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  • Best 15 Places Where to Water Ski & Wakeboard in Western Australia

    September 12, 2022 14 min read

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    Best 15 Places Where to Water Ski & Wakeboard in Western Australia – Complete Guide

    Best 15 Places Where to Water Ski & Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Western Australia has a plethora of uncrowded waterways where you can jump behind the boat and feel the rush. You can satisfy your need for speed on the water in Western Australia by wakeboarding or water skiing on the region's rivers, lakes (19 inland lakes!), or 12,500 kilometres of coastline, whether you're a beginner in need of instruction or a seasoned pro eager to test your slalom skills.

    From the Southern Ocean towns of Albany and Esperance all the way up to the exotic pearling port of Broome, Western Australia is dotted with protected areas and uncrowded waterways offering ideal conditions.

    Get your water skiing and wakeboarding equipment ready for an adrenaline-filled day. Here are our picks for Western Australia's top 15 waterways for waterskiing and wakeboarding, listed from A to Z.

    Top 15 Places to Water Ski and Wakeboard in Western Australia

    1. Blackwood River, Augusta, Western Australia

    The Blackwood River, stretching over 300 kilometers in length, originates near the town of Wagin in the wheat belt and flows through picturesque landscapes before eventually meeting the coastal waters near Augusta. If you're seeking an ideal location for watersports in Western Australia, the Blackwood River is the perfect choice. During the summer, the river's calm waters provide ample opportunities for waterskiing and wakeboarding, making it a fantastic destination for families. In the winter, the river and surrounding waterways are at their fullest, offering even more water-based fun.

    You can easily access waterskiing and wakeboarding spots in the vicinity of Augusta, particularly in the serene waters of Hardy Inlet and the renowned Twinem's Bend. The region around Augusta is a watersports enthusiast's dream, with its sheltered bends and scenic beauty. Enjoy a day of waterskiing or wakeboarding, and afterwards, indulge in a picnic by the water to relax and refuel. Augusta is located south of Perth, and the drive to the area is approximately three and a half hours. For more information about the Blackwood River and activities in the Margaret River region, explore further here.

    Blackwoord River, Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/littlehouserepublic_

    Bonney's Water Ski Park, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/bonneys_waterski_park

    2. Bonney's Water Ski Park, Baldivis, Western Australia

    The water ski resort is about a 40-minute drive south of Perth which offers 5 man-made lakes offering you to waterski until you’re worn out. At Bonney’s Water Ski Park tree rows shield all lakes from wind, and the lakes' artificial edges eliminate boat wakes and subsequent backwash. Over 500 skiers and visitors frequent the park each week during the summer, and the park has always catered to a wide range of skiers and wakeboarders, from casual enthusiasts to elite athletes in disciplines like slalom, trick, jump, barefoot, and wheelchair. With a range of accommodation options also available, you can make a weekend or vacation out of it, and relax by the lake while enjoying a barbecue and onsite facilities.

    3. Canning River, Perth, Western Australia

    Perth's inner suburbs can enjoy the peace of the bush thanks to the Canning River only 20 minutes away. From its source in the Perth Hills, it travels through Cannington and Thornlie and Riverton and Shelley and Rossmoyne and Mount Pleasant before finally emptying into the Swan River in the city. Riverside parks, picnic areas, cafes, and launching spots abound all along its course. The Canning River is off-limits to PWCs from Salter Point upstream, but offers a vast area downstream. Canning River Regional Park is also a great place for other recreational activites. Take a stroll or ride your bike along the Canning River's path system, which winds through a wide range of ecosystems, from woods to wetlands. Launch your canoe or kayak at one of the designated locations along the Canning Canoe Trail and float peacefully downstream to take in the river's breathtaking scenery. Learn more about Canning River here or the Canning River water ski map here.

