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    There are hundreds of snowboards on the market, selecting what is right for you shouldn’t be too hard if you receive the right information. Auski and Capital 17 stock the leading brands that we know will perform for you.

    Burton Snowboards is the largest snowboard company in the world for a reason; they make great boards and are always at the forefront of technology. Lib tech Snowboards the second largest in Australia is still growing releasing amazing boards every year, Ride, Rome, K2 snowboards, D.C. and Capita round out an incredible range of boards we have at Auski and Capital 17. Different Camber profiles can affect the board you ride. Flying V is a very popular board camber profile that provides good edge hold while being fun to ride. Flat, rocker and rock-out camber are also variations on this that make the mens snowboard ride well in different snow conditions. Burton, Ride, K2, Lib Tech, GNU, Capital and Jones snowboards all specialise in different camber styles.

    We have just taken delivery of the lates 2019 Burton snowboards and they are waiting for you now at Auski. The 2019 Burton Custom Flying V is one of the best graphics is years and is still one of our highest selling boards. If you want something a little stiffer and faster, try the 2019 Burton Custom X Flying V. For something a little different try the Danny Davis inspired 2019 Burton Free Thiker and 2019 Burton Deep Thinker.

    My favourite style of board is the 2019 Lib Tech Travis Rice HP and is a combination camber or Flying V style of rocker with camber under the bindings and rocker in between your feet. This board is very light and snappy but very stable at high speeds. I find it's the best all mountain board out there. A similar board from Burton is the Custom Flying V and is a similar flex and shape. This board comes in regular camber, flying V and also in a directional or twin shape and sidecut.

    Or is you are looking for something soft and fun, thry the classic 2019 Libtech Skate Banana.

    Snowboarding can be really fun if you find the right board to ride so come in to Auski and speak to one of our staff member to find the right ride for you.