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  • Where to Water Ski and Wake Board in Australia – Best Locations By State

    October 07, 2020 6 min read

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    The Top 10 Water Sports Locations in Australia

    The time of year is upon us, the snow gear has gone into storage, the water is getting warmer and we’re on the cusp of summer with boating season just around the corner.

    Whether you’re new at this, or a seasoned professional, there are plenty of places in every eastern state to jump behind the boat and get your adrenaline pumping.

    To ensure your summer is as good as it can get, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite places to water ski and wakeboard in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland to help get you planning to get out there and enjoy some of the best spots in Australia.

    Wisemans Ferry

    Wisemans ferry is located about 75km north-west of Sydney’s CBD and is home to the oldest ferry boat in the state. Surrounded by beautiful national parks and a village that takes you back in time, Wisemans Ferry is the gateway to the nearby Hunter Valley and home to one of Australia’s most famous waterways, the Hawkesbury River which you can read more about here.

    The wide riverbanks, miles of skiable water and the most gorgeous backdrop of rolling green hills make Wisemans Ferry a must-visit water sports destination.

    The park is also a great destination for mountain biking and camping, so make sure you bring all of the gear for an awesome summer river adventure.

    Wisemans Ferry is only the start of the beautiful river system that is the Hawkesbury, and there are plenty of inlets up and down the river for those who want to get out of town a little.

    Wisemans Ferry

    Image: Instagram/nautique_central

    Lake Jindabyne

    In south-east NSW you’ll find beautiful Lake Jindabyne, one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in NSW and surrounded by the nearby snowy mountains which provide a world of summer activity.

    Jindabyne is a town full of activities for the whole family and water sports is just one of them! The lake is located just outside of town, so for a week away there is plenty to do, and plenty of options for accommodation and dining for the whole family.

    We do however love to camp by the lake at the Jindabyne Holiday Park, it’s position right on the lake means getting the boat out early is a breeze. What is that saying about the early bird and the worm?

    Lake Jindabyne is a popular summer boating destination, but not to worry, there are enough boat ramps to accommodate everyone.

    Lake Mulwala

    Situated right on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, Lake Mulwala is shared territory between the two states. Mulwala is about an hour west of Albury and just north of Yarrawonga on the Victoria side. It is home to some of the best waterskiing in Australia and the Mulwala Waterskiing club which during the summer hosts great bingo nights and live music.

    The draw to Mulwala is its serenity. As it isn’t too close to any major city, Lake Mulwala is quiet and peaceful, drawing families from near and far for a summer of water sports, fishing, nature and relaxing lakeside. Due to its immense size the lake isn’t too crowded even at peak times, so it’s a great place to learn your chosen water sport and gain confidence without the masses.

    Twin towns Mulwala and Yarrawonga host more than their beautiful lake. Stop in town for delicious food, wine and breweries, and check out the M.V paradise queen for a throwback boat ride to top off your holiday.

    The Murray River

    As with Lake Mulwala, the Murray shares its banks with NSW, so we’ll have to make this one a two-fer. Occupying the border between the two states, the Murray River is a famous water sports destination.

    The long, winding river provides on-water options for those of all levels, with wider spots for novices and riverbanks to call home for the day. The Murray is Australia’s longest river so there’s certainly space for everyone to get behind a boat.

    The most popular spots along The Murray for waterskiing and wakeboarding are Echuca and Mildura, but there are boat ramps the whole way up and down if you’d prefer a spot to yourself.

    Lake Eildon

    Located about three hours north of Melbourne’s CBD you’ll find Lake Eildon. Eildon is great because of its vast size and plenty of wiggle room.

    A popular houseboating spot, Eildon is not too far from Mansfield, surrounded by beautiful scenery with plenty to do. You can read more about Lake Eildon here.

    Eildon is a popular draw card for many Victorian boaters due to its accessibility to Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Make sure you get the boat in early before the crowds arrive and the wind picks up. There’s plenty of options for weekenders at Eildon, with camping options to suit all. Check out the Bonnie Doon pub nearby for an awesome pub meal.

    Lake Eppalock

    Not far from Bendigo you’ll stumble upon Lake Eppalock. Situated in one of Australia’s most beautiful regions, the Heathcote Valley, water sports aren’t the only thing on offer.

    The lake itself is a popular water sports destination; it’s protected from the wind a lot of the time and provides a beautiful spot for swimming, fishing and more. Up at Kirrang point there is also public barbeques to feed the family. There is also great camping in this area too!

    BONUS: Also situated in the Heathcote-Goulburn region is Lake Nagambie, the town of Nagambie on its shores. Lake Nagambie is famous for fishing, water sports and sailing. Our Victoria water sports article covers bother Lake Eppalock and Lake Nagambie.

    Borumba Dam

    A personal favourite of ours, Borumba Dam is just south of Gympie but really feels like you’re out in the middle of whoop-whoop. An absolute favourite for locals, but generally rather quiet due to its hidden location.

    Camping is available just on the shores so you can launch the boat early in the morning and spend the entire day on the water. Lake temperatures are generally warm enough year-round for swimming and enjoying lake life.

    Amenities in the area are limited, so make sure you stock up in Gympie on the way in, don’t forget the marshmallows!

    Lake Somerset

    Also in QLD’s south-east is Lake Somerset. Situated just under two hours outside of Brisbane, Somerset is easily accessible for a day trip or a weekend.

    Lake Somerset is an awesome spot to pitch a tent for a week and enjoy everything the region has to offer. With wide open spaces for waterskiing and wakeboarding, Somerset is also an awesome spot to get your confidence up.

    The size of the lake means space isn’t an issue for super fun adventures year-round.

    The recreation area also has barbeques and picnic areas to feed the family after a big day on the water. The campground is close by too and offers a beautiful view of the sunsetting behind the lake.

    Lake Elphinstone

    Lake Elphinstone is 2 hours south of Mackay, with awesome camping, a wide-open water space and friendly locals - what else could you ask for?

    An awesome reprieve from the warmth that northern Queensland is famous for, being dragged behind the boat at Lake Elphinstone is a summer dream!

    The wildlife on the lake is also amazing; hundreds of pelicans, ducks and swans makes this area super attractive for bird watching groups who come to Elphinstone from far and wide.

    Mackay is also famous for its many cable parks where you can get riding without a boat! Wake House Australia is our pick - another awesome way to get your confidence up before getting behind a boat for the real deal.

    What are you waiting for? Call your friend who has a speed boat, pack up the esky and get to one of these amazing water sport locations.

    We’d love to hear about your favourite water ski and wakeboard locations across Australia! If you’re getting out on the water make sure to share with us on Facebook or Instagram (@auskiaustralia)!

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