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Australia’s best ski shop Auski has all the best women’s ski bindings on sale and the expert knowledge to help you choose the right binding. Ladies ski bindings are one of the most important and least thought about pieces of equipment for snow skiing. We often get asked what’s the lightest ladies ski bindings? And with the rapidly evolving pace of bindings we find that all womens bindings are becoming lighter weight and easier and easier to step in and out of. Not to mention the better ski boot compatibility to match with introduction of Gripwalk ISO 9523 (rockered and rubberised soles) and WTR (walk to ride rockered soles) along with the traditional Alpine Din Standard Soles ISO 5355. Combine this with a selection of different binding built for a broad range of different skiers, you can rest assured Auski has the right binding to suit your needs for sale ... Read more

online and instore. With all the best brands available online and on sale including Salomon,Marker,Atomic,Look, Tyroliaamongst them. New 2019 downhill ski bindings now in stock.

Marker Ski Bindings

Founded in 1952 in Germany, Marker is the world leading ski binding manufacturer with an affinity for producing the best freestyle bindings, The Royal Family from Marker bindings has become a household name with the Marker Squire 11 ID being their most popular ladies ski binding. For stronger or more aggressive women, the Marker Griffon 13 ID offers amazing retention and safety Finally for those ladies who don’t like their knees or more accurately extreme skiers and freestyle bindings, the Marker Jester 16 ID and Marker Jester Pro 18 ID. Prefer hiking up the hills, checkout the awesome selection of Marker Touring bindings starting with the Marker Kingpin 13 one of their most versatile bindings, closely followed by their heavier Marker Tour F12 EPF and Marker Baron 13 EPF Bindings.

Salomon Ski Bindings

With the release of the highly anticipated touring ski binding, the Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC Ski Binding Salomon reminds us why they’re womens ski bindings are so popular and shows us the future of ski bindings. Truly a one-quiver ski binding allowing full release as an alpine binding with proper heel and toe din standards then converts into a pin-style low tech ski binding for the uphill treks. Stepping away from the freeride and touring world Salomon makes just as trusted all mountain and performance ski bindings starting with the Salomon STH 13 WTR Ski Binding with its traditional styled toe and closely followed with their more freeride inspired Salomon Warden 13 MNC Ski Binding and then lighter weight women’s favourites the Salomon Warden 11 MNC Binding and Salomon Warden 11 Binding perfect for those who don’t want a heavy binding.

Tyrolia Ski Bindings

Synonymous with Head Skis and one of the oldest ski binding manufactures in the world having been founded in 1928. Tyrolia pushes boundaries with over 90 years of research and development combined with the experiences of the world’s top athletes to make binding you can put your faith in. For the all mountain skier in need of an alpine binding perfect for the piste, park or pipe, tyrolia offers the AAA-Series beginning with the Tyrolia Attack2 13 Ski Binding for stronger ladies skiers and the Tyrolia Attack2 11 Ski Binding for intermediate to beginner skiers. Stepping out of bounds checkout the freeride motivated Tyrolia touring bindings beginning with the light weight Tyrolia Ambition 11 Ski Binding for a true womens AT binding experience or the stronger Tyrolia Adrenalin 13 Ski Binding is the perfect all-rounder and side country beast.

Look ski Bindings

One of the largest ski binding manufacturers in the world and touting some serious racing pedigree Look Bindings know what they’re doing and pioneered the safety ski binding. Looks most popular and famed ski binding is the Look Pivot Ski Binding whose heritage leads back to the invention of the turntable heel piece in 1960 and still one of the only bindings on the market today that provide lateral release. The Look SPX Dual binding sets the bar for high-performance multi standard bindings, allowing you to use traditional alpine soled boot, Gripwalk and WTR (walk to ride) soles. Whilst the NX series perfectly suits ladies with its lightweight design and easy step in and out.

Atomic Ski Bindings

Since it isn’t just about having the coolest coloured bindings, Atomic Ski Bindings are lightweight durable and made to last on top of being the coolest looking bindings. As one of the widest bindings on the market, the Atomic Warden MNC 13 Ski Bindings offers amazing power transfer to the ski to capture every precise movement you make. For those beginner skiers starting out the warden 11 is perfect and for the true backcountry skier the Atomic Shift MNC 13 Ski Binding is the only choice.

Binding Adjustments / Binding Mounts

Need a binding adjustment? Your skis mounting or even re-mounting? A safety check or even just advice? Look no further than Auski Melbourne, with a full workshop and qualified techs we can get you on your skis in no time at all just don’t forget for most binding mounts we need a boot!

Category Description - Volkl Mens Skis

Volkl Men’s Skis are one of the oldest and arguably most popular skis in the world. Volkl has been making skis since 1923 and is the largest manufacturer in Germany, maintaining of the most advanced and modern ski production facilities in the world.

Volkl’s ski factory in Bavaria Germany is built on the concept of being built where they live and ski citing high-tech innovation crossed with traditional craftsmanship from their host of ski crazy engineers, testers, and pro athletes thrown in for good measure.

With innovation and high-tech at the forefront of Volkls brand mantra it’s no surprise we have seen them includes some of the fanciest materials and tech in their skis over the years and including their latest such as the Titanal Frame, 3D Glass, V-Werks and UVO.

The Titanal frame as the name suggest works with two frame like sheets of titanal (Surprisingly titanal is generally 85% Aluminium) around the outside of the tip and tail of the ski and a 3rd smaller fullwidth sheet under the binding to give an overall awesome feeling ski with power and stiffness at the edge whilst maintaining a lightweight and damp feeling through the centre for outright controllability. Often found in wider skis, titnal is built into the 2020 Volkl Mantra M5, 2020 Volkl Mantra 102, 2020 Volkl Kendo 88 skis

3D Glass as the name would suggest is fiberglass in three dimensions. Traditional skis would often have flat sheets of fiberglass layered into the ski core for improved rebound, the new 3D glass uses flat glass below the wood core in the centre of the ski, which bends up to become vertical glass behind the sidewall making the ski more agile and lively, and then bends flat to become horizontal glass ontop of the sidewall increasing the torsional stiffness which is the biggest contributor to edge grip in hard and icy conditions. Quickly becoming a staple of volkls skis this is in the 2020 Volkl Deacon 84, 2020 Volkl Deacon 80, 2020 Volkl Deacon 74 Blackand 2020 Volkl 90 Eight skis.

The AMG treatment for your skis, lighter weight and increased performance what more could you ask for? Normally weight reduction and increased performance are polar opposites of one another but V.Werk is all about pushing the edge of what is possible. To shed every gram possible Volkl engineers incorporate the exclusive and expensive materials such as carbon, aramids (artificial fibre weaves of incredible strength), titanal all blended together in unique ways. This can be seen in the 2020 Volkl V-Werks Mantra.

You wouldn’t drive a car without suspension so why ride a ski without suspension, UVO 3D utilizes an unique 360 degree vibration dampener to reduce vibrations in the tip of the ski where they begin and stop them traveling the length of the ski creating a smooth and reliable ride. Checkout the Volkl Deacon 74 Black with its UVO 3D tip.

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