    Canning River, Perth, Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/andrewbelotti

    Glen Mervyn Dam, Collie River, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/bushrats

    4. Glen Mervyn Dam, Collie River Valley, Western Australia

    The Glen Mervyn Dam, located 18 kilometres south of Collie and just under 3 hours from Perth, is a popular destination for waterskiing, swimming, and fishing. When full, the area covered by Glen Mervyn Dam is about 34 hectares, but check ahead before going, as it can be closed for recreational use when water levels are low. Day-use picnic area facilities and restrooms are located near the dam wall on the eastern shore. At the boat ramp, you'll also find a restroom. On the western side of the dam, there is a designated camping area with access to a restroom. Camping is allowed for no cost in designated areas. Glen Mervyn does not allow campfires or open flame cooking, so be sure to bring a gas stove for your meals. A narrow unsealed track provides access to the western shore, but it is not suitable for towing caravans. Dogs on leashes are welcome, but be aware that fox baiting takes place nearby, and the baits are extremely poisonous to pets. For more information on the Collie River Valley region click here.

    5. Kalgan River, Albany, Western Australia

    Albany's Kalgan River is a great spot for boating, fishing, and watching birds but it is a phenomenal spot for waterskiing and wakeboarding, with the river hosting various water ski tournaments, championships and events. Before reaching Oyster Harbour, the river winds its way through lush forest and rolling farmland along its 140-kilometer length. If you’re an avid angler, you can cast a line and try to reel in black bream, skipper, herring, and whiting. Gorgeous riverside walking paths provide excellent chances to observe local bird life. The flight time from Perth to Albany is about an hour, or you can drive there in about 4.5-5 hours.

    Kalgan River, , Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/juliehollandphotography

    Lake Kepwari, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/visitcollierivervalley

    6. Lake Kepwari, Western Australia

    Lake Kepaware can be found 15 kilometres south-east of Collie in Western Australia's south-west region. " Kepwari," a word borrowed from the native Willman language, means "playing in water," hence the lake's name. With a designated water ski area (water ski in an anti-clockwise direction), boat ramp, and placid waters it is ideal for watersports, swimming and canoeing. As an added bonus, Lake Kepwari features not one, but two day-use picnic areas with breathtaking vistas and gas barbecues. Camping by the lake is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family, so don't delay in making your reservation. You can also take your four-legged friend, as long as they are kept on a leash.

    7. Lake Poorrarecup, Western Australia

    Lake Poorrarecup, roughly 4 hours from Perth, with its current area of almost 2 ha and perimeter of 5 km, is one of the largest lakes in the area and has been a popular recreation spot for locals ever since European settlers arrived. Since the 1950s, the area around the lake has served as a community amenity, allowing for camping and recreational activities in addition to the preservation of the lake's natural beauty. Reserves surround both Lake Poorrarecup and its smaller neighbouring lakes, protecting them both for the foreseeable future. There is a designated camping area, and when the lake is deep enough, waterskiing is a common activity.

    Lake Poorrarecup, Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/offthetrax

    Lake Towerrinning, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/shells_nature_pics

    8. Lake Towerrinning, Western Australia

    In Western Australia, Lake Towerrinning is one of the best kept secrets. To reach Lake Towerrinning from Perth, drive south for about 240 kilometres and turn off the Albany Highway about 40 kilometres to reach the lake, taking roughly 3 hours. Lake Towerrinning's exit is clearly marked and can be found about one kilometre after crossing Arthur River.

    The Arthur River is not a part of Lake Towerrinning, but it is close by. The lake spans 256 hectares with soft, white sandy shores. Waterskiing, kayaking, swimming, birdwatching, and stargazing are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed on the 265-hectare lake. The Department of Environment and Conservation owns Lake Towerrinning, and it is vested in the Shire of West Arthur, as a "A Class" Nature Reserve (No. 24917). As one of the few relatively fresh permanent, large waterbodies in the Great Southern Region, it is extremely valuable as a wildlife refuge. In total, around 128 species of birds, both resident and migratory, have been spotted in the lake bush and wetlands.

