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    Water ski Tubes, Inflatables & Towables

    An excellent addition to the boat or jetski is an inflatable ski tube, also referred to as a ski biscuit. Waterski tubes are a mainstay of watersport fun, especially for kids and those who want to have a tonne of fun without the strenuous exercise. Being thrown about behind the boat while holding on to try and outpace the driver is thrilling, exhilarating, and enjoyable. Tubes, donuts, towables, inflatables, whatever you prefer to call them have come a long way. From single rider tubes right up to massive 5 or 6-seater tubes are available. We carry Airhead, Wow tubes, Radar Tubes, Connelly tubes, Jet Pilot tubes, H.O tubes, Jobe tubes, it is our largest category. Easy to buy online and we ship throughout Australia. Remember to match up with the right tube tow rope, pump, and carry a spare repair kit just in case. 

    Elevate Your Water Adventures with Water Ski Tubes in Australia

    Discover a new level of excitement on the water with our premium collection of Water Ski Tubes at Auski. Perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages, our water ski towables redefine watersports fun, offering a range of sizes and styles of ski tubes to suit every preference. Pair your new ski tube with affordable and stylish life jackets to ensure a safe and fun day out. 

    Thrilling Towables: Explore Our Water Ski Tubes

    Our Water Ski Tubes are designed to deliver thrills and spills for watersports enthusiasts across Australia. Crafted with durability and excitement in mind, our towables guarantee hours of fun on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our collection at Auski has the perfect water ski tube for you.

    Size Matters: Choosing the Right Ski Tube Size

    Finding the right fit is crucial for a thrilling water ski tube experience. Our collection offers a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your preferences and the number of riders. From single rider tubes to larger options for group fun, Auski ensures you find the ideal size for your watersports excitement.

    Numerous tubes and inflatables in a variety of sizes and forms are readily accessible in the market. Although they all accomplish the same thing, certain tubes are more comfortable for cruising while others are better at capturing air! Although choosing a towable is mostly a matter of taste, take into account the age of the riders you intend to tow, the type of boat or jet ski that will be utilised, and the maximum number of riders permitted in your state.

    How to Choose Ski Tube Size

    How many people will be riding the tube should be your first consideration when selecting the size. All of our tubes include indicators that list the maximum number of riders as well as the tube's actual dimensions. Physical dimensions are significant since, for instance, two-person tubes come in a variety of sizes. While a 70" two-person tube offers adult riders greater arm and leg room, a 66" two-person tube is better suited for kids and teens. Keep in mind that smaller tubes whip across the wake faster because they have less drag. Take into account the tube's thickness as well. While a thinner tube is simpler for individuals to climb back into from the water, a larger tube provides a more cushioned and comfortable ride.

    There are sizes of towable tubes for one to four riders. The rider capacity of each tube should be clearly indicated in the product description, if it isn't included in the product name. While flat "D" style and lounge style tubes often hold 2-4 riders, "doughnut" style tubes are frequently available to fit 1-2 riders. Although the size of your tube and inflatable is mostly a matter of taste, we advise you to think about these two issues -how many riders are you permitted to tow? Furthermore, how many riders can your boat or jet ski tow? 

    It's important to keep in mind state laws. Three riders behind a boat at a time is the maximum allowed in Victoria and New South Wales as of September 2022. You bear all risk while towing a tube with four or more riders.

    Using a boat or a jetski? Some tubes are very heavy and have a lot of drag, especially the bigger diameters. Regardless of horsepower, we advise using jet skis to tow a tube meant for no more than two riders. Smaller tube diameters should be taken into account for boats with low horsepower.

    Style That Thrills: Explore Ski Tube Styles

    Make a splash with our diverse range of Ski Tube Styles. Whether you prefer the classic donut shape or the excitement of deck-style tubes, our collection has something for everyone. Each style is carefully crafted to deliver maximum fun and stability, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water.

    There are three main types of tubes and inflatables available: Deck, Sit-In, and Lounge. Although riders can utilise any kind of tube, there are certain models that are more appropriate for particular age groups than others.

    Deck Style Ski Tubes

    Because they are flat, deck style tubes need you to lie on top of them and grip the front handles. As you get closer to the water, these tubes seem quicker because they have the least amount of drag. While some deck tubes feature wings or higher sides to make it easier to remain on and lean in on a whip, others have a square tail to aid in tracking. Deck tubes, our most popular type, are primarily flat and require the rider to lay head-first, stomach down, while gripping the front handles. Because they are low to the water, deck tubes feel the fastest and have the least amount of drag. Deck tubes are excellent all-arounders due to their speed, but some young toddlers may find them frightening.

    Sit-in Ski Tubes

    You can ride a ski tube while seated thanks to sit-in style tubes. The traditional doughnut tube is a simple version of this; however, larger couch-style tubes that tow in both directions or inflated seats for enhanced comfort are other options. These tubes are less prone to whip you out or bounce off the wake, making them safer to ride and feeling more comfortable. Sit-in tubes, a design that has been popular since the beginning, are distinguished by a "doughnut" ring that has a smaller interior area where riders may take a seat. Sit-in tubes are a terrific way for young children to build confidence because they are often made for one or two riders. More expensive sit-ins include a complete nylon cover and an inflated floor piece for comfort, whereas cheaper sit-ins have a half-nylon cover.

    Lounge Ski Tubes

    For riders who would rather to kick back and unwind, lounge tubes are the ideal choice. They come in sizes to accommodate two to four riders and are distinguished by a flat bottom with an integrated backrest. With their backs against the inflated upright parts, riders position themselves feet first on the flat area. The greatest choice for small children who are uneasy around water is a lounge type tube. Since these are the largest and heaviest variety of tubes available, it is only advised that they be pulled by a boat of an appropriate size.

    Versatile Ropes for Ultimate Control – Ropes for Ski Tubes

    Complete your waterskiing experience with our high-quality ropes, specifically crafted for water ski tubes. Our versatile ski tube ropes provide ultimate control, ensuring a smooth and secure tow for riders of all skill levels. Explore our range of ski tube ropes to enhance your water ski tube adventures with precision and ease. 

    Shop the Best Range of Water Ski Tubes in Australia

    At Auski, we prioritize convenience and enjoyment on the water in your water sports shopping experience. Browse our online store to explore the exciting world of Water Ski Tubes, ropes, life jackets and water accessories. With secure transactions and a dedicated customer support team, we guarantee a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping journey. 

    Revitalize your water adventures with Auski's Water Ski Tubes. Whether you're riding solo or enjoying the thrill with friends and family, our collection promises excitement, quality, and lasting memories.  Auski, your go-to source for wakeboarding and waterskiing and watersports, offers the widest selection of watersport equipment online at the greatest rates, all from the top brands. You can go out on the water quickly since purchases over $99 qualify for fast and free shipping across Australia! To learn more about any of our goods or if you have any questions, please contact our knowledgeable staff right now.