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  • The 30 Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria, Australia: A Road-Tripper's Guide

    September 06, 2022 18 min read

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    The 30 Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria, Australia

    The 30 Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria, Australia

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    There are numerous stunning beaches and coastlines to explore in Victoria, so we've done the hard work and created a list of Victoria’s top beaches so you can start making plans for your upcoming seaside vacation! Victoria undoubtedly delivers when it comes to finding stunning beaches and stretches of picturesque coastline. It should come as no surprise that Victoria has some amazing beaches given that the Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's most well-known driving routes.

    Any Australian has a special place in their heart for the beach; whether it's to escape the oppressive summer heat or to spend a weekend away with friends or family, and our list of the top 30 beaches checks all the boxes. We have a lot of options, and Victoria is no exception, with its more than 2,500 kilometres of rocky coastline and fine sands that border the Southern Ocean.

    We've rounded up 30 of the greatest beaches around Victoria that promise the ideal sandy sojourn, whether you're looking for the classic beach day or just want to locate a little piece of paradise for yourself. Find your small piece of paradise at one of Victoria's best beaches, complete with golden sands and some of Australia's top surf breaks.

    Make this one of your next destinations if you're seeking for a place to visit in order to explore and take advantage of all that Victoria has to offer.

    Without further ado, these are Victoria's top beaches:

    The 3 Best Beaches NEAR Melbourne CBD

    Although we have several excellent beaches close to Melbourne, they can't really compare to those further south. There are several beaches on Melbourne's bayside that, when it's hot, absolutely throng with locals, people from the inner city, and people from the suburbs. Whether you want to stick close to the CBD or venture a little further out, these are the best beaches close to Melbourne.

    St. Kilda Beach

    St. Kilda Beach is one of Victoria's top beaches since it is the closest beach to Melbourne's CBD and is home to the enormously well-liked seaside town of St. Kilda. The beach is a relatively tiny length of sand with a boardwalk next to it where dogs, skateboarders, and rollerbladers frequently pass by. Yes, in summer, it can be pretty crowded, but it is still great beach to cool off close to Melbourne.

    Luna Park is located right next to the beach since a fairground is a must for any seaside community (make sure you snap a picture outside its impressive entrance). The finest part of St Kilda Beach is the long pier at the very end. Around 8 o'clock in the evening, you'll start to see a surge of visitors who are crowding the end and strolling the entire length of the pier. This is due to the waddles of penguins that are making their way to the coast, which are the sweetest sight in all of Melbourne. Although volunteers and a fence protect the penguins to preserve their safety and the protection of the wildlife, you may still see them and snap pictures of them (without the flash). If you're looking for one of Melbourne's top beaches, this is the ideal option!

    St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

    Image: Instagram/stkildabeach

    Brighton Beach Melbourne

    Brighton Beach

    One of Victoria's top beaches is without a doubt Brighton Beach. Only 14 kilometres away from the heart of Melbourne, Brighton Beach you can get to Brighton Beach by train from Flinders Street station or drive and be at the beach in 20 to 30 minutes.

    The Brighton Beach Boxes are among the most recognisable features of Brighton Beach. These bright beach boxes have been around since the 1860s. Originally, they were constructed as locations for ladies to get change at the beach. There are currently more than 80 boxes, which are regarded as historical landmarks. The boxes serve as both a small haven from the sweltering Melbourne sun and a place to store beach equipment.

    It is recommended to arrive early in the morning because the beach is very crowded later in the day if you want to take pictures of the beach and the beach boxes.

    Half Moon Bay

    Whatever your opinion of an inner-Melbourne beach, Half Moon Bay is an unquestionable metropolitan gem. The bayside Black Rock neighbourhood has a beach that wraps around a cliff and has shallow waters at low tide, making it ideal for swimmers of all skill levels. It's crowded at dusk with people enjoying fish and chips and soaking in the scenery. This one is a little further out from the city but definitely worth the drive.

    Half Moon Bay, Melbourne, , Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/thenomadicdude

    The 6 Best Beaches On The Mornington Peninsula

    The peninsula is essentially a coastal extension of Melbourne; on the weekends when the temperature climbs over 25 degrees, city dwellers will slowly but surely go by freeway to the region's clear waters and forested hinterlands. In addition to being a favourite with visitors, it is also home to some of Victoria's best beaches, each with an own atmosphere.

