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    Auski has been selling snow skis since 1949 and more recently snowboards and all that time our highly trained technicians have been tuning them and we know experience counts when it comes to tuning. Auski has a massive range of ski and snowboard tuning equipment online so you can keep your skis and boards sliding fast and holding a great edge.

    With a full range of 2018 and 2019 tuning equipment to suit skiers and boarders needing a quick fix right through to racers needing the fastest possible performance equipment. We stock many types of ski waxes, everything ranging from rub-on and liquid waxes to fluorinated race wax. As well as angled edge files, side edger’s, base edger and sharpeners to allow you to hold an edge in icy conditions. We also have base cleaners and glide wax removers to be used alongside fiberlene towel to remove dirt and grime from the base, these can also be used in conjunction with NF Cleaning Hot Box Wax or hot scraping. Auski also stocks a broad range of plexi scraper and metal scrapers in different thicknesses, P-Tex Candles or P Tex repair stick for repairing base damage, diamond stones and gummy stones for smoothing and deburring edges.

    We carry tuning gear from all the best brands including Dakine, Burton, Toko, Swix, 1BJ, North by Swix and more all year round and always at great prices online. Including some of the most popular products such as Rocket Spray, Black Wolf Waxes, Turbo Block, HVC, Cera F Powders, Swix F4 Premium, Cera Nova X, Deluxe Tuning Kit, Quick Tune Kit, F4 Universal Wax.

    Freshly waxed skis and snowboards are important to maintain speed and easy glide to allow for effortless control and exploration of the mountain. Whether it’s a quick fix liquid wax to get you through the day or a full service you skis or board need tuning to stay in peak condition. Buy ski and snowboard tuning gear, equipment, and waxing accessories online.

    A huge range of easy tuning choices for recreational users such as universal liquid quick wax or more durable Hydrocarbon (CH) wax as well as warm and cold hard waxes or glide wax. Don’t forget All-purpose 2nd cut files and universal diamond stones to deburr and sharpen your edges, the swix T77 220v iron or swix cork has you covered for all your wax melting needs, combi and bronze brush for exposing base structure. the Need a waxing and tuning vice too? We also have a selection of 2 Piece Jaw vices, 3 piece jaw vises and wide freeride vises.

    Auski also sells a wide range of tuning products to suit racers from race club through to world cup or WC level tuning. This includes temperature specific waxes for the best possible results, high fluoro and 100% fluoro waxes which require an accurate digital waxing iron as well as hose hair brushes and or nylon rotor brush for stripping excess wax from the base.

    Auski has a fully serviced workshop staffed with trained technicians offering a wide range of wintersteiger machine and hand tuning services including ceramic edging, base grinding, minor and full services and even the brand new infrared wax jet touchless waxer using a range of warm, cold, non fluoro and fluorinated backshop waxes.