    The Lake is great for all kinds of water sports, including water skiing, and it also features a picnic area, a brand new fenced playground, and a grill for cooking out. Lakeside Camping provides camping facilities for guests at the Lake. There are 15 powered campsites, all of which are located directly on the shore of the lake. You can bring your campervan and boat because the sites are so spacious. Plenty of wooded areas, some with lake views, are available for those who prefer to rough it. Camping is not permitted anywhere on Lake property that is open to the public. Dogs on leashes are also welcome.

    9. Logue Brook Dam / Lake Brockman, Darling Ranges, Western Australia

    Located in the Darling Ranges, the picturesque Logue Brook Dam (also known as Lake Brockman) is a haven for nature and watersport lovers. Logue Brook Dam in Western Australia is located 116 km south of Perth and 7.4 km south-east of Yarloop. Lake Brockman, with its placid waters, is an ideal setting for a wide variety of pursuits and is a designated water ski area, offering a boat launching area close to the campground. Plunge into the alluring water, go waterskiing, or paddle around in a canoe while admiring nature's splendour. Trout are abundant for the dedicated angler, and the Marron will not let you down if you catch one. Please remember to bring your valid permit. Take a stroll along the Bibbulmun Track as it winds its way down to the dam, and enjoy a picnic in the woods along the way. In contrast, the scenic drive that skirts the dam will reward you with breathtaking vistas of the beautiful scenery. Those interested in camping, lodging (including cabins), and dining can do so at the adjacent Lake Brockman Tourist Park.

    Logue Brook Dam, Lake Brockman, Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/capturesbyjordan

    Mandurah Estuary, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/visitmandurah

    10. Mandurah Estuary, Peel Inlet & Comet Bay

    The Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet encompasses 134 square kilometres of land, making it larger than Sydney Harbour by more than twice as much. The estuary consists of the Dawesville Channel in Mandurah and the Harvey Estuary in the south, both of which lead to the Indian Ocean via the Peel Inlet. One of Australia's most breathtaking destinations for boating, fishing, and wildlife watching is the Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet which is why it should be on your bucketlist. Go out on the water in a boat, kayak, canoe, jet ski, or rented boat. One of the best ways to see dolphins in Australia is here on a tour where you can interact with them. Every year, tens of thousands of waterbirds, including huge numbers of migratory shorebirds from the northern hemisphere, use the estuary and lakes as a breeding and feeding ground. Those calm, protected waters are also a great place to cast a line without worrying about getting into trouble.

    The waters between Robert Point and Becher Point are designated as the Comet Bay Water Ski Area. Everything in the water excluding 200 metres off the coast, designated take off and landing zones is excluded, as is Every bit of water within a radius of 800 metres of the seaward end of the groynes marking the entrance to the Mandurah Estuary. Water skiing is only allowed between sunrise and sunset. Learn more about what’s on offer in Mandurah here.

    11. Perth Wake Park, Western Australia

    It's unlikely that you'll find another great cable wakeboard park anywhere in Western Australia than at Perth Wake Park. It's just 30 minutes south of Perth City, off the freeway at the Mundijong Road exit. There is a large veranda that looks out over the action, as well as a brand new bar, café, hire shop, and two beginner-only cables at the Park. At any given time, up to eight people can ride on the Main Lake's full-size cable, which features eight carriers. In every stage, you'll face a different set of challenges. During the park's normal operating hours, reservations are not required for rides. They have beginner-friendly systems for those just getting started with cable wakeboarding, and a challenging Main Lake for those with more experience. You can rent everything you need at the park, so you don't even need to bring anything besides your swimsuit and board shorts. Learn more about Perth Wake Park here.