    Mount Martha Beach, Mt Martha Beach, Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/placesweswim

    Mount Martha Beach

    The most beautiful beach on the peninsula is located right in the middle of Mount Martha (image left); a lengthy expanse of sand stretches from the cliff point all the way down to Mornington. Being a bay beach, there are no waves or rips to worry about; just calm, blue water that sparkles in the sun. There are also many lovely nooks near Mount Martha's cliff edge that are excellent for fishing and snorkelling.

    Mothers Beach, Mornington

    The entrance to the peninsula and less than an hour's drive from Melbourne is Mornington. One of Victoria's best beaches for families with children is Mothers Beach because it is sheltered and frequently peaceful. For the same reason, stand up paddle boarding is a popular activity at Mornington Beach.

    Rye Bay Beach

    Rye Bay Beach is a sandy bay with calm waters that is located on the southern part of Port Phillip Bay. Kids can jump off the pier into the clear seas and it's a terrific place to cast a line. Use the convenient BBQ and picnic areas while you're there to make a day of it.

    Portsea Back Beach

    The Peninsula offers "front" and "back" beaches and is only 90 minutes from the heart of Melbourne. Back beaches look out towards the southern ocean, while front beaches line Port Phillip Bay. One of the most favoured, upscale, and picturesque areas of the Mornington Peninsula is Portsea. Portsea beach is the common name for the Portsea back beach (image right). There is an open beach with a long, sweeping stretch of golden sand that is ideal for surfing.

    The lengthy vistas along the coastline make strolling along the beach on calm days particularly attractive. You can continue your stroll to Sphinx Rock and the London Bridge rock formation by following the trails through the sand dunes. Here, the tide can be powerful and the weather can be harsh. In the water, rips may be seen. If you decide to spend the day at this lovely long beach, make sure to swim between the flags.

    Portsea Back Beach, Top Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/marinelaffay

    Sorrento Back Beach, Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/kates_family_travels

    Sorrento Back Beach

    This oceanside beach has a little more push than the bay, and the swells and tides can give it a whole distinct appearance. Sorrento's back beach is a playground for activities with pristine beach breaks out the back, rockpools at low tide, and a lengthy stretch of sand that is shielded from the winds by the surrounding cliffs. Locally called as Sorrento Back Beach or Sorrento Surf Beach, this undiscovered gem is not to be avoided due to its strong tides. While the northern part of the beach is a terrific area to grab a surfboard and catch a wave, it also has small rock pools of various depths that are ideal for anyone looking for a soothing dip (youngsters included). A surf lifesaving club calls Sorrento Back Beach home, and it is patrolled on summer weekends and holidays. Learn how to surf, construct a sandcastle, hike the cliff-top trails, or look for marine life in the rock pools. You can also take advantage of the town of Sorrento's shops, cafes, and restaurants after spending the full day enjoying this great beach.

    Bushranger’s Bay

    A hike is always more enjoyable if there is a reward at the end, and the 35–40 minute pleasant hike through the bush ends with this coastal treasure. Bushrangers Bay, a swimming-friendly rock pool and small mini bay near Cape Schank, is a must-visit place for any Victorian, and it's easy to see why once you arrive there. It is a true natural wonder of the state. On your walk, keep a look out for the neighbourhood kangaroos as they enjoy jumping in and out of the bushes.

    The 11 Best Beaches Along The Great Ocean Road

    The second premier coast of Victoria may be a little farther from the city, but with its extensive rainforest hinterland and big stretches of lonely coastline, it undoubtedly feels much more isolated. The Great Ocean Road, a popular tourist destination, offers a wide variety of beach alternatives, including small bays, points, and stretches of open ocean.

