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    Women’s Snow Ski Apres Clothing

    Looking for the perfect après ski (or "after ski") clothing? Shop Auski's assortment of cosy, chic women’s après-ski clothing right away. There is nothing more wonderful than changing into a dry, super-cozy garment after a bone-chilling day on the slopes. Even if après-ski clothing has its advantages, all types of skiers and snowboarders should wear it. Find all your Apres Ski Clothing needs at Auski, both in-person and online, including puffer jackets, skivvies, and thermals.

    What is après-ski?

    After exhausting ski runs, the French term "après-ski" describes the transition to too many beverages with friends, both old and new. Après begins when the lifts stop operating (or really anytime after lunch), and it typically lasts until evening. It may be said that its importance to ski culture is equal to that of skiing. You may find anything depending on where you go, from classy wine and charcuterie on cobblestone streets to table dancing (in ski boots, no less). Wherever you go, there will always be plenty of ski stories and friendships made over alcoholic beverages as everyone basks in the sun.

    How Should You Dress for Après?

    The best thing about après-ski is that there is no dress code, even if you plan to end your ski day at a fancy wine bar. Skiers typically quit the slopes and head straight to après without changing or getting dressed, carrying their skis over their shoulders. Drop up your skis at the outside ski rack or pay for a ski locker to keep your equipment safe while you and your fellow powder hounds relax with a tasty beverage. Most opt for Apres jackets, Apres skivvy’s or hooded jackets. You might also want to stow a ski beanie or cap and a pair of sunglasses in your jacket pocket (or ski backpack), since you won't want to spend the next few hours wearing your helmet and goggles. If you're not a skier but are joining the group for an après-ski beverage, keep things casual; all you need to blend in are some jeans, boots, a jacket, and a beanie.

    Après-ski Don'ts and Dos

    Like every other culture, après-ski has its own set of dos and don'ts. For instance, you shouldn't set your skis against your table or within the bar. Stack your skis on the front racks or, if you're worried about theft, leave them besides the ski valet, your hotel, car, or ski locker.

    Moreover, even though almost everyone is eager to take off their ski boots, if you decide to wear them to the bar, be ready to keep them on the entire time. It's a bad habit that also stinks to take off your ski boots and circle the bar in your ski socks. Although the après-ski setting is casual, wet feet are not permitted. Keep a pair of shoes in your ski locker if you don't enjoy wearing ski boots, or hurry to your hotel or car to change into another pair. Apres Boots and Walking Boots are also available at Auski as well!