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Buying a skateboard is easy with complete skateboards (coming complete with wheels, bearings, and the trucks all set up) or buying a skateboard deck and the individual components separately allowing you to customise your skateboard. A complete skateboard is essentially ready to skate straight off the shelves, or you can opt for a custom skateboard. A custom skateboard allows you a far greater choice regarding different brands, functions, cost, performance, and graphics. You can build a custom skateboard around your personal preference.

Where to Buy Skateboards?

You can find a range of skateboards online here at Auski, including skateboard decks, complete skateboards, skateboard bearings, skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels and skate protective gear. You'll find your favourite skateboard brands, such as Blind Skateboards, Enjoi Skateboards, Almost Skateboards, The Heart Supply Skateboards, Habitat Skateboards, Real Skateboards, Alien Workshop ... Read more

Skateboards, Globe Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Arbor Collective Skateboards, and so many more! Get your hands on your favourite board today and show off your skills at the skatepark.

What Skateboard Size Should I Get?

Skateboard sizes vary, but most skateboard decks are between 7″-11″. Your height and riding style are the main factors to consider when purchasing a skateboard. A larger skateboard and wider deck will be more stable and give you confidence while riding, whereas a smaller and skinner deck is suitable for tricks, flips, and technical skating.

The width of a skateboard deck is typically between 7.5″- 8.25″ and is based on the rider's foot size. Another consideration is those skating ramps and vert ramps typically prefer a wider deck, while street skaters opt for a smaller deck. Width is more important than length for skateboards.

How to Ride a Skateboard?

Before getting on a skateboard, you need to figure out which foot forward you are. An excellent way to determine this is to stand still and have someone lightly push you from behind. Whichever foot you step forward with first to rebalance yourself will be your preferred foot. If you are left foot forward, they call it regular footed, or if you are right foot forward, it's called goofy. Find a quiet street with a flat path to skateboard, and slowly roll the board and stand on the skateboard. Once you have two feet on the board and are balanced, that is when you can adjust your feet to a comfortable position – have a slight bend in your knees and be in a relaxed stance for optimal balance. The key to learning to skateboard is to practice balancing in the board and slowly moving around before attempting more difficult manoeuvres.

Pushing is a fundamental skill to learn while skateboarding; start by placing your foot at a 30-degree angle near your front hardware bolts and bend your front knee far enough that your back leg can reach the ground; ensure your weight is on your front foot. Take your back foot off the board and lightly push off the ground to gain more speed, then return your foot to your board at a slight angle near the rear hardware bolts. As you gain more confidence, you will push harder and faster off your back foot. Learning how to stop on a skateboard safely is another essential skill to master as a skater. Place your weight on your front foot and bring your back foot to the ground. Lightly drag your back foot along the ground while all your weight is still on your front foot. You will begin to slow down, and the slower the skateboard rolls, the harder you can press your back foot against the floor to stop.

How Much Is a Skateboard?

Skateboard prices vary at Auski, and we have affordable skateboards all the way too expensive skateboards. Another variable that comes into play is skateboard decks will be cheaper than complete skateboards. Our skateboard decks start at $59.99 to our top price at $159.99, whereas our complete skateboards range from $99.99 to $369.99. The average price of all our skateboards is between $100-$150. As a beginner, start with a cheaper skateboard option, then as you advance and find your style, begin looking for a higher-quality skateboard that suits your skating.

Best Skateboard Brand

At Auski, we sell a vast range of skateboards from world favourite brands, providing the best complete skateboards and skateboard decks globally.

Blind Skateboards

Purchasing a new skateboard is an important decision, choosing the right one that resonates with your style and personality is what every skateboarder looks out for. Blind Skateboards begun in 1989, producing skateboard decks, skateboard wheels, soft goods, and accessories. Blind skateboard decks are renowned for their durability and colourful graphics.

Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi skateboards are a reasonably new skateboard brand that has pushed itself into the industry. Enjoi decks were founded in 2000 by Marc Johnson, an American professional skater. His passion for skateboarding led him to design epic Enjoi skateboards, identified through their Panda logo, becoming a defining aspect of their brand.

Globe Skateboards

Whether you’re new to skateboarding or having been throwing tricks for years, Globe Skateboards is a name you will know, and Auski is proud to stock a huge range of Globe Skateboards online in Australia. Starting out as a small shoe company in Melbourne, Australia, Globe has grown into a global action sports brand that is loved around the word and is “for the riders of concrete, oceans and mountains – modern explorers of the globe”, with the brand of skaters, surfers and snowboarders producing some of the best skateboards in the world, and sold in over 100 countries.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop provides complete skateboards and a range of skateboard accessories, wheels, skateboard bearings, grip tape, and hardware. Alien Workshop specialises in pre-assembled skateboards. Alien's Workshop skateboards are built to boost your confidence and provide you with designs for ultimate skateboard performance.

Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards are made by skateboarders for skateboarders, directing their passion and love towards creating designs for everyone to enjoy and be a part of. Almost skateboards are snappier and crispier than others, with increased durability and lightweight decks providing a pop. Become part of the legacy and purchase an Almost Skateboard today.

Arbor Collective Skateboards

Arbor Collective Skateboards are built with the use of recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Arbor Skateboards have designed various lines of skateboards for all styles of skateboarding and all ability levels of riders. With different series and collections of Arbor skateboards and longboards, you will find your dream board at Arbor Collective.

Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards pride themselves on providing real products to their customers. Real Skateboard decks are made using high-quality elements producing durable and stronger skateboards for your enjoyment. Get your hands on Real Skateboard decks today and expect nothing less from the team providing real products for everyone.

Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine skateboard decks continue to push the limits in creativity, quality, and good times. Their decks are designed with features that improve durability and enhance performance. You can purchase Toy Machine decks online at Auski, customise your board then head straight to the skatepark.

What Equipment Do You Need to Skateboard?

Skateboard Helmet

Skateboarding doesn't only involve a complete skateboard, particularly for beginners. There are other elements that you need to have packed before heading to the skate park. A skateboard helmet is essential while learning; it keeps you safe and prevents serious head injury. A skateboard helmet comes in various styles and sizes to fit different shaped heads. Graphics is also another factor to consider for a skateboard helmet. Bold, neutral tones or crazy art can show your personality through a skateboard helmet. A skateboard helmet needs to be a snug fit on your head and a chin strap that sits comfortably but tight around the chin. Another factor to consider is the skateboard helmet sits low on your forehead, and when you shake your head, the skateboard helmet doesn't move.

Skateboard Wrist Guards

When we fall, it is human nature that we put our hands out to protect our body from hitting the ground, but this can become quite dangerous, particularly when skateboarding as you may be falling hard and fast, putting your wrists in danger. There is no denying when you start skateboarding or learning a new trick, you will have a few falls. Our skateboard wrist guards are ergonomically designed with full wrap straps that provide palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion. Our black skateboard wrist guard is one of our more popular safety accessories.

Skateboard Kneepads

Skateboard kneepads are also a great accessory to bring with you to the skatepark, paired with skateboard wrist guards. Long ago, even before the modern skate era, Pro-Tec set the standard for skateboard pads with the Street series, and they've been improving them ever since. The Street series passes level 1 certification and offers excellent protection for the pad wearer who wants non-bulky street knee pads. The low-profile, ultra-flexible body is perfect for the street, park, and learning new tricks. Invest in high-quality skateboard knee pads and have the confidence to learn new skateboard tricks without getting injured.

Skateboard Shoes

Skateboard shoes come in various styles, designs, and brands. The most crucial factor to consider when purchasing skateboard shoes is for them to be closed toe. Skateboard shoes should be flat, durable, and slip-resistant, gripping onto the skateboard tape, ensuring you don't slip. We have various skateboard shoes online at Auski, including a massive range of Vans sneakers, an excellent brand for skateboarding providing all the features you need to stay safe and on top of the skateboard. Another tip is to wear long socks, protecting your ankles from the skateboard hitting them. You'll find various skateboard socks online at Auski from brands such as Santa Cruz, RVCA, and Volcom.

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are an essential part of a skateboard, from the look and feel of your skateboard to your overall skating experience. We stock a range of skateboard wheels from your favourite brands, including Folklore skateboard wheels, Spitfire skateboard wheels, Primitive Skateboard wheels, OJ wheels, Ricta Skateboard wheels, and more. Larger skateboard wheels provide a smoother ride, whereas smaller skateboard wheels are for you if you are looking to master tricks and turns in the skatepark. All our skateboard wheels online come with detailed product descriptions and features to help you select the right set of skateboard wheels for your skateboard deck.

What Are Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard bearings enable your wheels to roll smoothly and dictate how fast you go; every skateboard wheel is equipped with four bearings. They are round metal pieces that fit inside the wheels to mount the wheels to the axle.

How to Clean Skateboards Bearings?

Clean skateboard bearings are essential for smooth rolling and speed. If they are dirty and collect gunk, it will cause the ball bearings to slow down or seize up altogether. Regular maintenance is key to keeping them functioning correctly and also helps them to last longer. A few drops of lubricant can help keep your skateboard bearings in check; however, a deep clean will be needed every so often. First off, you will need to remove the wheels, then remove the bearings and shields from the skateboard. Soak the skateboard bearings in cleaner, then dry and re-lubricate the skateboard bearings. Finally, replace shields and mount the bearings back on the skateboard, and you are ready to shred up the skatepark again.

If you need guidance with purchasing a skateboard online at Auski, give us a call, and one of our experienced team members will help. We offer free shipping on orders over $50 to anywhere in Australia, so get your hands on your favourite skateboard and happy skating.

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