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    Men’s Ski Apres Clothing

    Looking for the ideal clothing for après ski (meaning "after ski")? Shop Auski’s range of warm, fashionable après-ski clothing, essentials, and after-party apparel today. After a bone-chilling day on the slopes, there is nothing more satisfying than changing into a dry, ultra-cozy outfit. Even if après-ski attire has its uses, it's not just for serious skiers and snowboarders. From puffer jackets to skivvy’s and thermals, find all your Apres Ski Clothing needs at Auski, in-store and online. You can also access a feeling of carefree, snowy luxury if you wear something somewhat associated with après-ski, such as a longline wool coat with a pom pom beanie.

    What Is Après-ski?

    The French phrase "après-ski" denotes the transition from gruelling ski runs to too many cocktails with companions, both old and new. When the lifts stop turning (or actually anytime after lunch), après starts, and it usually ends around dinner. It may be argued that it's just as significant to ski culture as skiing itself. Depending on where you travel, you'll find everything from elegant wine and charcuterie on cobblestone streets to table dancing (in ski boots, no less). However, a few things are constant everywhere you go: there will be many ski tales and friendships formed over alcoholic beverages as everyone is sun kissed and happy.

    What Do You Wear to Après?

    Even if you intend to end your ski day at a posh wine bar, the nicest thing about après-ski is that there is no clothing code. The majority of the time, skiers carry their skis over their shoulders as they exit the slopes and proceed directly to après without changing or getting ready. Drop your skis off at the ski rack outside or pay for a ski locker to store your equipment while you and your fellow powder lovers enjoy a nice beverage. A ski cap or beanie and sunglasses can also be tucked inside your jacket pocket (or ski backpack) because you won't want to spend the next several hours in your goggles and helmet. This will allow you to hide from the late-afternoon sun without appearing too silly. Keep it casual if you're not a skier but are joining the group for an après-ski drink; all you need are some jeans, boots, a jacket, and a ski hat to blend in.

    Après-ski Dos and Don'ts

    Après-ski culture has its own set of dos and don'ts, just like any other culture. For instance, your skis have no place inside the bar or leaning up against your table. Put your skis on the front racks, or, if you're concerned about theft, leave them besides the ski valet, your hotel, vehicle, or ski locker.

    And even though practically everyone is itching to take off their ski boots, if you decide to wear them to the pub, be prepared to keep them on. Pulling off your ski boots and circling the bar in your ski socks is a nasty habit that also stinks. Even though the après-ski environment is informal, your sweaty feet are not welcome. If you don't like wearing ski boots, keep a pair of shoes in your ski locker or dash to your hotel or vehicle to change into another pair. You can also shop Apres Boots at Auski!