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    It can be hard investing in good quality wake and ski gear for kids knowing they will most likely grow out of it. That’s why our waterski and wakeboard kid clearance section is the perfect place for you to grab your hands-on high-quality wake and ski gear at a discounted price.

    You may find cheap life vests for kids that are fully adjustable and grow with your child. This way you can hold onto it for a few years, and it is a worthy investment. Kids life jackets on sale still adhere to the Australian standard and are extremely safe for your child, so you can feel at ease whenever they’re around the water.

    Throughout the year you will find kids waterskis on sale including big name brands such as Radar or HO, across both girls waterskis and boys waterskis. Upgrading from combo skis to kids slalom skis is an exciting new venture, and at Auski we have the perfect slalom skis available for kids, whether they are learning to get up on one ski for the first time or rip up the course, you’ll find the perfect kids waterski. Check out our clearance section for brand new kids waterskis on sale.

    Pick up a new kids wakeboard or kids kneeboard at a discounted price from our clearance section. They are perfect for kids if they are testing out a new hobby on the water or simply shopping on a budget and you want to get your hands on an incredible deal. Our kids wakeboards on sale and kids kneeboards on sale are incredible purchases for your young one. With incredible graphics and high-quality boards, you’re not going to want to miss an opportunity to purchase cheap wake and ski gear with a great discount.