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  • The Top 12 Ski Brands of 2021 2022

    July 05, 2021 8 min read

    The Top 12 Ski Brands of 2021 2022

    Image - IG | @nicoporteous

    The ski industry contains an abundance of ski gear, accessories, and ski clothing from various brands worldwide, creating high-quality, innovative products for you to enjoy the best winter environments. It can be hard to navigate the different brands and choose which one is better and which brand is more suited to your needs and desires within the ski world. We have gathered the top ski brands available at Auski and outlined their features and strengths within the industry.


    Atomic are the pioneers of experience. Their mission is to enhance your adventure through streamlined architectural designs. Skiing is at the heart and soul of Atomic, driving the creation of products that contribute towards your ultimate performance on the slopes.

    Atomic constructs ski gear that is designed to boost your day out on the slopes. The company was created based on a skier's perspective, so every product is built to address the wants and needs of real-life snow enthusiasts.


    Atomic has recently developed a new ski that has everyone excited - the Atomic Maverick 95 Ti ski 2022 has been described as the ultimate one ski quiver. The perfect blend between a race ski and a free ride ski, the Maverick will float and it'll rip! Ideally suited to advanced skiers, the 95mm waist provides the ultimate versatility to conquer all conditions on and off-piste. Available now at Auski, along with Atomic poles, boots, and travel bags to have you sorted for your snow trip adventure. Take your experience to the next level with Atomic ski gear. They're devoted to taking you further.

    Images - atomic.com


    Arc'teryx creates functional, high-performance designs. Their products are constructed to be durable, architectural and refined. Innovation drives this brand - with an inexhaustible curiosity for development, Arc'teryx continues to push the envelope of evolution.

    Founded in Canada in 1991, Arc'teryx quickly progressed from making harnesses to designing their own range of apparel.

    Whether it's accessories, clothing or outdoor equipment, their focus is performance. Creating the lightest, highest functioning products is their continuous goal – leading their industry into the future.

    Arc'teryx ski clothing is made from custom materials created with fabric partners to produce the best quality endurance pieces possible. With a wide range of future-focused products, this brand aims to bring innovative excellence to its customers. These guys are famous for their streamlined, stylish women's jackets and outerwear. Take yourself further with a future-focused brand!

    Images - arcteryx.com


    Dynastar was founded in the Chamonix Valley, and since its formation in 1963 their products are designed and manufactured in its hometown. The company was built on an endless passion for exploration and adventure.

    Dynastar skis are designed to deliver a sensation like no other. With high-quality materials and technical designs, every product is created to facilitate landing, a change of sides or direction, and high speed.


    Their range of men's and women's skis are sleek, highly functional, and stylish – made to up the experience for every outdoor lover out there. The brand looks to cater to all types of terrain, conditions, and skill levels. With top-rating skis, bindings, accessories, and ski bags, Dynastar has created a world of products that are sure to take your day out in the snow to the next level.

    Image - dynastar.com


    Faction was created from the minds of a varied group of skiers and snowboarders who simply needed more from their gear. They knew that what they made needed to be affordable, long-lasting, and above all, fun.

    Faction commits itself to making products that stand out from the crowd, reflecting the fun and freedom of snow sports.


    They love to incorporate new and innovative technologies into their products, including recycled materials and hand-crafted manufacturing. These industry-driving aspects are used to create rebellious, unique designs that you'll want to use all winter long! Faction skis are made by independents, for independents. Be inspired by The Faction Collective's range of skis and get your hands on some today at Auski.

    Image - factionskis.com


    Head is an iconic sporting apparel, performance wear and accessory brand. This company has a vast, global presence and is loved by pro athletes and beginners alike. Head Ski creates industry-leading, professional-quality ski gear and apparel that is entirely focused on performance. They construct and design every piece to enhance the skill and ability of the user. Head skis are some of the best available.


    Whether you're a freeskier or a cross country enthusiast, you'll be able to find the right fit and style for you.

    Head believes that by combining the efforts and performance of its customers with their passion for innovation, there's nothing that can't be done. Invest in your speed, power, and control for your next skiing experience with Head ski gear available at Auski.

    Image - head.com


    Kjus has one objective – to be the finest ski and activewear brand on the market. Created by Olympic skier Lasse Kjus and entrepreneur Didi Serena, this company is deeply rooted in professional excellence. Lasse Kjus felt that functionality and performance were more important than fashion for a full day on the mountain facing the elements. As it turns out, his desire for functional apparel not only filled a gap, but it also created a brand.

    Ten years later, Kjus is famed for its innovative, clean, and luxurious ski and activewear worldwide! Kjus ski gear is designed using fabrics, cuts, and technologies to meet even the most extreme skier's needs. Their pieces are specifically created to withstand harsh weather conditions and extensive, aggressive use – making them renowned amongst professional and amateur sporting communities. Auski stocks Kjus online and in-store in various colours and styles. Find the perfect fit for you today, and invest in high-quality gear made to last.