    Torquay Beach / Torquay Front Beach

    The nicest beaches in Victoria may be found in Torquay, a well-known surfing destination, and one nearly all beach-loving Victorians have most likely visited. From little corner to Bells, there are many possibilities here. The main beach in Torquay is popular for summer splashing because of its protected section, and it is frequently packed with beachgoers camping out for the day. Head to Point Danger if you want a little more ocean motion. There, you'll find calm waves and a great stretch of lawn from which to watch the sun set. Front Beach in Torquay, Victoria, is among the top beaches in Victoria because of its expansive, sandy shoreline, waves, and closeness to the town's centre. Anyone interested in playing in the waves can rent a kayak, surfboard, SUP, or boogie board from Torquay Surf Academy. Beginners can learn to surf on Torquay's Front Beach, while more advanced surfers can proceed to Bell's Beach (below), a well-known stop on the World Surf League Championship Tour, which is close by. Torquay Front Beach is surrounded by a variety of lodging options, from quirky backpacker hostels to opulent mansions, but the highlight lodging option is the Foreshore Caravan Park, where you can set up a tent or book a cabin just feet from the sand.

    Torquay Beach, Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/summer_house_retreat

    Bells Beach, Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/sole_travel_photos

    Bells Beach

    Bells Beach is one of the top beaches in Victoria to visit if you're seeking the sea. It's a fantastic destination to visit on a hot summer day and one of the best day trips from Melbourne you can take. The Rip Curl Pro, the longest-running championship in surfing, is well-known for taking place at Bell's Beach. As a result, it has a reputation for being a surfing beach and is where you should go if you want to catch waves nearby. However, given the rough waves, it might not be the best location for a beginner to learn to surf. If you have experience, though, you will like the rough and tumble. The beach is a terrific place to unwind even if you're not into surfing. You can also explore the neighbourhood, which has some breathtaking vistas. When you're done with the beach, you may go explore neighbouring Torquay. Bells Beach is among the nicest of the magnificent beaches in this area of Victoria.

    Lorne Main Beach

    Despite being more than two hours outside the city, Lorne offers everything Melbourne should have—it even has a Movida. The beaches at Lorne are breathtaking, the expansive bay is wind-sheltered, and the Otway hinterland serves as a lovely backdrop for a dip. It is widely considered to be the best beach in Victoria. With waves that peel down the shore and are beginner-friendly, Lorne is a well-liked location to try out surfing. Lorne Main Beach, which is patrolled throughout the summer, is the ideal place to let the kids run wild while you unwind in the safety of the bay's cove. Due to Point Grey's extensive protection of the shoreline, the two-kilometre beach is safer than others.

    Lorne Main Beach

    Image: Instagram/paul_sls

    Eastern Beach, Geelong, , Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/pictures_thru_my_lens

    Eastern Beach, Geelong

    While more of a detour and not exactly on the Great Ocean Road, if you want to go swimming in clear, safe water, go to Eastern Beach, which is one of Victoria’s top beaches. Since the 1930s, people have flocked to this grassy slope and stretch of golden sand at the eastern end of the Geelong waterfront. With diving boards, water attractions, and a 200-meter-long wooden boardwalk with a shark-proof barrier that surrounds over 8 acres of saltwater, it provides everything a beachgoer needs for a fun day out. Families with young children will love the region since they can spend all day swimming, diving, and jumping in the gorgeous Corio Bay. The kids' pool, playground, and Thomas-like train are all favourites of young children.

    Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road

    One of Victoria's best beaches also happens to be one of its dangerous beaches, which just doesn't seem right. Unfortunately, swimming is not advised at the "Shipwreck Coast" in the Southern Ocean, although it is a favoured fishing and surfing location. Its magnificent dunes and golden sand make for the ideal picnic location throughout the summer months. Try your luck at catching one of the area's wonderful fresh salmon for your beachfront feast or work up an appetite on one of the nearby walking trails. Visitors can camp nearby Johanna Beach because it does accept dogs, and it is a wonderful surf beach for walking on leash. If you’re heading out camping in this region, make sure to check out our Top 10 Dog-Friendly Campsites in Victoria.

    Johanna Beach, Great Ocean Road, Dog friendly beaches victoria, most beautiful beaches in Victoria

    Image: Instagram/parksvic

    Loch Ard Gorge Beach, Great Ocean Road, Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/blueherringdesign

    Thirteenth Beach

    Thirteenth Beach is located on Victoria's gorgeous Bellarine Peninsula, just outside the rivermouth town of Barwon Heads (named after the nearby thirteenth hole of the Barwon Heads Golf Course).. A lovely sweep of white-gold sand, mares' tails of spindrift kicking off the breakers, and rolling dunes for the kids to explore are all to be expected. If you want to brush up on your surfing, you can take lessons nearby. When the sun sets, you can go to Barwon Heads or Ocean Grove for a seafood meal.

