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    Women's Wakesurfers & Wakeskates

    It is great to see wakesurfers being made for women. Women’s wakesurfers are slightly lighter and come with much better graphics, designed for women. Ronix, Liquid Force, Connelly and Hyperlite all have ladies wakesurfers; you will find they are shorter and most have harder rails to carve with ease and will sit higher in the water. You won’t see the large longboards, they will be versatile boards built for performance, perfect for women. Shop online at Auski with fast shipping Australia-wide. Make sure to complete your setup with a life jacket to ensure you’re safe while tearing it up on the water! 

    The kind of wakesurf board that you choose is entirely your preference, however many beginners are unsure about whether to choose a surf or skim style. The best way to choose is to ride different wakesurf boards, however there are a few important distinctions that can clear things up for you.

    You will be familiar with the "Surf Style" board if you have ever surfed on a regular surfboard. These boards resemble little surfboards; you can do many of the same techniques and they feel more like ocean surfing. Beginners frequently choose this type because the three fins seem more sturdy when learning. This technique is used by expert riders who enjoy large airs and a surf-like vibe.

    The looser feel of skim type boards, on the other hand, makes them ideal for spinning and other skate-inspired manoeuvres. They are made to skim across the top of the water. Some boards, referred to as hybrids, combine elements of the skim and surf board styles to strike a balance between the agility and fun of the skim and the speed and speed of the surf.

    What is the difference between Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing?

    The wakeboarder holds onto a rope that is pulled behind a boat for the whole ride. Riding out a wake by releasing the rope is known as wakesurfing. Like a surfer, a wakesurfer will drop the line to ride the crest when they get close to a large wake. As a wakesurfer grips the rope through many wakes, their speed and agility decrease.

    Shop Women’s Wakesurf in Australia with Free Shipping

    Shop a huge range of wakesurfers and wakeskates in Australia at Auski, with fast and free shipping on orders over $99. If you have any questions, or need advice finding the right wakesurfer or wakeskate, contact us today, and a specialist from our water sports team can help with any questions you may have.