    Image - IG | @kjus_ski


    Lange is one of the most well-renowned ski boot brands in the world. This company has always been driven by innovation and creativity – they were the first to conquer plastic ski boots way back in 1962! Lange was also the first brand to create women's ski boots. Their products were famous in no time, and some fifty years later they're the favourites amongst the professionals and the everyday sportsperson.

    Lange ski boots were the first of their kind, replacing the older leather ski boot models that were popular back in the day. Now, they are universally used by Olympic medal winners, athletes, and amateurs all over the globe. Lange creates men's and women's ski boots that break the mould, and are designed to give you the support and flexibility that you need to get the most out of your adventure.

    Image - IG | @lange_boots


    Phenix is a popular brand available at Auski, with everyone wanting to get their hands on the latest designs they provide. It is a prestigious Japanese sportswear brand that creates gear and apparel used and loved across the world. The brand's founder, Kazuo Tajima, set out to build a company using knowledge and experience that spans from the ski cultures of Europe, the US and Japan. This know-how resulted in Phenix, a brand that's constantly pushing boundaries to design the best materials, technologies, and styles for professionals and beginners alike.


    'Beyond the Horizon' is Phenix's design motto and philosophy. They develop Phenix ski wear with the explorer in mind, inspired by the bold notion of travelling, discovering, and venturing beyond the horizon. They use this to set their products apart from the rest, creating beautiful and functional pieces that are always at the forefront of performance technology and innovation. There is a reason Phenix is one of the most popular brands for skiers.

    Image - phenixski.com


    Rossignol has been one of the leading companies in winter sports for over one hundred years. Their long heritage has always been driven by the motivation to make skiing easier, more inspiring, and most of all, more fun! Rossignol has constantly been pushing to redefine the skiing world with innovative, inspiring products that encourage all levels of snow adventurers to take it one step further.


    Rossignol ski gear is high-tech and refined, all designed to encourage you to take your performance on slopes to the next level. Whether you're a first-timer or a total pro, Rossignol's impressive product range is guaranteed to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Rossignol charges everything it makes with its exceptional know-how and expertise to provide you with the very best in snow and ski.

    Image - IG | @rossignol


    Salomon likes to play around. They're the rule benders, the keen adventurers, and the optimistic thinkers of the winter weather world. Founded in the French Alps on the notion of exploration and the freedom of the outdoors, Salomon has been chasing the adventurous spirit since day one. The designers see the outdoors as a playground full of opportunity, and they make products that will fully equip you to get out there and discover everything that nature has to offer.

    This brand comes from the alpine, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to snow kits. All their apparel, skis, protective wear, and accessories are made to maximise your interaction with winter environments. With a wide variety of products, Salomon has everything you need to get playful with the outdoors.

    Image - IG | @salomonfreeski


    If you're looking for high-tech fabric, sport-specific functionalities and stylish designs, you've come to the right place.

    Spyder has been producing just that for almost one hundred years! First founded in 1933, this brand puts its extensive experience and know-how towards creating some of the world's best sportswear apparel and accessories. Spyder make their gear with their customers in mind, and you guys are the ones that inspire them!

    Spyder ski jackets, clothing, and accessories are loved by professional sporting elite and beginners alike. With expertly made, performance-focused fabrics, you can be sure that you're going to be getting maximum flexibility and function with every move you make.

    Spyder ski jackets are made using some of the best materials in the world, including Down, Primaloft, and Gore-Tex, to keep you toasty and safe no matter where you're venturing next. Explore the Spyder range for your ultimate cold-weather experience!

    Image - IG | @spyderactive


    Völkl ski gear embraces powder, park, and race skis for men, women, and children. Since 1923, Völkl has stood for unlimited passion for skiing and for making high-performance products. Based in Straubing, Völkl is the largest (and one of the last remaining) manufacturers in Germany. Working with their best athletes, manufacturers, engineers, and production managers, Völkl aims to design the most innovative, stylish, and authentic ski gear on the market.


    With a passion for skiing and developing high-performance products, Völkl’s high-tech innovation meets traditional craftsmanship to create the most precise, high quality, and technologically advanced skis in the world. One of the biggest ski brands, we stock a range of Völkl skis from beginner to advanced allowing you to take your skiing ability to the next level.

    Image - IG | @volklaustralia

    These 12 brands have established a strong reputation within the ski industry worldwide, with exceptional, innovative new products designed yearly. If you need help deciding which brand to go with when purchasing your gear, drop into Auski, and our experienced team members can help you choose the perfect equipment and apparel for you. If you liked this blog, check out our Top 10 Snow Skis of 2022 for a rundown on what new skis are hot this year.

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