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Mens - Water Ski Bindings

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Waterski bindings and water ski boots are available to buy individually or matched back to a ski in one of our packages. H.O. Skis, Radar, Connelly and Kidder all have a selection of boots for different types of skiers and different ability levels, beginners would normally select a boot with a lower cuff with more flex, it needs to be easy to get on and off. Intermediate skiers have a huge selection, watch for the forward lean and decide if you like a softer boot or a stiffer water ski boot. Advanced skiers I would hope would already know what they prefer, normally stiffer and much more supportive locking the skier onto the ski. Parts for adjustable bindings are available instore, give us a call or message us in the tab on the bottom right corner of this page to check on the availability. We sell a lot of boots ... Read more

online and upgrading to a new boot will make a big difference to how you ski.

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