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    Snowboard bindings vary for a reason; they are made for different riding styles, a multitude of snowboards, and of course have to be made to handle the size and weight of the rider. Auski and Capital 17 have selected the bindings to match the snowboards in their range, and more importantly to match their customer’s demands. Burton Snowboard Bindings are of course the most popular but Union, Bent Metal and Salomon snowboard bindings all offer different features and designs.

    The 2019 Burton Cartel EST and the 2019 Burton Mission EST and Reflex snowboard bindings are two of the most popular bindings for a reason. They are very light, comfortable and responsive. In womens snowboard bindings the equivalents are the Burton Scribe and Burton Lexa. At $329 and $379 respectively, they represent great value for money if you want a performance binding.

    Union is the other binding company that is worth looking at before you buy. The 2019 Union Force and 2019 Union Contact Pro are the two most popular. The Union Force is more of an all mountain or freeride binding with a stiffer flex and very responsive feel.

    For those of you who want easy entry to your snowboard bindings Burton now have the Step-on system which is by far the best quick entry binding system ever designed. It is taking the snowboard industry by storm.

    Mens and womens snowboard bindings are one of the most important pieces of your snow gear so if you are confused on which one to buy online, give us a call on 9670 1412 and we can help you decide which one is right for you.