    Loch Ard Gorge Beach, Great Ocean Road

    Loch Ard Gorge (left) is on the list of one of the best beaches in Victoria's for a reason. A short distance from the renowned Twelve Apostles, it is one of the most well-liked destinations along the Great Ocean Road. It features a stunning beach that overlooks two cliff faces and is accessible by stairs. It is a lovely and largely calm swimming location. There are several scenic trails and viewing areas to choose from, and you won’t find a beach with a more scenic backdrop.

    Fairhaven Beach

    Six-kilometer-long Fairhaven Beach on the Great Ocean Road has two surf bars, a surf lifesaving club, lots of places to swim, opportunities for stand-up paddleboarding, and both beach and river fishing. The beach is framed by the untamed Otway Ranges wilderness, and tourists are drawn to the area. Visit the nearby bush walks, Cape Otway Lightstation, and Otway Fly Treetop Adventures while you're there. The lengthy, visually stunning stretch of sand known as Fairhaven Beach is located just to the west of Aireys Inlet. Fairhaven is perhaps the Great Ocean Road's most picturesque beach, and that's saying a lot. Through the salty morning haze, it is possible to view the full curve of Fairhaven Bay, all the way to the Devil's Elbow, from the surf club on the eastern headland. You have six kilometres of sand to play in, but the finest swimming and surfing are typically found at the eastern end of the beach (but watch out for the red and yellow flags since Fairhaven may produce some challenging rip currents).

    Fairhaven Beach, Great Ocean Road, , Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/ash_smart_woods

    Gibson Steps , Twelve Apostles Beach,  , Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/wildbonde

    Gibson Steps / Twelve Apostles Beach

    You’ve most certainly already seen pictures of these recognisable limestone stacks protruding majestically from the ocean along the Great Ocean Road (The Twelve Apostles), but the majority of people are unaware that swimming is possible here. If the weather permits, you can head down the 86 stairs of Gibsons Steps (left) that have been built into the 70-meter-high cliffs to take a swim. This has to be one of the most iconic beaches in Victoria, if not, Australia.

    Wye River Beach

    Wye, which is located 15 minutes past Lorne and includes a legendary pub, a vintage general store and cafe, and a stunning bay at its centre, has long been one of the Great Ocean Road's best-kept secrets. If you're just passing by, it's easy to miss the gorgeous, undeveloped beach that the villas, which are carved into the hills, overlook. The sand that makes up this 200 m-long beach is dumped by the Wye River after flowing out through a little valley. The Great Ocean Road winds behind the beach's high valley slopes, which are flanked on either end by sandstone rock platforms and reefs. Between the road and the beach are a caravan park, a parking lot, and the surf lifesaving club (established in 1958). The beach faces south-east and receives waves with an average height of 1.4 metres. These waves create a wide, single bar with a low gradient and strong, ongoing rips against the rocks at either end of the little beach, meaning to stay safe when swimming here.

    Apollo Bay Beach

    This popular beach for swimming includes a grassy shoreline ideal for picnics and is well-known for fishing and surfing. Try some of the neighbouring restaurants and the affordable lodging options. Take one of the many walking routes in the adjacent Otway Ranges forest if you're up for some dryland exploration. There is a good reason why time seems to flow much more slowly along the coast. Apollo Bay is one of the Great Ocean Road's breathtaking beaches, which are among the best in the nation. Apollo Bay, which is tucked away between the Wye River and Cape Otway on Victoria's picturesque coastal road, has everything you could want from a seaside getaway: sparkling blue water, white sandy beaches, and a lengthy list of outdoor activities to keep you occupied all summer. The 3-kilometre beach, which has naturally calm waters and is patrolled by the Apollo Bay Life Saving Club in the warmer months, is the perfect location for the whole family. At the main wharf, locals and tourists alike try their luck at catching their evening's supper.

