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    Kid’s Slalom Ski & Water Ski Packages

    Shop Slalom waterskis and kids water ski packages with features and designs specifically built for beginners' weight and ability level. With our selection of kid skis, you can get your little guy or girl up to speed faster - take a look at our selection of kids water ski packages online and fast & free shipping throughout Australia.

    Introduce Thrills with Kids Waterski Packages in Australia

    Ignite the love for waterskiing from a young age with our specially curated Kids Waterski Packages at Auski. Designed for the budding water sports enthusiasts in Australia, our collection includes top-quality slalom ski packages and water ski packages tailored for kids. Our water ski packages include top quality gear from industry leading brands including Connelly, Radar and more.

    Kids Slalom Ski Packages – Water skis designed for kids

    Equip your young rider with the best in precision and control with our Kids Slalom Ski Packages. Whether your child is a beginner or already showing promise in slalom skiing, our packages cater to diverse skill levels. Experience the excitement of high-performance kids slalom skis that offer the perfect blend of responsiveness and safety for an enjoyable ride on the water. 

    Kid-specific water skis are designed to have an enjoyable time and have kids begging to go skiing more frequently! Combined with a kid-specific flex, junior slalom skis and water skis are designed to be efficient through the wakes and simple to turn. This allows junior skiers to advance quickly and easily, putting a smile on their faces and inspiring them to ski every day. Our kids slalom ski packages include performance-driven skis that are stable, forgiving, and offers a transitional step before transforming into a more aggressive slalom shape. For children under 54.5 kg, complete concave tunnel design and sharp front bevels offer the ideal balance of performance and stability. A ski that is tailored to their needs is essential for young skiers who wish to improve or perhaps just have more fun.

    Kids' Waterski Equipment & Gear

    Discover the joy of waterskiing with our Kids Water Ski Packages, catering to different skill levels for children. From introductory sets for beginners to more advanced options for young enthusiasts, our collection at Auski ensures a thrilling and stylish experience on the waves with top-quality kids water skis. A superb youth waterski may be the difference between the kids having a good time on the water and developing the confidence they need to advance. Auski is the greatest place to buy waterskis online, and we offer the ideal waterski for every young person, whether they like to leap, turn, or just cruise about. The kid waterskis available online from Auski are ideal for those who are either competent in the water and want something more challenging, or who require an easy starter ski for their first time.  

    Whatever your needs are for skiing, shop online at Auski and benefit from our wide selection and in-depth expertise. Experience quick and cost-free express delivery from Auski to all parts of Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. 

    Comfort and Control: Children's Water Ski & Slalom Ski Gear

    Safety and comfort are paramount for young riders, which is why our Kids Waterski Packages include specially designed gear for children. From kids slalom skis to bindings that ensure a secure fit, our collection prioritizes the stability and control needed for an enjoyable waterskiing adventure. Our Kids Slalom Ski Gear is crafted to provide confidence on the water. Tailored for the specific needs of young riders, our slalom ski boots and bindings ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Watch as your child gains confidence and skill, mastering the art of slalom skiing with gear designed just for them.

    Pair your new kids water ski package with a kids life jacket for a complete setup that is safe and enjoyable on the water. 

    Shop Kids Waterski Packages in Australia

    At Auski, we make it easy for parents to introduce their children to the world of waterskiing and watersports. Browse our online store to explore Kids Waterski Packages, finding the perfect combination of kids slalom skis and water skis. With dedicated customer support team to help answer any questions, plus the widest range of watersports gear at the best prices, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience right through to getting out on the water!

    Introduce your child to the thrill of waterskiing with Auski's Kids Waterski Packages. Whether they are learning the ropes or already cruising confidently, our collection guarantees quality, safety, and excitement. 

    We at Auski are experts in providing water sports gear for kids and adults alike. A large portion of our water ski gear, such kid's slalom skis, kid's water ski bindingskid's double skis and kid’s combo skis, kid's water ski gloves, ropes & handles, life jackets and more, is available online with fast and free shipping on orders over $99.