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  • Guide to the Perfect Ski Boot Fit

    November 23, 2020 4 min read

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    How to Make Your Ski Boots Fit Better

    Obviously, the best (and only) way to get the right boot fit is to sit down with an experienced boot fitter, which we at Auski pride ourselves on. Our boot fitters have worked around the world, learning the best techniques amongst the largest range of boots in order to deliver the perfect fitting boot for you. Boot fitters undergo extensive training in order to provide a boot for every foot, this included heating, moulding, stretching and punching out painful spots on the boots to custom fit them to your feet.

    But whilst there is a lot that can be done to make a boot comfortable, a ski boot shouldn’t feel like your grandma’s fluffy slippers. They are, after all made out of hard plastic in order to hold in place and protect your ankles whilst you’re carving turns down the hill.

    If you have stumbled upon this blog, I am assuming that you have been asking yourself, or Google, some of the following questions. If you have any additional questions that are not a part of this list, give us a call and one of our experienced boot fitters will happily talk you through it.

    My friend knows lots about boots, can they choose my boots for me?

    Is your friend a boot fitter? Your friend may be able to point you in the right direction in terms of brands and features that you may like, but boot fitters are trained to look at your foot and know which boot is right for you. Whilst they all look similar, boots come in all shapes and sizes, just like feet!

    How do I find a good boot fitter?

    We’re located at 9-11 Hardware Lane, Melbourne. If our store isn’t accessible to you, give us a call, we have friends all over the world and would be happy to point you in the right direction.

    When I stand up straight in my boots, my toes touch the end. Are my boots too small?

    No! This signifies a well-fitting ski boot! When you flex down into your boot, as if you are skiing, your toes should slide further back, giving them more room. This is the way most boot fitters will fit a boot, as these boots are for skiing, and that’s just what they’ll do.

    Accordingly, if you stand up straight with your boots buckled and your toes don’t touch the end of the boot, they may be too big. There shouldn’t be much room for movement in there.

    Should my toes feel curled up when I first put the boots on?

    This is normal! Give your heel a solid tap on the ground to bring your heel to the back of the boot. Just don’t do it on mum’s hardwood floors.

    How tight should my buckles be?

    Your buckles should all be done up. The most important are those around your ankle, for support. When you’re putting your boots on, do up the buckle (usually the 3rd from the bottom) around your ankle first, this will bring your foot into the right position in order to secure the rest of the boot.

    The buckles on your forefoot don’t need to be too tight and there is quite a lot of trial and error in getting this right. In some boots, these buckles don’t need be to be too tight, otherwise your forefoot may get a little crampy. You can fix this by keeping them on the first or second clip of the buckle.

    Do I need a footbed?

    Most people need footbeds in order to get the perfect fit. Footbeds come in a few forms, off the rack and custom.

    Per the moral of this blog, the best person to tell you if you need a foot bed is… you guessed it - a boot fitter. Sometimes, you just need a little support under the arch of your foot, in a lot of cases, a standard footbed will do the trick. This will help to stop a lot of the most common foot problems such as numb toes or cramping.

    Some feet need a little more help. With a custom footbed, your foot is scanned on our fancy foot scanning machine at Auski and we make a footbed to perfectly match your foot profile! This will position your feet and ankles in the right position within the boot and help your skiing overall.

    The best thing to remember with footbeds is that they can always be added later. Lots of people come to us with boot problems, thinking that they need a whole new pair of boots. This isn’t always the case, often we can help them out with a footbed and send them happily on their way.

    My boots are too small, do I need new ones?

    It’s a lot easier to make a pair of boots bigger than to make them smaller. If your boots feel too snug when you’re trying them on in the store, keep in mind that they will give a little as you break them in.

    We can punch out problem areas, heat your boots up and mould them to your feet and add things to give you more room in there. This is what boot fitters do, and our’s are really good at it!

    What do the Auski crew have to say about boots?

    Matias says, “the best boot fit to me is both snug and comfortable but every person likes their boots to fit a different way.”

    Dave says, “I look for great heel hold with a comfortable forefoot area, allowing good circulation and the foot to articulate in the boot. “

    Harrison says, “Look for a nice tight squeeze to stop your feet from moving around, like a hug from mum.”

    Steve says: “The way is to narrow the selection down to 3 boots maximum. The perfect boot provides a superior wrap fit around the foot. This fit and customisation will be generally enhanced by a foot bed!”

    If you’re looking to get your boots fitted or want to chat to our friendly team, visit us in-store at Auski Melbourne.

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