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The 10 Best Skis of 2021 / 2022

Top Skis 2022

The 10 Best Skis of 2021 / 2022

Ski brands have certainly delivered, giving us high-quality, versatile skis incorporating the latest technology. Looking forward to the upcoming snow season, we have gathered the best new 2021-2022 men's skis and women's skis, which are undoubtedly worth grabbing - from narrow and nimble to the best all-mountain skis on bluebird or stormy days, you do not want to miss out on this insane line-up.

Volkl M6 Mantra Ski 2022

Volkl just announced the latest iterations of their do-everything, metal-laminate, 96mm-wide, all-mountain mens skis, the 2021-2022 M6 Mantra. There are three notable changes to the ski, including 3D radius, tailored titanal frame and tailored carbon tip. The all-new tailored titanal frame, exactly as the name suggests, is tailored to each ski length. This means that longer ski lengths have a higher titanal content for more stiffness, more direct power transmission and stronger dampening. While the shorter lengths have a lower titanal content, which makes the ski more agile, allowing smaller, lighter and less powerful skiers to use the ski's full potential performance.

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Salomon STANCE 96 SKI 2022

The 2022 Salomon Stance 96 returns as one of the premiere all-mountain skis for the high intermediate to advanced skier looking to tackle any and all types of terrain. As the name suggests, the Stance is a versatile 96mm underfoot and has the capacity to ski anything from groomers, to tight trees, to bumps, and light powder. Absolutely perfect for the high intermediate to advanced skier who loves a traditional metal ski but also demands versatility to take advantage of everything the mountain has to offer.

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Faction Candide 2.0 Ski 2022

The redesigned 2022 Faction CT 2.0 is extremely versatile, allowing you to excel across all terrain in any condition. Its 102mm waist combined with the Candide Thovex Signature Shape, Stance and Flex, ensures a smooth ride over rollers and whips effortlessly between turns. The CT 2.0 is a high-performance, extra-tough freeride ski, allowing you to turn the mountain into your playground.

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Dynastar M-Pro 84 Ski 2022 W/ NX12 Binding

The Dynastar M-Pro 84 offers agility and performance; a trueall-mountain ski that combines power with lightness, specifically made for all types of groomed and ungroomed snow due to its narrower sidecuts which gives it great versatility. The Dynastar M-Pro 84 incorporates a traditional core offering an excellent balance of elasticity, resistance, and weight. The ski is particularly special as it excels through short turns, making it ideal for narrow Australain runs or between the fir trees overseas.

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2022 Atomic Maverick 95Ti Ski

CThe Atomic Maverick 95Ti mens freeride ski certainly delivers on Atomic's goal - creating a ski that can tackle every inch of the mountain. The new Maverick/Maven series weighs less, turns better, and outperforms the Vantage skis in deeper snow. The ski incorporates HRZN Tech giving the tip more surface area with almost no extra weight, and offers a narrower ski with more versatility. It is playful and agile, making you feel in control and allowing you to take the ski to every nook and cranny of the resort and still perform to a high standard.

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Dynastar M-Pro 84W Ski W/ NX11 Binding 2022

An agile and ultra-maneuverable womens all-mountain ski with more slender dimensions than usual, paving the way for fast edge-to-edge transitions. The Dynastar M-Pro 84W is nimble across all terrains and excels on more compact snow with its Poplar/PU Hybrid Core, together with a titanal plate, withstanding high-speed turns and committed landings. The Dynastar M-Pro 84W are top-level all-mountain skis allowing you to take your ability to the next level.

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K2 Disruption 76 Alliance Ski W/ ERP10 Binding 2022

The K2 Disruption Alliance All-Mountain Ski is a smooth performer, having all the tech women need to start carving harder and gaining more confidence whilst going faster down the slopes. Headlined by the I-Beam construction, Aspen Light core, and Catch Free Rocker profile, it'll perform in any condition from the unexpectedly steep groomers to the afternoon curd. The K2 Disruption 76 Alliance will transform your skiing making it more smooth and controlled.

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Atomic Mavern 86C Ski 2022

A less expensive option compared to the Atomic Maverick 95Ti, the Mavern 86C Womens All-Mountain Ski incorporates all the high-tech features including Atomic's Omatic core, which layers fiberglass with either titanium or carbon, giving the ski the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex. Optimal for any terrain from frontside blue groomers to steep valleys and back bowls, it carves nicely through each turn moving with confidence.

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The 2022 Faction Prodigy 1.0X women’s ski has been completely redesigned this year, mirroring the shape of the iconic 2.0 without the added waist width. Ideal for intermediate to advanced all mountain and park skiers looking to mix it up a little bit. The 2022 Fraction Prodigy 1.0x ski is made to take a beating in the park, excelling in pops, turns, and spins whilst also holding its own on the hardpack groomers.

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2022 Head Total Joy Ski w/ Joy 11 GW Binding

An 80-89mm all-mountain allrounder, the Head Total Joy Skis are the perfect skis for those confident on the slopes. Light, sporty and fantastic for advanced intermediate to expert skiers, the Head Total Joy are top performing frontside skis. Featuring LYT Tech Construction, Protective Frame Structure and Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction, they provide super lightweight distribution giving a perfect mix of flexibility and rigidity for effortless carving without losing momentum.

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Now that you've had an inside look at the best skis coming to Auski in 2021-2022, book a season pass and make sure to be one of the first to carve down the slopes with your brand new skis. Remember, if you're after more in-depth knowledge and gear tailored to you, drop in store today at Auski and speak to one of our specialists about the perfect ski for you.

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