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  • 20 Best Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

    July 26, 2021 7 min read

    The Best Gifts For Snowboarders

    Have you got a friend that loves hitting the slopes, and all they dream about is riding their snowboard on a glorious bluebird day?

    It can be challenging to buy them gifts as snowboarding seems expensive, and if it's not your expertise, you may be unsure what to get them. We have gathered together the top 20 best gift ideas for snowboarders; from luxurious to budget-friendly so there will be the perfect gift idea for you. Have your snowboarding friend grinning from ear to ear, holding the ultimate gift you chose for them, and get a few extra brownie points as a friend.

    1. Socks

    Who doesn't love good, comfy socks. For snowboarders, simple socks can make or break their snow day. High-quality, comfortable socks is the best gift for a snowboarder, making their day on the slopes relaxing and enjoyable, they will thank you forever.

    2. Thermals

    Thermals are a must when heading to the snow, keeping your body toasty and ready to conquer the wild, unpredictable conditions. Thermals are the best present for a snowboarder as you can never have too many; thermals can get stinky after wearing them for a while but can be challenging to wash every single day in the snow. That's why you can never go wrong with giving thermals to your snowboarding buddy as a present.

    3. HotHands Hand / Foot Warmers

    Being out on the slopes all day can get quite chilly especially facing the wind on those chair lifts causing your hands and feet to slowly start to go numb. That's why HotHands Hand / Foot Warmers are the perfect budget gift to give to a snowboarder, so they can last all day on the slopes, carving it up with warm extremities.

    4. Auski Gift Voucher

    Is your friend a little tricky to buy for / already owns everything when it comes to snowboarding? Get them the ultimate present, an Auski gift voucher; this way, it allows them to choose what they want in the correct size without you having to lift a finger. An Auski gift voucher is the perfect gift for a snowboarder as there is always something new and exciting to buy to make their days on the slopes even more enjoyable.

    5. Snowboarding Streetwear

    Streetwear is the best gift to give to a snowboarder, big name brands such as, Burton, Billabong, RVCA and Brixton offer different jumpers, t-shirts and hats for a stylish snowboarder. Buy them a new killer outfit that they can rock in the local café or bar on the mountains. Popular items from Burton include the Retro Mountain Snap Back and the 2021 Mountain High Short Sleeve Tee.

    6. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

    A Hydro Flask bottle will keep your chosen beverage hot or cold all day long. The best gift for snowboarders who are out for a snow walk or simply sitting around a fire with friends who want to keep their hot chocolate or tea hot while in the cold weather. Drop into one of our stores or head online to pick up the perfect colour that suits your friend.

    7. Snowboard Goggles

    Every snowboarder needs the perfect snow goggles to make their day enjoyable. The new Anon 2021 snow goggles are the ideal gift for snowboarders; with an easy swap-out lens to suit any weather condition thrown at them on the mountain, they will love this ultimate gift.

    8. Wireless Helmet Headphones

    Listening to your board carve through the snow and birds chirping in the trees feels like a dream on the slopes but listening to your ultimate playlist out on the mountain is a whole other level. Your buddy will feel on top of the world with Wireless Helmet Headphones that will make their chairlift ride enjoyable. The headphones also allow them to answer calls with the click of a button rather than taking off their gloves and digging for their phone, snowboarders will certainly appreciate this gift.

    9. Beanies

    At Auski, we stock a massive range of all your favourite big brand beanies; grab one today for the ultimate gift for your mate that loves to snowboard. A beanie is a simple gift that goes a long way, it’ll keep them warm on the mountains and looking stylish with various colours and types to suit specifically too them.

    10. Luggage

    For a traveling snowboarder, good quality luggage bags are vital for a stress-free, enjoyable trip. Get your mate traveling in style this winter and purchase any of our 2021 snowboard bags or luggage suitcases for your mate, and you'll be their best friend immediately. The 2021 Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag is perfect if you’re looking for a high-end travel bag or a slightly cheaper option are backpacks, still the perfect gift for a snowboarder to put all their essential items in while traveling.

    11. Epic Australia Pass

    The Epic Australia Pass is the ultimate snowboarder's dream. It will give them access to multiple mountains around Australia for the whole season, while it's not cheap, it is one of the best gifts that money can buy – you'll also be their best friend for the rest of your life.

    12. GoPro

    A GoPro is the perfect present for an avid snowboarder who wants to document their adventures on the slopes. A portable, waterproof, and high-quality GoPro will help them capture their favourite moments in the mountains and be able to share them with family and friends. A helmet mount is also the perfect combination to purchase with the GoPro if you want to go all out.

    13. Homesick Ski Trip Candle

    Purchase this candle for a snowboarder that unfortunately can't make it to the slopes this year. A funny, light-hearted present that will connect their snow memories with the candles scent. In contrast, at the end of a ski day, the burning candle will fill the cabin with the perfect scent that goes in hand with a roaring fire and a cup of hot chocolate. The Homesick Ski Trip Candle is the best gift for a snowboarder that will make them smile with joy every time they walk past it.

    14. Foam Roller

    A foam roller is vital for a snowboarder who goes hard on the slopes all day long. After a few days out on the mountain, the muscles start to seize up and get very tight; a foam roller is the best present for snowboarders to roll out their muscles at the end of each day, so they wake up fresh and ready to go hard again for another day.

    15. Life / Waterproof Phone Case

    Even the smartest and most expensive phones are not safe in the snow; from water to freezing temperatures, they need all the help they can get. Purchase a life-proof phone case for your snowboarding friend, and they will be extremely thankful; no more mishaps on the slopes, they can take photos and message their mates with peace of mind their phone isn't getting damaged.

    16. Bottle Opener Key Chain

    There is nothing worse than having a bottle of beer and not being able to open it on the slopes. A bottle opener key chain is the best present for a snowboarder, they can connect it to their keys or pocket and enjoy a refreshing beverage out on the slopes, plus they will also think of you every time they use it.

    17. Physio Cream

    Physio cream is an underestimated gift for snowboarders but essential to keep them going all day long. Snowboarders' muscles can get quite sore and seize up after a few days of carving it up. Thus, physio cream will help relax and repair their tight muscles for a long snow season. Help them out by gifting them some physio cream, they may give you a funny look at first but will be forever thankful once they feel the results.

    18. Lip balm / Sunscreen

    Who would have thought wearing sunscreen and lip balm in freezing conditions is necessary. For a snowboarder, lip balm and sunscreen are essential items to bring with them on the slopes to protect their face against the harsh wind and intense sun off the snow's reflection. A simple gift for snowboarders but goes a long way out on the mountain, check out our blog Top Sunscreens in Australia to pick the perfect one for your friend.

    19. Garmin Instinct Tundra Watch

    Time flies when you're having fun on the slopes, that's why a Garmin Watch is the ultimate gift for snowboarders. The Garmin Instinct Tundra Watch was explicitly designed for winter sports, it can track snowboarders' stats and log the trails they complete, it’s a handy device that makes following the snow day easy.

    20. Grassracks Bamboo Snowboard Rack

    At the end of each snow season, snowboards get put away, back in a bag that doesn't get seen again until the following year comes around. It can be pretty disappointing when you have spent a lot of money on an awesome snowboard with insane graphics; that's why the Grassracks Bamboo Snowboard Rack is the best gift for a snowboarder so they can display their board year-round.

    Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to get your buddy with these 20 best gift ideas for snowboarders'. If you're still slightly unsure or need help on choosing the correct size/style for your mate, drop into one of our Auski locations, and our experienced crew who also love to snowboard can help you out for purchasing the perfect present.

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