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    Men's Water skis / Slalom Skis

    Uncertain of where to start when looking to purchase new water skis? Of course, Auski! From Men's combo skis to men's slalom skis, we stock a huge range of water-skiing gear and accessories, so regardless of the ski style you choose, we have something for you. All year long, Auski offers a wide selection of men's water skis and water ski gear from all the top brands at affordable prices. Since many of our customers hit the water whenever the warm weather comes out, water skis from Connelly, HO Sports, Radar and more are available for purchase at Auski all year long. Auski offers a wide variety of skis for any skill level, from novice to expert. Unsure of what to pick or where to start when it comes to water skiing? Auski's knowledgeable team will help you find the ideal ski; simply get in touch with us right away and one of our water ski specialists can give you any advice you need.


    How to buy or choose water skis?

    Your skill level, age, weight, boat speed, and the style of water-skiing you intend to undertake will all play a role in choosing the best water ski. Beginners should start with a pair of combo skis. Water skiers learning the slalom course should begin with a bigger ski than usual. Selecting the proper ski length is crucial, but not essential for beginners. The weight of the rider has a major impact on the ski's length. You should also consider the boat speed you intend to use. Generally speaking, shorter skis are better for quicker speeds. Additionally, the kind of skiing and skis you are using are important. Shaped skis are shorter than slalom skis because they are broader than slalom skis. 


    What size water ski / slalom ski should I buy?

    You will need a certain size of skis depending on your height, weight, and skiing style. Don't rush out to get the men’s slalom water ski you believe best fits the colour of your wetsuit when you graduate from combo water skis and are ready to take on the world of slalom water-skiing. Spend time thinking about many aspects. The two most crucial factors to take into account are your weight and the typical skiing pace.


    Water Ski Size Guides

    The performance of the slalom water ski depends on your weight and boat speed. When selecting your water ski size, read our complete guide to Picking the Right Water ski & Sizing.  Choose a slalom water ski brand that is appropriate for your degree of experience. Avoid choosing an aggressive ski if you're just starting out since it might hurt you if you can't control it. Skis are made by manufacturers to accommodate all ability levels.


    What water skis are best for beginners?

    Slalom and combo water-skiing are two distinct water-skiing disciplines that call for various gear and techniques. In order to be more stable and simpler to use for beginning and intermediate skiers, combo skis (also known as double skis) are broader and shorter than slalom skis.

    Combo skis are more stable and ideal for novices since they are broader in the front and have a larger surface area. The trainer bars that link the skis on certain basic skis might make learning even simpler. Several hundred dollars is the average price of combo skis. Get in touch with one of our water ski experts online, or stop by our shop so that one of our team members can help you select the perfect water skis.


    What is the difference between men's and women's water skis?

    Women's water skis feature a feminine flair but are otherwise similar to men's skis. Women's skis generally have the same shape as men's skis, while some are made of somewhat lighter materials. In order to better fit the shape of a woman's foot, these skis can optionally be paired with women-specific bindings that are smaller and less high on the ankle.


    Combo vs Slalom Water ski’s

    As mentioned above, slalom and combination water-skiing need different equipment and techniques. Combo skis are wider and shorter than slalom skis, making them more stable and user-friendly for beginners and intermediate skiers. Sports like slalom skiing, trick water-skiing and water ski jumping can all be done on combo skis. They are mostly utilised for leisurely water skiing. Slalom skis are longer, thinner, and more curved than combination skis in comparison. They are designed for skiers with more experience who want to do challenging manoeuvres. Slalom skiers often only use one ski, and they must manoeuvre fast while balancing on the edge of the ski to manoeuvre past buoys.


    Men's Water Ski Sale Australia

    At Auski, we take great satisfaction in being the shop for water sports that provides excellent equipment from the best manufacturers in the world at unbelievably low prices. Men's water skis and water ski equipment of the highest calibre is now easier to obtain than ever before due to Zippay and quick, free shipping across Australia on all orders over $99. Men's water skis are also available for sale all year long, allowing you to get a good deal while participating in your favourite activity. Shop our Wake and Water ski Clearance where we have great discounts and deals on the best water-skiing and wakeboarding gear, all year long. 

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