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Best Tubes and Kneeboards

January 24, 2022 4 min read

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10 Best Tubes and Kneeboards

Person kneeboarding on a lake being towed by a boat

Summer in Australia is still warming up, and there is plenty of time to get out on the water for some fun. Whether you're boating with friends or family, having a tube or a kneeboard on the boat can give your day on the water that action-packed boost you’re looking for. Here are some of the best tubes and kneeboards to help make your summer one to remember.


JP4 Tube by Jetpilot

This summer’s best selling tube is the JP4 4 person tube from Jetpilot. This heavy-duty tube makes tubing with friends easy, and its wide shape gives it plenty of stability at high speeds. This tube is designed for action and features a POV mounting point for your action camera so you can record your ride.

Jetpilot JP4 Water Tube
Wow Macho Combo Water Tube

Macho Combo Tube by WOW

The Macho Combo is a new style of tube designed by WOW to be ridden in various positions. Riders can lay down, sit up or even kneel in the built-in harness. It's one of the brightest tubes available, and with so many ways to ride it, the Macho Combo is the ultimate family fun mobile.

Mach 2 Tube by Jobe

The Mach 2 tube is made for thrill-seekers. Its swept shape makes this tube glide across the water. The Mach 2 can hold two people and gives riders the option of 6 handles to grab and rear boarding straps to make it easier to climb back on.

Jobe Mach 2 water tube
Radar Liftoff Water Tube

Liftoff Tube by Radar

The oversized Liftoff tube by Radar brings a simple design for fast, fun tubing. This tube is made for two or three people to superman their way across the water. The side bolsters, and marshmallow top cover helps keep you on the tube and comfortable at the same time.

Mavericks 2 by HO

The Mavericks 2 is a premium tube for families and fun-seekers alike. HO has created a unique soft top cover so tube riders can tube all day and not worry about the abrasion or ‘tube rash’ that you would get from a traditional nylon covered tube. Its D shaped profile gives more legroom, and a tapered design makes it easier to board from the rear.

HO Mavericks 2 Water Tube


Jobe Hot Chilli Kneeboard

Hot Chilli Kneeboard by Jobe

The Hot Chilli Kneeboard is back for 2022 with a redesigned shape and a bright new graphic. This crowd favourite now features a more traditional squared-off shape, has a narrower nose and thinned tail for a lighter finish and increased edge hold. As always, the Hot Chilli’s aggressive 2-stage rocker keeps the board poppy and stable on harsh landings. Jobe has also introduced their new diamond technology that generates lift by forming air pockets under the front and back of the board for the lowest drag coefficient. The best part about Hot Chilli Kneeboard is that it comes with a hook making it easier for kids when kneeboarding! These features paired with a spicy graphic makes the Hot Chilli the hottest board out there!

Missfire Kneeboard by KD

The Missfire is a kneeboard truly designed for ladies in mind. It features a gentle rocker profile designed for a faint and forgiving pop. The Missfire will provide a smooth transition along the wake and a soft cushioned landing. The narrow profile makes it easy to transition from edge to edge without losing a deep edge hold. KD has developed a new pad for the MIssfire that is ergonomic and raised at the rear to relieve the ankles.The Missfire features a screw but does not come with a hook.

KD Missfire Kneeboard
Jobe Aurora Kneeboard

Aurora Kneeboard by Jobe

The Aurora Kneeboard is a crowd favourite among the ladies thanks to its 2 stage rocker design that runs throughout the board. The continuous rocker design and high-performance shape keep riders consistent while popping off the wake or transitioning from edge to edge. The Aurora also features dual-density pads to ensure a cushy landing.

Joker by HO

For so many reasons, the Joker might be the best board of all time. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro. The traditional square design and locking edge holds give the Joker maximum edge hold and a stable platform for any rider. The Joker from HO brings a high-performance shape and symmetrical profile together to make a board so good it does seem like a joke.

HO Joker Kneeboard
KD Livewire Kneeboard

Livewire Kneeboard by KD

The Livewire kneeboard brings many of the features in a top-end deck and puts them into an entry-level price point. Its wide profile gives plenty of stability while retaining a fine edge for railing hard cuts. The Livewire also features a deep knee hugging moulded pad to reduce ankle crushing on landings. It's an excellent option for those who want a great board at any level of kneeboarding.

Auski stocks a range of tubes and kneeboards for all levels and ability types. You will also find a huge range of wakeboard and wakesurf products to boost those adrenaline levels.


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