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  • Best Water Ski Brands in Australia

    January 27, 2022 3 min read

    Image - hosports.com

    Best Water Ski Brands in Australia

    The waterski industry has various incredible brands that continuously develop new slalom skis and products while pushing and innovating to bring you, the skier, the best designs possible. Here are the best water skibrands that you can find online at Auski.

    Radar Skis

    Radar is one of the top waterski brands globally with many professional skiers opting for this brand. Radar are renowned for incorporating the latest technology and staying ahead of the industry with product development. Radar Skis was founded and led by skiers who have a deep passion for the industry and leave no stones unturned when developing slalom skis. They are the largest seller of water skis in the Australian market, and they make skis perfect for what Australian skiers need.


    Not only does Radar sell water skis, but they also have a vast collection of gloves, boots,life jackets, waterski ropes and handles, kneeboards, and tubes. Herb O'Brien founded Radar Skis after developing an obsession to make skis user-friendly and fun. O'Brien was an excellent skier and a bigger bloke, which allowed him to design skis based on personal experience and knowledge. You can find Radar slalom skis for any ability level, with a range of incredible graphics online at Auski. We can help you with everything Radar, and get you started on your waterski journey today.

    Images - radarskis.com

    Connelly Skis

    Connelly has been around for decades. Founded in 1965, they still bring the same energy and passion fifty years on. Experience makes a difference, and Connelly wasn't born yesterday. They've been revolutionizing the industry with technology, leaving a wake of legacy along the way. Pat Connelly started the company making beautifully constructed mahogany wooden slalom skis, which are now a collector's item.


    Connelly went on to be the leading tournament ski manufacturer building the most advanced and competitive waterski equipment. Connelly are based in Seattle, Washington, and are still manufacturing all the skis in the USA. The range has diversified into wakeboards, paddleboards, Connelly wakesurfs, kneeboards, and various gear. Auski is proud to stock the full range of Connelly waterskis, and you can buy online with free shipping above $50.

    Images - connellyskis.com

    HO Sports Skis

    Founded in 1982, HO Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of premium watersports gear. HO Sports develops a vast range of equipment, including waterskis, towables, lounge, and paddle products. With almost 40 years of experience, the company continues to produce premium gear with the latest technology pushing the boundaries of the waterski industry.

    HO Sports provides a tournament waterski division known as Syndicate Skis, widely known and respected as the most successful and best-selling line of tournament waterskis globally year after year. The team behind HO Sports are known for their limitless imagination and continuous innovation of products and ideas. Their deep-rooted expertise and collective love for life on the water is what keeps them leading the way in the watersports industry. Aiming to continuously bring advancements to each product and improve how we, as consumers, glide through the water on their Syndicate skis range. Shop everything HO Skis today and feel the difference on the water.

    Image - hosports.com

    KD Skis

    KD Skis has a rich history and a long list of achievements. KD Skis develops with the trends and technology advancements, continuously improving their products. KD Skis have been ridden by world champions and held previous world records and world titles, with an incredible team of athletes representing the brand.


    KD Skis constantly pushes and innovates with one thing in mind: you, the skier. They provide slalom skis for juniors and adults, with incredible, unique graphics that stand out on the water. Browse through our range of KD Skis online and level up your performance this summer.

    Image - kdwatersports.com

    These top water ski brands will continually bring you the latest skis to level up your performance behind the boat. Select your favourite slalom skis today and get ready for an unforgettable summer. Now you have a run-down of the water ski industry, check out our blog, the Top 12 Snow Ski Brands of 2021.

    If you’re looking for more info on the best water products, check out our Top 10 Waterskis of 2022 and the Top 2022 Wakeboards.


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