their limits with surface spins and wake jumps and are comfortable in the water.

    Advanced Kneeboards

    High-performance, lightweight, and responsible design define the features of advanced kneeboards. While advanced kneeboards and intermediate kneeboards share many design elements, advanced kneeboards will also use materials like carbon fibre for more pop off the wake and reactivity. High-end kneepads and twin locking straps keep you securely strapped in on advanced kneeboards. For advanced kneeboarders who like to spin and flip from wake to wake, advanced kneeboards are optimal.

    Kneeboard Profiles

    Continuous Rocker Kneeboard

    A kneeboard's profile alters the board's personality and riding style. A kneeboard's form from tip to tail when viewed from the side is called its profile. A continuous rocker kneeboard has a continuous, flat, and spotless arc that is smooth and stable. Kneeboards with continuous rocker offer a quicker peak speed, stable, smooth takeoffs, and softer landings.

    3-Stage Rocker Kneeboard

    3-Stage rocker kneeboards, the opposite of continuous rockers, include a level region under your knees. When it comes time for a release at the top of a wake, the kneeboard might "pop" off this solid surface that is created by stopping the water's flow. Although three-stage kneeboards tend to feel looser on the water and may not have as much top-water speed as continuous rocker kneeboards, they are more likely to pack more punch and go higher off a wake.

    2-Stage Rocker Kneeboard

    Similar to 3-stage rocker kneeboards, 2-stage rockers are fast through the water and pack a lot of pop when taking aim at the wake from both the front and the rear.

    Kneeboard Size Guide

    While kneeboards are "one size fits all," not every rider will benefit from a particular style of kneeboard due to weight considerations. The top-down contour of a kneeboard determines its total surface area; narrow boards are suited for kids and tiny adults, while broad boards are suited for most adults. Identification of the kneeboard can be quickly ascertained by comparing the breadth of its tail to its forebody. Although it will roll from edge to edge more readily, a narrow-tailed board will have less pop off the wake. Wide-tailed boards have the most pop off the wake, but they will be more difficult for kids to roll from edge to edge.

    Kneeboard FAQs

    Which Kneeboard Is Best for Beginners?

    The greatest kneeboards for beginners, kids and novices are made of plastic. A flexible, forgiving kneeboard made of foam-filled plastic is buoyant and ideal for beginners.

    What Is The Best Kneeboard for Tricks?

    Higher end kneeboard designs employ fibreglass that has been compression moulded. A kneeboard made of fibreglass performs better than one made of plastic because it is stiffer and thinner. Increased pop off the wake, more speed, and improved edge control are all provided by a stiffer board. 

    Choosing the Right Kneeboard

    Choosing the correct board might be challenging, but we offer a huge selection that includes models from brand leaders including KD, Radar and HO, so we have everything you need to fit your riding style. When choosing between fibreglass and plastic boards, there are a few factors to consider. While a plastic board is a terrific, family-friendly board that will get a lot of wear, a fibreglass board is more performance-oriented with sharper edges for speed and pop. Additionally, plastic is simpler to use because all of them have hooks on the front to help novices.

    Choosing the Ideal Kneeboarding Handle

    A handle that is ergonomic and has a rope that can be shortened to accommodate different rider sizes and boat speeds is ideal for knee-boarding. You should maintain the rope shorter the smaller the rider; this will prevent the rope from dipping and dragging. When choosing a handle, you should also consider whether or not your board has a hook. You can shop a wide range of Ropes and Handles at Auski, including the Radar Freeride Diamond Grip Kneeboard Rope Package or the Masterline Pro Suede Kneeboard Rope Package.

    How to start Kneeboarding – Tips to Kneeboard

    Tips to Start Kneeboarding

    Choose your handle and life jacket once you've chosen the ideal board. It's time for you to get behind the boat. It might be intimidating at first, but with a few quick instructions, you can quickly get comfortable and enjoy yourself. In order to start kneeboarding, you must lie on your stomach on the board with your nose out of the water. This is often done at the rear of the board. If you have a hook, it's a good idea to keep the handle against it so that the boat will grip the hook when it starts to pull. Keep your handle out in front of you. You may signal for the boat to start once you're comfortable, but always take it gradually at first to allow yourself to settle in. As soon as you start moving, you should aim to crawl onto your knees since the more quickly you move, the more unsteady this phase becomes. You may use the strap or just leave it in place once you are on your knees. You may now remove the handle from the hook and give the boat driver a signal to accelerate to a pace that suits you. Next, do a 180-degree turn as much as you can; you might surprise yourself.

    Shop Kneeboards in Australia

    One of the simplest water activities is knee boarding, which is frequently considered a wonderful introduction to wakeboarding and water skiing. Read our guide to the 10 Best Tubes and Kneeboards or have questions, want more information or need advice? Get in touch with one of our water sport specialists today! Shop kneeboards today and get your gear delivered to your door with fast and free shipping on orders over $99 Australia-wide.