    Apollo Bay Beach, Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/@laboonthewhale

    The 5 Best Beaches In Wilsons Promontory National Park

    Wilson's Prom, a natural wonder of Victoria, nay, all of Australia, is a true piece of paradise. One of the greatest places to stay is in one of Tidal River's campgrounds, which are frequented by wombats. You can choose from a variety of beaches to set up camp each day.

    Whisky Bay, Wilsons Promontory,, Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/vanessashambrook

    Norman Bay, Wilsons Promontory

    Norman Bay is Wilson's prom's primary beach; a short stroll along the sand-banked Tidal river will lead to a large ocean cove. It's an outstanding gem, with spaciousness and really stunning views. You can even attempt diving while you're there in Victoria's largest marine national park.

    Whisky Bay, Wilsons Promontory

    Whisky Bay (image left), a short drive away from Tidal River, is found after a stroll down the hill to the gorgeous private beach, making it a little more of an adventure. It's simple to spend the entire day parked up here with round, smooth rocks at either end and azure water in the middle. This is a great beach that is often never crowded.

    Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory

    Wilson's Prom regular Squeaky Beach (image right) is known for its eponymous loud sand. The white sand beach features blue water that is crystal clean and a cluster of rust-orange boulders that can be clambered across. Beware in the summer, Squeaky can get quite crowded, so reserve your space as soon as possible. Wilsons Promontory National Park, which is situated near the southernmost point of Australia's continent, has long been considered one of Victoria's best-kept secrets. This enchanted stretch of protected woodland and coastline has seen a recent increase in visitors drawn by its stunning landscape, excellent hiking, and amazing beaches. Among all of them, Squeaky Beach stands out as a well-liked favourite, earning a deserving status as one of Victoria's top beaches.

    Refuge Cove, Wilsons Promontory

    You won't find a beach that is more isolated than Wilsons Promontory National Park's Refuge Cove if you prefer your beach trip to be on the calmer side. However, the only ways to get there are by boat or a 34-kilometer roundtrip climb, which accounts for its isolation. Boats are allowed to anchor in the pristine bay, and the beach also offers some modest camping options because it's advised to extend your vacation by more than one day, especially if you're hiking. Whale bones can still be found on the cove's shores because it was once utilised as a haven by old whaling ships.

    Squeaky Beach, Wilsons Promontory,  Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/itspronouncedyen

    Ninety Mile Beach Victoria, 90 mile beach, Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/lochsportbeachshack

    Ninety Mile Beach, East Gippsland

    It makes sense that Ninety Mile Beach is one of Victoria's busiest beaches. Expect to see a lot of people there during the summer because it is the third-longest beach in the world. However, because it extends so long, it will be simple for you to find a wonderful position in the sand, and you might think you're the only person there. The South-Eastern coastline's Ninety Mile Beach is a long, sandy beach that extends to Bass Strait. It begins from Port Albert and ends close to the man-made canals of Lakes Entrance, covering a distance of 151 kilometres, or 94 miles, and is what gives the beach its name. With camping, picnicking, whale watching, and other popular beach activities, Ninety Mile Beach attracts large numbers and is a well-liked vacation spot.

    The 5 Best Beaches in Phillip Island

    The popular day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island is located not far from Australia's southern coast. Every day at twilight, people congregate at Summerland Beach to watch the Penguin Parade, in which Little penguins walk ashore in groups. The viewing area for Seal Rocks, a large colony of Australian fur seals, is the Nobbies outcrop. The outstanding array of beaches that stretch Phillip Island's coastline is one of the key draws for tourists. It's essentially a paradise island with plenty of options for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, all surrounded by beautiful sands and deep blue waters. Here are a few of the island's top beaches.

    Forrest Caves Beach, Phillip Island

    In addition to its long, sandy beach, this location on Port Phillip Island's south-east coast is worth visiting for its low-tide access to its namesake caves and rock platforms. Fishermen and bush walkers also enjoy this well-known surfing beach, which offers parking and restrooms. There are no lifeguards on duty here, so exercise caution when swimming. Surprisingly, Forrest Caves Beach, with its dazzling white sands and sea caves created by erosion, is often overlooked while discussing Victoria's top beaches. Although it is a well-known surf destination along the Phillip Island Tourist Road, families and travellers looking for a place to swim find it less appealing due to its unpatrolled waters. Be careful to go there at low tide when they are accessible if you're eager to explore the caverns, which we highly recommend you do.

