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  • 2021 Anon Perceive Lens – Guide to 2021 Anon Lenses and Helmets

    January 27, 2021 5 min read

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    What's New for Anon 2021 This Winter?

    2021 is the year for adventure, with all the bundled-up energy from lockdown in 2020, it’s time to book an action-packed holiday and make some new memories. The team at Auski have been dreaming about the snow season for months now and can’t wait to ride down that first slope – getting tingly just thinking about it.

    Just in time for your long-awaited snow trip, Anon’s 2021 new line-up has arrived - Lenses, goggles, helmets, neck warmers, and accessories (we have it all!) including the much-awaited Anon Perceive Lens.

    Anon, a refined and technical brand at the forefront of the industry, is known for pushing the boundaries and innovating some of the best designs seen today.

    2021 Anon Perceive Lens – Guide to What’s New

    Anon are renowned for their Sonar by Zeiss lens technology within the snow industry and in 2021 have upped their game with the new Anon Perceive lens range; an absolute game changer when it comes to the constant changing conditions on the mountains. State of the art lens technology for any day at the snow, rain, hail or shine, the new lenses have got you covered. The 2021 Perceive Lens  allows for sharp visual definition, true colour contrast and heightened on-snow perception.

    The All New Perceive Lens improves the overall user experience by providing unobstructed vision and better snow definition.

    The Perceive Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coatings repel snow, water and dirt from obstructing your vision by creating a low-friction layer on the exterior of the lens that increases the surface tension of water causing droplets to run right off and out of your vision. It also has the added bonus of reducing smudges by 80%, which equals less fingerprints and easier cleaning!

    Perceive Lens utilises different levels of light filtering across two different spectrums to better tune each lens to their specific condition’s allowing you to more clearly see snow terrain. Sunny Lens use maximised filtration to reduce light intensity while improving contrast and colour representation on snow. Variable Lens’ utilise balanced filtration for mixed lighting conditions to increase visibility on snow as conditions change. Cloudy lens’ feature optimized filtration for low-light conditions to increase terrain recognition on snow when visibility is low.

    2021 Anon Perceive Lens - Clarity in Any Environment

    The categories for each 2021 Anon Perceive Lens include sunny, variable and cloudy conditions, with three designs in each range.

    Anon Perceive Lens in Sunny Conditions:

    - Perceive sunny onyx S4/6% VLT
    - Perceive sunny red S4/14% VLT
    - Perceive sunny bronze S4/17%

    These are the darkest tints and have the lowest VLTs, perfect when the sun is shining.

    Anon Perceive Lens in Variable Conditions:

    - Perceive variable blue S2/21% VLT
    - Perceive variable green S2/22% VLT
    - Perceive variable violet S2/34% VLT

    Variable tints are extremely versatile, can be worn in any weather condition.

    Anon Perceive Lens in Cloudy Conditions:

    - Perceive cloudy pink S1/59% VLT
    - Perceive cloudy burst S1/53% VLT
    - Perceive cloudy night S1/72% VLT

    The cloudy tints lens are for those whiteout days as they have the highest VLT percentages.

    What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?

    The percentage VLT is the amount of light being let through by the lens, the lower the VLT percentage equates to less light coming through – perfect for bright conditions. The higher the VLT percentage is, the more light the lens allows through, enhancing your clarity in low light or variable conditions.  

    Anon Perceive Lens Conditions

    You can expect Anon Perceive on the following products in Anon Goggles 2021 collection - Anon M4, M3, M2, Sync, Relapse, Helix 2.0, WM3, WM1, Sync, Tempest, Deringer & Insight.

    Womens Anon Goggles - The New 2021WM3 Goggle

    Get ready for the all new WM3 Goggle that just dropped for the 2021 snow season. Including the above-mentioned Perceive Lens, it is performance-designed for women with magnetic lens-change versatility.

    Changing your lens can always be a hassle in the snow, it takes time and is never a fun thing to do. However, thanks to Anon, magnets have never looked so cool with the magna-tech quick lens change technology. There are eight points of connection, so it’ll stay secure to the frame and locks on within seconds, making swapping them in and out a breeze.

    This goggle is specifically made for women (yeah the girls!), with a frame to fit smaller faces. The lens offers a wider peripheral vision and includes a hydrophobic coating to stop moisture build up which can hinder sight. Foggy goggles are the worst when you’re trying to enjoy your perfect snow day, that’s why the WM3 Goggle incorporates a specially designed technology around frame fleece to ensure this does not happen.

    The goggles are compatible with Anon’s MFI hoods, face masks, neck warmers for seamless coverage from snow, wind, or sun.

    Are Ski Goggles Waterproof?

    The Anon 2021 ski goggles are not waterproof however, they are extremely water resistant. Even better news, Anon have just released advanced a Water and Oil Resistant Lens for 2021. Perfect for the rainy days at the snow, the new lens has a special coating that increases the surface tension of water, repelling it from the surface.

    The oleophobic coating - seen on most smartphones - prevents smudging by 80%, reducing fingerprints and facilitating easy cleaning. Few technical terms there for those that love the science behind the products, but in simple terms, it’s a must have insane water-resistant lens that makes skiing and boarding easy in all conditions.

    Anon Sync PERCEIVE lenses

    Anon 2021 Snow Helmets

    Anon introduced a range of new helmets to the 2021 line-up and the team here at Auski are excited to help you find the perfect one best suited to you. If you think you’re too cool for helmets, think again; from beginner to advanced picking up a helmet is a no brainer.

    What is a MIPS Helmet?

    Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmets are designed specifically for safety and impacts to the head, a world-leader for head and neck protection. MIPS is a revolutionary technology that mimics the brain's own protection system with a low friction layer that lets the helmet slide relative to the head.


    Introducing 10 new 2021 MIPS Helmets to our online range, go ahead and check them out because you only get one brain, so why not invest in the best helmet for you!

    What Size Helmet Do I Need?

    There are a range of choices when choosing the correct helmet and it can get quite confusing. The team at Auski have made it easy, with tips and tricks to get the perfect fitting helmet for you! Head over to our blog article Snow Helmets – Features and Size for more information.

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