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    Wake & Water Ski Accessories

    Wake and water ski accessories should be called essentials; tubes and inflatables, gloves, water ski ropes and handles, ballast, life jackets are all essential items and you can buy online at Auski with fast shipping Australia-wide. Take your time and make sure your accessories are the best fit. Select the tube that suits the conditions where you will be riding. Find the matching tube rope and even the colour that matches your boat. It may be a slalom rope but with so many available you need to choose the right rope for you, they come in different thicknesses and strengths, some stretch a little, others have no stretch. Do you need shortenings on your rope? Are you a beginner, intermediate or a high end user, pick the rope that suits what you are using it for. Ballast and ballast pumps, don’t get to the lake and kick yourself for not being prepared.

    Ropes & Handles for Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Kneeboarding and Tubing

    For the best water ski and wake experience, choose a sturdy rope and handle. Wrap up and unwind knowing Auski has you covered whether you're looking for a slalom bar or a long mainline. Towing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding requires ropes and handles, but which one is best for you? No matter if you're concentrating on your deep water starts, kneeboarding with the kids, or chasing bouys on the course, we have you covered! Any waterskier must have a sturdy slalom ski rope and handle. We have a wide selection of waterski ropes and handles from well-known brands including Follow, Jet Pilot, KD, Liquid Force, Masterline, Proline, Radar and more. Don't allow a damaged or forgotten ski rope and handle ruin your day on the lake.

    Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and wide selection when you shop online at Auski. All of our wake and ski accessories have detailed product information, or you can get in touch and speak with a wake and ski specialist who can help give you advice for any specific water accessories you are looking for. 

    Life vests and water ski PFDs

    The cornerstone of every water sports activity is a life jacket or life vest. Auski has life jackets in a variety of sizes, designs, brands, colours, and styles to fit your preferences. With our wide selection of PFD 2 and 3 life jackets for men, women, and children, whether you prefer water skiing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding, we have the right life vest for you from brands including Follow, Ivy, Jetpilot, KGB, Radar, Ripcurl, Ronix and more. With the largest selection of life jackets of the greatest quality, everyone can find a jacket at Auski.

    Wakeboard Accessories and Waterski Accessories

    Since its founding in 1949, Auski has provided Melbourne and Australia with water ski and wakeboard related equipment. Since that time, we have established a reputation as one of Australia's top providers of high-end and reasonably priced water sports gear and accessories.

    Double Skis and Combo Skis, Slalom Skis, Wakeboards, Kneeboards are just a few from our enormous selection of wakeboards, water skis and water ski for sale. We also stock water ski gloves, wakeboard boots, water ski packages, wakeboard packages, wakesurfs, life jackets, ropes & handles, rashies, tubes, wake bags & covers, ballast bags & pumps, and more.

    Auski is your one-stop shop in Australia for all water ski and wakeboard equipment, gear and accessories, and we provide fast local and interstate shipping. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you can't find what you're searching for online since we can and will assist you!

    Take advantage of Auski’s fast and free shipping over $99 to any location in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.