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    Slalom ski ropes come in many different combinations. You can buy one of your favourite brands to match your ski, Radar, H.O. Skis and Connelly all have a full selection, or buy a specialist rope brand, Masterline, who have been making slalom ropes for 30 years. The less expensive ropes will have more stretch and wont last as long, their handles are normally less durable, the better-quality ropes will stand up to the hot conditions we find in Australia and will have more strands running through the rope and will have a lot less stretch. We suggest that you ski on a rope length of 60 “, remove the first shortening from the rope and it will help you to cut the wake with more angle and improve faster. Long V’s are for beginners so they can guide their ski with the long V and short V’s are for slalom skiers who need more control. They are all available online and if you have any questions use the help tab at the bottom of the page or call one of our stores.