    Perth Wake Park

    Image: Instagram/@@frenchygraphy

    Roebuck Bay, , Best Places to Wakeboard and Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/@dylan_alcock

    12. Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia

    One of the most stunning sights in all of Broome is Roebuck Bay. Roebuck Bay, which stretches from Broome to Cape Villaret via Eco Beach features a wide variety of marine and plant life as well as a massive tidal range, and is one of the most impressive bays in the world.

    Only between the hours of sunrise and sunset is water skiing allowed in designated areas. You’ll find boat ramps at Mangrove Point where the water ski area starts (ending near Danpier Creek). The tidal flats of Roebuck Bay provide the perfect backdrop for the rising full moon, which creates a breathtaking natural phenomenon called ‘Staircase to the Moon’ which is best seen in the wintertime. The bay is a hotspot for birdwatchers because of the abundance of avian life there. Roebuck Bay is easily accessible from Broome via car. From Perth, a flight to Broome takes about 2.5 hours.

    13. Stockton Lake, Western Australia

    Stockton Lake, just under 2.5 hours from Perth is another bush camping and swimming area that can be found 7 kilometres east of Collie township along the Collie-Darkan Road. Stockton Lake, once an open-cut mine that was once used to extract metal is now a man-made lake and popular for boating and water skiing. The open space and abundance of trees here offer welcome relief from the sun during the long, hot summer days. Although swimming is allowed, guests do so at their own risk due to the mild acidity of the water caused by historical mining operations. Individuals with hypersensitive skin should avoid prolonged contact with water. In some areas, the water depth increases unexpectedly, the temperature drops drastically, and submerged rocks pose a threat.

    Although there aren't any specifically designated sites, the campground can accommodate large and small groups, as well as families and individuals. This campground doesn’t require advanced reservations, but rather works on a first-come, first-served basis (cash only and no change, so bring the right amount). While leashed canine companions are welcome, owners should be aware that fox baiting occurs in the Collie area and that the bait is extremely poisonous to pets.

    Each side of the lake has its own toilet facilities; the east side has two flushing toilets, while the west has two brand-new long-drop toilets. Learn more about Stockton Lake and the Collie Region here.

    Stockton Lake, Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/perth_life

    Waroona Dam, Waroona, Best Places to Wakeboard in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/@my_vision_photography

    14. Waroona Dam, Waroona, Western Australia

    You can go waterskiing, camping, or bushwalking at Waroona Dam (also known as Lake Navarino), which is located just 10 kilometres east of the town of Waroona. Waroona can be reached in an hour and a half from Perth, half an hour north of Bunbury and thirty minutes south of Mandurah. Waroona Dam is a 145-hectare reservoir that stretches for about 12 kilometres and has a maximum depth of 36 metres. Tucked away in a jarrah forest this region is full of wildlife and colourful wildflowers when the time is right. Waroona Dam may overflow in the late winter, producing an impressive sight as the water rushes down the dam wall. Camping, caravans, and accommodation options are available at the nearby Lake Navarino Holiday Park. View a map of Waroona Dam here or learn more about the dam or Shire of Waroona here.

    15. Wellington Dam / Potters Gorge, Western Australia

    Guests can enjoy a number of activities at Wellington Dam making it a great destination for a weekend or vacation. The dam, just over 2 hours from Perth, which is in the town of Collie in the state's south-west, has a fascinating history and beautiful scenery. The Wellington Dam, Western Australia's largest reservoir, was built in 1933 and features a wall 366 metres in width and 34 metres in height. It is the second largest surface water catchment in Western Australia and the fourth largest dam in the state, with a capacity of 186,000 megaliters. Water skiing is only allowed near Potters Gorge, and is for deep water take offs. Take advantage of one of the many beautiful walking paths that wind through the Jarrah forest and around the dam. The views of the Dam from the trails are truly breathtaking. The Water Corporation Dam Lookout is worth a visit for its stunning vistas of the Collie River Gorge beyond the dam wall. Blue Wrens, Rosellas, and Robin Red Breasts are just some of the stunning avian species that may join you at the dam's cafe. Wellington Dam also features camping options. It's not like any other camping you've done when you're in the wilds of Western Australia. View a map of Wellington Dam here or learn more about Wellington Dam here.

