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    Shop the best range of skateboard decks in Australia at Auski with a huge range of decks from the biggest and best brands to choose from. Skateboarding is all about creativity and challenges and one of the best ways to enjoy skateboarding is to assemble your own custom skateboard. Whether you have tried different shaped skateboard decks, wider trucks or different sized wheels, when putting together your custom skateboard the best way is to start with the perfect skateboard deck. The more you skate and develop your own skateboarding style, the more you’ll learn what shape board, size wheel and trucks work better for you . When building your custom skateboard complete, starting with the deck is the best place. Not all skateboard decks are created equal, so choose the best deck that will suit your skate needs. Choose a skateboard deck with board graphics and brand that resonate with you. Once you have selected your skateboard deck, you can simply choose the wheels, trucks and bearings to set up your new custom complete skateboard.

    We carry a range of the best skateboard decks including Alien Workshop Almost Skateboards, Anti Hero Skateboards, Chocolate Skateboards, Darkstar Skateboards, DGK, Elan, Enjoi, Folklore Skateboards, Girl Skateboards, Globe Skateboards, Real Skateboards and Santa Cruz.

    All our skateboard decks online come with detailed product information and features to help you select the right deck for you. We also only stock the highest quality range of decks to keep you riding safely, longer and in style.

    If you’re looking for a specific skateboard deck, or want advice on any of the skateboard decks we stock online, simply drop in-store, give us a call or contact us and our team can help you get the perfect skateboard deck for you.

    At Auski we offer free shipping on orders over $99* to anywhere in Australia as well as flexible payment methods including Zippay so you can shop now, enjoy your new skateboard deck now, and pay later!

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