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    Life Jackets, Life Vests & PFDs

    You can’t have a day out on the water without a trustworthy life jacket from Auski Australia. A life jacket is an essential piece of gear that everyone in the whole family needs. Our life jackets online incorporate important features that will keep you safe, yet comfortable and stylish.

    Jet Pilot life jackets are an Australian approved personal floatation device (PFD), whether you are water-skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding or just swimming in the water Jet Pilot’s life jackets are the ultimate vests for all water sports.

    Browse through our selection of Radar and Ronix life jackets, they offer high-quality life jackets for women and life jackets for men. If you enjoy plain black life jackets Radar is the way to go. Radar’s life jackets provide a sleek, professional look for those wanting to look the part on the lake. Slim fitting life jackets are ideal for men or women who need slightly more movement while behind the boat, suitable for advanced riders.

    Life Jackets on Sale in Australia

    You can choose life vests for water sports from our huge selection of life jackets online. If you are looking for a cheap life jacket or life jackets on sale that you can get a little dirty or play around in, our clearance section has multiple life jackets on sale throughout the year - keep a constant look out for our life jackets on sale.

    KGB’s life jackets provide ultimate comfort and support like no other, they offer life jackets for women and life jackets for men in a range of colours and styles. From a beginner rider to advanced slalom skiers or wakeboarders, you will feel confident in life vests from KGB.

    Why Life Jackets are Important for Kids

    It is extremely important for your child to be safe around the water at all times, that’s why we stock kids life jackets online to ensure your little one is safe through the summer. Jet Pilot’s life jackets for kides come in incredible graphics that will have everyone wanting to get their hands on the newest collection. With bright colours for an outgoing young rider or neutral tones for the shyer kids, Jet Pilot’s kids life jackets have got everything you need. Rip Curl and KGB also provide kids and teens life jackets. Whether their wakeboarding or water-skiing for the first time, or simply sitting in the boat, these kids life jackets will provide your little one with supreme comfort and safety.

    Life jackets save your life. Make sure you wear one. Enjoy a new Follow or Jetpilot vest the next time you hit the water. Buy your next Life jacket online today with fast and free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $99!

    Life Vest And Life Jacket Fit Types


    ProFit vests are designed for comfort and performance all day and all night. Your torso and the vest are joined by a tapered contour, which makes sure the vest is always contributing to your safety. A fully stitched foam panel gives the rider freedom of motion and flexibility.


    Though this vest is much more than simply a bigger cut, we like to remark that the HappyFit is created for folks who have a "keg" rather than a "six-pack." While the Side Flex Panels & Segmentation maintain the integrity of a customised fit and feel, a looser fit is less demanding on its interaction with the torso. A more conventional range of mobility is provided by larger arm openings. A HappyFit vest is ideal if you've been thinking that other vests hug a bit too tightly.

    Life Jacket Measurements – What Size Life Jacket Do I Need?

    Each life jacket has a somewhat distinct feel and appearance. This provides us with a variety of styles and forms to complement your appearance. Make sure your measurements are accurate because life jackets come in a variety of sizes. The essential measurement for a vest is around the chest, but you should also consider your height and weight. All our life jackets online come with detailed product descriptions and size guides, ensuring you find the right fit.

    Wide Selection of Life Jackets and PFDs in Australia

    Life jackets and PFDs from Auski Australia are among the wide selection of water safety gear that offer superior comfort and protection for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced participant in water sports or simply love being on the water, our selection of life jackets and PFDs is made to fit your unique requirements and tastes, for all ages of the family.

    With so many different kinds, types, and sizes available, you're sure to discover the ideal PFDs to meet your specific needs. Our selection of PFDs including inflatable, foam, and hybrid life jackets is made with cutting-edge materials and technology to provide optimal buoyancy assistance and safety. 

    Life Jacket FAQS

    What kinds of life jackets and PFDs are available?

    Inflatable, foam, and hybrid life jackets that offer outstanding buoyancy, comfort, and safety are all part of our stock. If you’re going boating in Australia, remember to adhere to Life Jacket Requirements. Every person (driver and passengers) must wear an approved life jacket while on board most vessels. On enclosed waters, the life jacket must be Level 50s+ and in open waters and coastal waters, the life jacket must be a level 100 or greater. 

    Which life jacket size should I get?

    Choosing a life jacket that fits properly is essential. We provide a range of sizes in our life jacket range to ensure that you obtain the ideal fit. Please refer to the sizing guides on each product page to ensure the perfect fit. For Adults the size of PFD or life jacket you require depends on your chest size rather than your weight. (For kids, the size is determined by their weight.) Measure the diameter of your chest at its widest point to determine your chest size.

    Are life jackets and PFDs appropriate for all types of water sports?

    Life jackets are designed to meet strict safety standards and are suitable for a range of water activities, including wakeboarding, kayaking, and water skiing. Stay safe on the water and make sure you have life jackets and PFD’s for all passengers and those partaking in watersports. 

    Looking for more information on life jackets in Australia? Read our guide to life jackets and find everything you need to know about life jackets.