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Women’s Specific Skis Explained

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Women’s Specific Skis Explained

Why Are There Women’s Skis?

Many people believe that the only difference between men’s and women’s skis is cosmetic, and this used to be the case in the past. Back in the day, ski manufacturers used to cater to women by offering them shorter versions of men’s skis with prettier graphics.

Thankfully times have changed! Most manufacturers now offer women's skis that are actually designed to perform and cater specifically to their needs. Compared to men’s or unisex models, women’s skis are generally lighter and softer, have more sidecut and a more forward mounting position.

Womens skis explained

Contrary to what old-school ski manufacturers may have believed, women and men have different technical needs out on the ski hills.

Whilst the difference between men’s and women’s skis is quite small, this small difference in construction makes a huge difference in performance!

Realistically, the stiffness of the ski should reflect the amount of weight and power that the skier is putting into it. Because typically speaking, men are heavier than women, they are able to easily flex a stiffer and heavier ski. Consequently, women are usually lighter, and a more lightweight and softer flexing ski means they don’t have to work as hard to get the same performance on the hill.  

That’s not to say though that a women’s specific ski should be feather light with no power behind it. Women naturally have a lower centre of gravity, just not the same weight to strength ratio as men do. Some might say women are more graceful in our skiing and have more finesse.

Years of research and development from some of the world’s best female skiers has worked to address this. Lighter metals such as carbon and titanal seem to be a popular answer and are now often found in women’s skis that eliminate weight but still ensure a high-performance ride.  

Another ground-breaking move in women’s specific skis was the idea of moving the mounting position further forward. Women’s boots are typically in the 24/25 size range, which is much shorter than most men’s boots. So regardless of a women’s build and ability, they have a more difficult time accessing the front of the ski. Moving the mounting point forward counteracts this and makes staying forward the ski much easier.

Designing a women’s specific ski that meets the specific needs of our lady skiers has become a sort of ‘space race’ among ski brands in the last decade. As women continue to dominate the ski industry, we are excited to see what comes next.

Difference Between Men’s & Women’s Skis

I’ll leave you with a note from the legendary ski queen Michaela Shiffrin; A.B.F.T.T.B – “Always be faster than the boys.”

Remember, if you're after more in-depth knowledge and gear tailored to you, drop in store today at Auski and speak to one of our specialists about the perfect skis for you.

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