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2021 Burton Step On: Snowboarding Simplified for Everyone

January 01, 2021 5 min read

The snowboard world has waited and the most anticipated product has finally landed courtesy of Burton. Get setup for the 2021 Season and experience a whole new level of convenience, comfort and performance with 2021 Burton Step On Boots and Bindings, available in a range of models and colours including the new high-performance Step On X binding!

Check out all you need to know below.

Burton Step On 2021

If you don’t know by now, Burton’s Step On are a game changer and gone are the days of having to wait for friends to strap in and tighten bindings. Get off the lift, lock in with a simple click and get ready to shred.

The 2021 Burton Step On release includes four boot options for men (Ruler, Swath, Photon and Ion), three boot options for women (Limelight, Ritual or Felix), and 5 binding styles; coming in Black, Black/Grey/Tea, Black/Multi, Grey and Neo Mint. The bindings, the lightest on the market, include the new Step-On X binding made from a carbon fibre/nylon blend.

It’s just Step On and Go with the most intuitive boot-binding system for riders of all levels, providing significant security, unparalleled performance, and unmatched simplicity in one incredibly simple system.

What are Burton Step Ons?

The simple locking technology is secure and reliable, and includes three connection point (one at the heel and two by the toe) that secure the boot to the binding for maximum comfort, responsiveness, and convenience. The bindings also feature a release lever found on the heelcup of the binding that allows boarders to easily step on out of the bindings when you want, automatically resetting allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.

Step Ons are a great choice for beginners providing ease and taking the stress out of learning, right through to pros seeking unprecedented performance providing heel-to-toe response and two difference heel engagement positions for those seeking to carve or aggressive ride terrain. Step Ons are also a great option for parents and kids, making sure you spend more time with your family and less time fussing over straps.

2021 Step On Mens

What are the Pros and Cons of Burton Step Ons?


Ease & Simplicity

The biggest advantage and reason many adopt Step Ons is its ease of use – the driving force behind the concept. Removing the need to sit down and strap in, the Step Ons embody ultimate simplicity allowing users to step onto their bindings and quickly hit the slopes. The quick and easy connection is super straight-forward - slide your heel down into the locking mechanism, then weight your toes to click those in and you’re off!


Solid Bindings

Another check in the pro column is that the Step Ons remain a solid binding system thanks in part to the solid engineering effort from Burton, feeling no different to normal strap bindings. With a soft responsive baseplate and an easily adjustable strong highback, Step Ons are ideal for the all-round riders. In addition to that, the bindings are also compatible with all the major mounting systems out there, so you don’t have to own a Burton board in order to enjoy them.


Secure Connection Points

With three connection points, two at the toes and one at the heel, these bindings hold you in and feel just like your straps, no jokes! This allows you to ride without any fears of unclipping! The quick release lever ensures you can unhook with ease before you get on the lift. Step Ons may also be a little more responsive than strapped bindings. Being able to drive turns from a locked heel gives for quicker response when riding.

2021 Step On Womens

There are barely any cons with the Burton Step On system, but there are a few specifics that might not be for everyone.

Boot Fit

Burton Step On boots are an identical fit to regular Burton boots, yet as people have different foot shapes, some people may find they don’t fit into Burton boots as well as other brands. If you are a person that fits into Burton boots then this is definitely a product for you. If you are unsure about fitting into Snowboards Boots, Burton Boots or Steps Ons you can visit Auski in-store and get a Boot specialist to run through a whole fitting for you. This will make sure that the most important piece of your snowboard set up is just right for you.

Step On Boots and Bindings Features

Step On Boots

No straps, no fuss, just jump off the lift and onto the run. Step On boots provide the highest level of comfort and performance as expected from Burton, with the convenience and reliability of the Boa system – the Boa boot being simple to use, easily and highly adjustable providing the perfect fit whilst helping to secure your heel to provide outstanding response and riding.

With a range of roots to suit all levels of riders, riding styles and terrain, the boots also feature a snugger strap (ankle strap) allowing riders to adjust heel hold and forward flex stiffness, toe cleats to keep toes securely fastened heel cleats including two levels of connection to accommodate for different snow and icepack accumulation.

Step On Bindings

Step On bindings have been designed to be universally compatible with all current snowboard systems (4x4, 3D, Channel) and feature three connection points—two by the toe and one at the heel. The Living Hinge toe hooks on the toe side of each binding lock the toe cleats into place whilst allowing boarders to secure and exit from the binding in one single motion.

The low-profile and easy-access release lever mentioned above, makes it seamless for stepping out and securing back in. The heel buckle works as the main retention system and has the same functionality as a ratchet buckle, featuring Smooth Glide™ technology to ensure easy engagement.

Men's Step On

Women's Step On


Are Burton Step Ons right for me?

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, with seamless integration and efficiency, Burton Step Ons are a great choice for any snowboarder and are no more expensive than normal boots and bindings.

If you’ve reviewed the pros & cons and are considering Step Ons, make sure you check for boot fit (you can do this in-store) before you purchase and hit the powder.

To purchase or for any additional questions, emails us at our contact page or hit us up on Instagram @auskiaustralia.

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