    Forrest Caves Beach, Phillip Island,  , Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/meringeorgin

    YCW Beach, Smits Beach, Phillip Island, , Best Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/adventuretrak

    Kitty Miller Bay

    Due to the sheltering headlands and rocky reef-filled entry, this charming beach on Phillip Island's southern side boasts a gentle swell. While those who would rather stay on land can wander along the bayside walking trails, the reef is ideal for snorkelling because it is teeming with marine life. Keep an eye out for the 1906 shipwreck known as the SS Speke, or visit YCW to explore more of the area's beaches.

    YCW Beach

    One of Phillip Island's most exquisite beaches is YCW Beach (left); this lovely bay is 400 metres long and has a moderate swell on Phillip Island's southern coast. Since the beach is not patrolled, it is crucial for swimmers to practise safety precautions. However, activities like surfing, beach strolls, fishing, and discovering rock pools are very popular here. The Young Catholic Workers Camp, which is close by and is situated on the grassy area right behind the shore, is where YCW Beach gets its name. The clean sands are a photographer's paradise, especially at sunrise and sunset when the sky is covered with golden rays that gradually transform into stunning shades of orange and red.

    At YCW Beach, surfing is a well-liked activity because of the beach's mild, reliable waves and great breaks. For those looking to improve their surfing, it is the best surfing location. No matter how low or high the tides are, you can still surf thanks to the swell direction. However, be careful because there are rocks underneath some parts. As an added benefit, the northerly offshore winds provide a pleasant break from the sun.

    Particularly during low tide, when they may enjoy a variety of beach activities, the kids get to appreciate the expansive beach. These pursuits include things like sunset beach strolls, snorkelling, fishing, and beach sports. Change rooms, restrooms with accessible washrooms, and gravel parking are available at YCW Beach. After all the crazy water exploits, a stop to the neighbourhood grocery for meals and snacks is the ideal break. But keep in mind that getting to the beach requires climbing steps, which could be difficult for tourists using wheelchairs.

    Cape Woolamai

    Cape Woolamai (right) on Phillip Island is another of Victoria's protected surf reserves, with a backdrop of pink granite cliffs and some significant swells coming in from the southern ocean. But a board is not necessary to enjoy this lovely beach. You should set aside some time to go up to the Pinnacles, which are accessible by four different walking trails that round Cape Woolamai. The circle trail crosses the Woolamai Peninsula from the Woolamai carpark to Cleeland Bite, then to the former granite quarry, Lookout Point, The Beacon, and lastly to the pinnacle-shaped granite ridge of the Pinnacles. Observe short-tailed shearwaters between September to the middle of April every year, when they move to Woolamai.

    Cowes Main Beach

    Cowes Beach is without a doubt Phillip Island's busiest beach; being a place with calm waves and gorgeous, pristine sand. In fact, it is the largest north-facing beach in the entire state of Victoria, providing residents with a unique experience from the other beaches nearby. The beach is close to well-liked restaurants and bars because of its popularity and close proximity to a town as well as access to BBQs, cafes, and picnic areas all nearby. The beach is also guarded during the summer, making it ideal for families and tourists unaccustomed to Victoria's choppy currents.

    Cape Woolamai, , Most Beautiful Beaches in Victoria Australia

    Image: Instagram/bruceypix

    Heading to the beach? Shop our huge range of surfwear, swimwear, sunnies, caps and more!

    We could go on and on listing Victoria's breathtaking coastline and numerous gorgeous beaches. However, this list of Victoria's top 30 beaches should at least give you a taste of what this stunning Australian state has to offer. If you’re planning a drive, then check out The 18 Best Scenic Drives & Road Trips in Victoria And the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Campsites in Victoria.

    Start planning your weekends, public holidays and vacations in advance, and tick off the best beaches in Victoria!

    If you know another great beach in Victora, get in touch and we can add it to our list, and remember to share your photos with us on Facebook & Instagram!

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