    Wellington Dam, Potters Gorge, , Best Places to Waterski in Western Australia

    Image: Instagram/mkz.imagery

    Now that you have a bucket list of the best places to waterski and wakeboard in Western Australia, why not head interstate?! Read our guide on Where to Waterski & Wakeboard in South Australia, Where to Waterski in Australia by State, The 5 Best Places to Waterski in NSW, Top 5 Places to Waterski and Wakeboard in Queensland or the Best Watersports Locations in Victoria.


    Water Ski Areas in Western Australia, Maps, Permitted Times & Important Information

    Skiing is restricted to designated areas and times. There are signs on the beach and at each public boat launch near a ski area to help you find it. Be sure to read the responsibilities, rules, tips, and information on restricted areas and permitted areas and times at the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Transport website here.

    For water skiing rules and maps of all inland lakes of Western Australia click here.  

    Ski Boundaries and Direction Of Skiing

    Floating buoys may indicate the outer limits of a ski area, but posted signs will make it clear how far you must stay from the slopes. You can tell which direction you should go in (clockwise or counterclockwise) from the signs. Skiing on inland lakes and dams is prohibited if the skipper doesn't first confirm with the relevant authorities that the water body is safe to ski on due to its depth or condition so check ahead.

    Signs will let you know if and where there are designated take-off and landing zones, as well as what times skiing is allowed.

      Your Responsibilities, Distances and Right Of Way

    • To ensure everyone's safety, the boat's skipper must guarantee that his or her vessel is seaworthy and equipped for towing waterskiers.
    • Make sure your skiers and passengers have the proper safety gear. Shop for life jackets here.
    • Make sure the area is safe for skiing by noting the water depth, the width to make turns safely, and any obstacles, and then operate the boat in a cautious manner.
    • Determine your next move once the water skier is behind the boat and review the hand signals used in the sport.
    • Talk about your plan to rescue a fallen skier and instruct them on how to get back on their feet.
    • Never use the engine or propeller as a stepping stone or leave it running while a skier is trying to re-board.

    Rules for Boat Crew

    • The ski boat requires a minimum of two people in order to go skiing.
    • The captain faces forwards to keep an eye on the surrounding ski area and direct the boat's path accordingly.
    • There must be at least one observer; this person must keep his or her face to the skier at all times and must constantly be in communication with the captain.

    The Skipper

    In Western Australia, water ski boat operators are required to either themselves hold a Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) or be under the direct supervision of a RST holder, minimum age is seventeen (17).

    The Observer

    • You need to be at least 14 years old to be responsible as an observer.
    • Focus primarily on keeping an eye on the people being towed and reporting any issues to the captain.
    • Captain, please be aware of vessels approaching from behind.
    • Be up to do date on hand and communicating with the skier in the water.


    If you're following a skier or another boat, you can't get any closer than 50 metres. Don't get closer than 50 metres (or as gazetted) to the shore, unless you're landing or taking off in a designated landing or takeoff zone. When preparing to launch a water skier, boat captains must make way for ski boats that are landing skiers.

    Safety Tips

    • Before starting the boat, the tips of the skis must always be showing.
    • If a skier falls and is uninjured, he or she should always raise their hands above their head until an observer or boat driver can check on them.
    • If a skier falls and wants to get back into a boat, they should leave their skis in the water and swim to the vessel.
    • If a water skier loses or knowingly discards a ski, it is his or her responsibility to get it back as soon as possible.
    • Before picking up water skiers, the driver should always turn off the engine(s).
    • When boarding a boat, skiers should always avoid stepping over the propeller
    • Never should the skier wrap the tow line around his or her body. Skiers should also avoid getting hurt by loose straps on their life vests or jewellery they're wearing.

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