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  • Top 15 Gifts for Waterskiers & Wakeboarders

    November 26, 2021 6 min read

    Top 15 Gifts For Waterskiers & Wakeboarders

    Buying gifts for someone else is nearly better than receiving them, seeing their face light up with enjoyment and appreciation. However, deciding what to get them is always the most challenging part. If your friend loves hitting the water, especially waterskiing or wakeboarding, then we have the perfect gift-giving ideas for you. Regardless of your budget, you will find the ultimate present for your friend - here are the top 15 gifts for waterskiers and wakeboarders.

    1. Slalom Skis or Wakeboard

    Want to spoil your partner, family member, or friend for their upcoming birthday? A brand new set of waterskis would make them the happiest person on the planet. If they love to board, you can shop our vast range of wakeboards from the biggest brands, or checkout our clearance section for discounts on the latest products. At Auski, we have a vast range to choose from, and if you're not a water enthusiast, it can be overwhelming. That's where we come in, give us a call or drop in-store, and we can help pick out the ultimate waterski for your friend based on their ability, height, and style.

    2. Auski Gift Card

    An Auski gift card is the perfect gift for a special friend who loves the water. It gives them the ability to choose whatever they desire from our massive range of brands and products. From life jackets to swimsuits or ropes and handles, they will find anything they need to add to their collection for the upcoming summer. Auski gift cards come range from $50 through to $800, making it easy to choose a gift card in your budget.

    3. Kneeboard

    While waterskiing and wakeboarding is an adrenaline rush, kneeboarding is a fun activity for all, it’s also easier to get up and enjoy. Kneeboards are part of the standard equipment every boat must have and at Auski we have a range of kneeboards from brands such as Jobe, H.O, Kidder, Radar, Connelly.

    4. Gloves

    Waterski and wakeboard gloves enable you to have a firmer grip on the handle and hold on for longer. Radar, H.O., and Connelly all have an incredible range of waterski gloves for men and women to select. From beginner to intermediate or advanced, you'll find the ultimate waterski gloves to give to your friend.

    5. Boardshorts

    Any waterski and wakeboard lover can never have enough boardshorts, so why not add to their collection. Is your friend into wild patterns, bold colours, or neutral tones? You'll find boardshorts to match their preference from their favourite brands, including Rip Curl, RVCA, and Billabong.

    6. Bathers

    Just like boardshorts, you can never have enough bathers. Make your friend feel confident in a new pair of bathers from brands designed to fit any shape and type of women's body. From full-piece swimwear to a set of new bikinis, high-waisted bottoms, or strapless bikini tops, you'll find a huge range to browse through, finding the ultimate gift for your friend.


    As much as your friend would like to, they can’t spend the whole day in the water, that's why they need the perfect footwear to accompany their water adventures. Thongs are a summer staple, designed to be simple and stylish for every warm-weather occasion. Rip Curl and Billabong are perfect for females, providing comfort and easy-to-wear thongs that come in various colours. No matter what time of the year it is, Reef thongs for men are the perfect leather thongs that look stylish and sleek, perfect for any outfit - providing comfort and support. Reef thongs are perfect for any adventure.

    8.Life Jackets

    You can't be a true waterskier or wakeboarder without a life jacket. An essential piece of gear that needs to be comfortable, safe, and of course, stylish. Jet Pilot, Radar, KGB, Ronix, and Rip Curl are our popular brands of life vests that we can ensure will be your friend's favourite as well. Whether they like crazy patterns and bold colours to stand out on the water, or neutral tones, with a sleek fit for a more professional look, you'll find a range of life jackets for both men and women.

    9. Sunscreen

    Every waterskier and boarder needs good quality sunscreen to protect them from the harsh Australian sun all summer long. Our blog Top 12 Reef Friendly Sunscreens will give you a rundown of the ultimate sunscreens to buy that will not only protect your friend from the U.V. rays but also protect our reef. Purchase sunscreen that doesn't have harsh chemicals that negatively impact our reef. Shop SunBum sunscreen online at Auski.

    10. Hats

    Caps, hats, snapbacks, wide-brimmed, straw hats, whatever tickles your fancy, we have them in stock. Everyone needs a good quality hat to keep them protected while in the boat for hours facing the sun or onshore taking a quick lunch break. With big-name brands providing us with their latest collections, including Billabong caps, Rip Curl caps, Quiksilver caps, RVCA caps, Roxy caps, Mitchell & Ness hats, New Era caps, and so many more, you'll find the perfect gift to give to protect your friend (while looking good of course).

    11. Sunglasses

    If you’re out on the water, yuo need good quality sunglasses that are durable and can withstand any environment. Our collection of men's and women's sunglasses are the perfect gift to give. Ranging from various prices, our Oakley sunglasses are a crowd favourite. Providing a collection of lifestyle and sport performance sunglasses featuring the latest technology that protects your eyes. Otis sunglasses only makes premium eyewear from naturally sourced, distortion-free, scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses. Finally, our Dragon sunglasses provided a polarised lens protecting your eyes while out on the water for hours. You'll find the ultimate pair of sunglasses online at Auski.

    12. Ropes and Handles

    There are various types of ropes on the market, from long V to short V ropes, which one would your friend want? If they are new to the world of waterskiing and still mastering the basics, a long V will be your ideal rope to get them, as it provides more balance while getting up. In contrast, if they have been waterskiing for a while and you know they are confident on the water, a short V rope is the way to go. Radar, H.O. Skis, Connelly and Masterline are incredible rope and handle brands to select from.

    13. Waterski & Equipment Bags

    If your friend is an avid waterskier or wakeboarder, they most likely have a bunch of gear all over the place, from ropes, handles, lifejackets, wetsuits, gloves, and so much more, they need a place to put it all. Radar, Ronix, Hyperlite, Jet Pilot, H.O., KGB, and other big brands have various bags to protect their gear and keep it all together. Making it easier for them to pack up and unpack, knowing all their equipment is in one spot safe.

    14. Hydro Flask

    Skiing is hard work; exerting energy and being in the heat all day, you get thirsty very quickly. It's essential to hydrate out on the boat, so the perfect present for your friend is a Hydro Flask. It will keep their water cold all day, even while sitting in the sun. It also eliminates the use of plastic bottles, saving the environment. With a range of colours to choose from, a Hydro Flask is a perfect gift for to give.

    15. Towels

    The ultimate summer necessity in Australia, beach towels are ideal for drying off and getting changed after an epic day at the lake or out on the water. No one can never have too many towels. From consistently getting in and out of the water all day, you need a few on you at a time to ensure you always have a dry one. We offer the best beach towels in Australia for you to purchase online that will last multiple summer adventures for you to gift to your friend.

    Now you have great present ideas to give to your waterskiing or wakeboarding friend, jump online at Auski and browse through our massive range of items. If the water isn't your thing and you enjoy the snow better, check out our blog 20 Best Gift Ideas For Snowboarders.






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