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  • Victoria's Top-Secret Water Sports Spots to Hang This Summer

    September 29, 2020 4 min read

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    Explore the Hidden Gems of Victoria's Finest Water Getaways

    Summer is fast approaching, and like our warm weather lovers and water sports enthusiasts, we're itching to get out of trackies and jumpers and adventure outside. There’s no better way to do this than by hitting up some of Victoria's best places to hit the waterski's or board this summer.

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of excitement waterskiing and wakeboarding the hidden gems of Victoria. We've narrowed down the best getaways, with excellent accommodation nearby; so load up the car, pack your wetsuit and pick your best summer playlist for one hell of a ride, or ski should we say.

    First stop, Lake Eildon.

    A perfect location for beginners with lots of room to practice or for pros that love to carve amongst their own space, Lake Eildon is located between the regional towns of Mansfield and Eildon and is only a three-hour drive from the heart of Melbourne.

    Lake Eildon is a wakeboarding legacy destination so if you're a master behind a motorboat, this might be the place for you. Seasoned wakeboarding pro Brenton Priestley even started his journey here!

    Lake Eildon encompasses more than 515km of shoreline, so there's plenty of room for activities, both in and off the water and plenty of space to launch boats. Start your morning on a gorgeous bushwalk along one of the many trails to choose from before getting out and enjoying a whole day in the water on skis or a wakeboard. If you’re not so much an adrenaline junkie there’s plenty of opportunities for swimming, canoeing or fishing!

    If you want to live your wakeboard legacy, Lake Eildon is your first stop this summer! Stay the night at one of Eildon's incredible visits, watch the sunset and relax after a massive day of water antics.

    Too Quick of a Drive to Ask "Are We There Yet?" Lake Nagambie, We Are Here!

    Only 90 minutes away from Melbourne, Lake Nagambie is located in a pastoral and agricultural region between Shepparton and Seymour with its very own dedicated waterskiing zone that should be on your water sport bucket list.

    With an abundance of wildlife in the area, water skiing at Lake Nagambie is only permitted on nominated waters (which is fairly large so you don’t have to worry). If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, a 15-minute drive away will get you to the 6km exclusive water ski zone located on the Goulburn River downstream of Tahbilk Wines.

    Lake Nagambie offers a range of outdoor activities you couldn't possibly do in just day, so there is no need to rush. Rest the night at Nagambie, visit the fabulous cafes and restaurants and treat yourself to a drink after all the carving you've done for the day! As you reach Nagambie region you pass by several wineries you wouldn't dare miss. Nagambie is home to a collection of family-run wineries and well known for its premium wines.

    Prepare to make this destination a place you visit annually over the New Year period with gorgeous panoramic views across the lake paired with beaming weather. Lake Nagambie is so close to Melbourne and has so much to enjoy. Experience the best of the outdoors with both adventure and relaxation at Lake Nagambie.  

    The Total Package… Lake Eppalock

    If you're a bit of an adrenalin freak - head straight to Lake Eppalock, located on the Campaspe River, near Bendigo just short of a two-hour drive from Melbourne. With no speed limit five metres past the bank it is the ideal location for extreme water sports.

    Lake Eppalock is a fantastic getaway not only for water sports but is perfect for camping as well. When you thought it couldn't get any better, Lake Eppalock also has an open-air cinema! Who doesn't want to watch movies under the stars?

    It's easily accessible for a day trip but don't be surprised you find yourself booking the night. So rally up the family or some of your best friends for the weekend and head to Lake Eppalock which is the perfect summer hangout in Victoria. A place where natural attractions are literally at your feet, Lake Eppalock has everything you need for an excellent summer getaway.

    The Private Getaway, Lake Nillahcootie

    A secret gem to Victoria, Lake Nillahcootie (or lake' blue house' its Indian origin), is located across the Broken River near Mansfield, an easy two-hour drive from Melbourne. Not as well known as some of the other locations on our list, but perfect if you're beginning as a water baby as Lake Nillahcootie is suited for a single day trip.

    A surprising fact, the lake is actually a dam for water storage as well as for water skiing and wake. Boating areas are open to the public from 8 am to sunset, so best to catch the sunrise on your way up and make the most out of your day. Boats can be launched from the main boat ramp near the dam wall

    Lake Nillahcootie is perfect for when you have the weekend off work and want to catch some heat. Gather up the pals and enjoy a day of fun and action. Try your hand at Wakeboarding or enjoy the water for a swim. Pack some snacks, as there is plenty of picnic spots and lawn area right near the dam so you can still be close to the water and enjoy the view.

    Whether you want a private environment or yearning for action down at the lakes towering behind a motorboat, these gems of Victoria will become your regular visits to hit the water.

    If you're heading for the water this summer, make sure to visit or share this post with a mate!

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