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Slalom Skis

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Water Ski Slalom skis are now user friendly and are helping to push the resurgence in slalom skiing. Radar, H.O. Skis, Connelly, Kidder and KD skis all have made slalom skis that are much easier to use, including high performance advanced skis which are faster and ride higher in the water. Intermediate slalom water skis are where the big improvements have been made, from slightly wider up to 8mm wider down the middle of the skis making them much more stable, easier to get up on but will still turn when placed on an edge. Beginner slalom skis are also wider with sharper edges that allow the ski to sit higher in the water making them easier to use. Buy slalom water skis from Auski online, have a question, look for the help tab on the bottom of the screen and we will be able to answer your question.