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    It can be overwhelming when you look through the many wakeboards that are online to buy. It is actually easy to buy a new board. All the big wakeboard brands, Ronix, Hyperlite, and Liquid Force all have beginner, Intermediate and Advanced wakeboards and target certain riding styles. Decide where you sit in the riding groups, it is OK if you purchase a more advanced wakeboard but it may be less forgiving and Pro riders have been seen at World Cup events on entry level or intermediate wakeboards so don’t be too stressed, it hard to go wrong. Wakeboard boots are important as this is where you need to match your riding style to the feel that you are after, so shop Men’s Wakeboard Boots and Women’s Wakeboard Boots to complete your setup.

    Wakeboards For Sale

    Auski has an extreme selection of wakeboards for all riders at every ability level. Shop wakeboards online today with us and experience why we are leaders in the wake industry. Brands we stock include; Ronix, Hyperlite & Liquid Force. All wakeboards online available at Auski, have complete product descriptions, features and size guides online to make it easier to find the wakeboard to suit your needs and style.

    Beginner Wakeboards

    If you're only just getting into wakeboarding then a beginner wakeboard is the best place to start. Beginner wakeboards tend to have more fins and more easy features to start creating your wakeboarding building block. Wakeboards such as the Ronix Vault Wakeboard and the Hyperlite State Wakeboard are great picks for this level.

    Boat Wakeboards

     Just got a sweet new boat? Maybe you have had the same boat for over 10 years and it's time for an update. A Boat wakeboard is perfect for hitting wakes of all different sizes and shapes. All Boat wakeboards are very different so make sure you ask us how we can get you on the water without feeling uncomfortable.

    Cable Wakeboards

    Looking to flex over an A-frame? Land your first or 50th tantrum over a wakeboard kicker? Auski has fine-picked cable park wakeboards from all the major brands to make sure that you are set and ready for your next ride. Ronix Cables Boards, Hyperlite Cable Boards, Liquid Force Cable Boards, and More Brands.

    Pro Wakeboards

    Are you looking to take your wakeboarding to the next level? Check out a pro board from all the major brands. Auski has been delivering the best range of wakeboards and watersports gear for decades so we know what is going to help you step up your game.

    Wakeboard Accessories 

    If you’re looking for wakeboard accessories then you have come to the right place. Auski has a huge range of accessories for you to get started or even amplify your next ride. Our wake accessories include

    Types of Wakeboards & Wakeboard Rocker Profiles

    What Is A 3 Stage Rocker?

    A 3 Stage Rocker is a more pronounced rocker line at the tip or tail that has a later arc and a greater angle. For riders that come behind a large boat wake, this type of rocker produces more of an immediate, forceful pop off the wake. Even with fewer wakes, wakeboarders will still experience a strong vertical kick.

    What Is A Continuous Rocker?

    A Continuous Rocker is for wakeboarders seeking a fast, smooth ride. The curve of this tip/tail is more subdued, allowing the rider to exit the wake without losing any speed. You can therefore fly farther and maintain that speed, which will make your landings gentler. Even if you are blinded upon entering the wake, you will still be able to predict how it will release.

    What is a Hybrid Rocker?

    Combining the two rockerlines above results in a hybrid rocker. Combining a 3 Stage and Continuous Rocker into one board allows you to have the smooth pop of a three-stage wakeboard with the steady edge and dependability of a continuous rocker. This type of board is ideal for usage by a family, group of friends, or someone deciding which rockerline they like.

    Wakeboard Packages

    Without a set of wakeboard boots, you won't be able to move very far on your wakeboard. At Auski we bundle a sizable selection of our wakeboards, packaged up with the proper boots and give the whole thing a discount – so it’s now easier than ever to shop men’s wakeboard packages, women’s wakeboard packages and kids wakeboard packages. Let us know if the boots and board together aren't precisely what you're looking for, and we'll put something together for you. Simply get in touch with one of our wake specialists today! 

    At Auski we have a range of the ideal wakeboard packages for you, whether you're a beginner setting up your first ride or an experienced veteran updating your setup. Check out our extensive selection of bundles with popular wake brands like Connelly, Hyperlite, Ronix, and Liquid Force. A vast selection of the newest model wakeboard packages from the top brands are stocked by Auski, with wakeboard packages suitable for all skill levels, including men, women, and children.

    Shop the best range of Wakeboards in Australia

    At Auski, you'll find the best wakeboards on the market. Check out our premium range of wakeboards, which includes all new wakeboards releases from top brands. You can be sure that the ideal board is waiting for you at Auski thanks to the enormous selection we have available. But what constitutes a perfect board? Although it's simple to fall in love with a design due of its amazing graphics (warning: there are plenty more to come), selecting the best wakeboard involves more than just looks. When selecting your new board, the size, construction quality, and riding style you want to do should be your primary considerations. Even though balancing all of these considerations can be difficult, particularly if it's your first board, don't worry; we're more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision. No matter what the task, our range of wakeboards are up to the task of helping you carve up the water, pop off the wake and get some serious air. Get outfitted with the best wakeboard from our collection today, then hit the water with assurance. Before you head in store or shop online, read our guides on How to Choose a Wakeboard & Size Chart, The difference between Men’s and Women’s Wakeboards, 10 Best Wakeboards of 2023, 5 Wakeboarding Tips for Beginners and How to Look After your Wakeboard.

    Need Help Finding How To Choose A Wakeboard?

    Visit one of our Auski stores and chat to our wake specialists to locate the perfect board for you. At Auski, we are specialists in wakeboarding and watersports and can help out with all your adventure needs. If you’re looking to get your hands on a new wakeboard or want to chat to our friendly team, our wake specialists can help out with advice for all boards. Have inquiries? Contact our friendly team of specialists.