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Workshop & Tuning


Auski has a fully serviced workshop offering a full range of ski and snowboard tuning, including binding mounts & repairs.

It generally takes 48hrs to complete most services, Please allow up to 5 days during peak times.

  • Summer Storage Wax $19.99
  • Wax Only $19.99
  • Wax & Edge $39.99
  • Minor Service $59.99
  • Major Service $79.99
  • Binding Mount (Rail) $29.99
  • Binding Mount (Drill) $69.99

Summer Storage Wax: $19.99

It is very important to wax your ski/snowboard over the summer period. A generous amount of wax is used as a protective layer. Leave this layer of wax on your ski/snowboard, unscraped, all summer long to protect the base from drying out. The ski/snowboard will also absorb wax over the summer, so your ski/snowboard will run better and smoother next season. 

Wax Only: $19.99

A hot wax is applied ideal for our Southern Hemisphere conditions providing extra glide, smooth running and protection to your skis or board.

Wax & Edge: $39.99

Using a Wintersteiger Trim 71 with a ceramic disc your edges will have burrs removed and the edges returned to a factory sharp finish giving you maximum edge control and will allow you to easily finish your turns. No more sliding and washing out.

Minor Service: $59.99

Snowboard or Skis looking a little bit tired? The minor service with our Wintersteiger Sigma SBI will bring your equipment back to life, just like new! This includes a Base Grind to put structure back into the Ski or Snowboard, sharpen the edges and a Hot Iron Wax. We will wax your equipment to suit the conditions you are next Skiing or Snowboarding. 

Major Service: $79.99

A major service with our latest Wintersteiger Sigma SBI will bring your skis back to a factory finish. We will remove any scratches, then the Sigma SBI will flatten the base and grind a new structure into the base. We then sharpen the edges and hot wax your skis or board with our state of the art Wax Future Infrared Waxer. 

Binding Mounts (Rail) : $29.99*

*Free for skis and bindings purchased from us.

Rail style bindings that fit to pre-installed tracks on the skis.

Our certified binding technicians will fit the bindings to the pre-installed rails on your skis and adjust them using your height, weight, age, skier type and boot. 

Binding Mounts (Drill) : $69.99*

*Free for skis and bindings purchased from us.

Used on flat skis allowing you to select from a wider range of bindings which are then drilled and screw mounted to your skis.

Our certified binding technicians will drill and mount bindings to your flat skis and adjust them using your height, weight, age, skier type and boot. 

We mount bindings from all brands we sell and many more, please contact us to confirm your binding model.

If you have a repair question, send us an email at with a couple of photos of your board or ski, and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

Please contact our service department with any questions at Auski Melbourne on 03 9670 1412.