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  • A Guide to Life Jackets in Australia

    December 02, 2021 4 min read

    Everything You Need To Know About Life Jackets


    Our amazing country is surrounded by water, we live and breathe the ocean and lake life. Being bought up around water, most of us know how to swim, however, that doesn't mean we don't need to wear a life jacket when out on the boat. Life vests are a legal requirement in every state around Australia on a boat; if you do not abide by the legislation, you'll be at risk to receive a fine, it is for your safety after all. Our life jackets at Auski are designed for your comfort and all-day wear. Coming in various styles and colours you will find the perfect one for you for whatever water sport you enjoy. We are here to give you the inside scope of everything you need to know about life jackets.

    Safety Requirements for Life Jackets in Australia

    Safety requirements have been brought into the marine legislation to keep you safe and prevent the number of drownings every year. Even if you are an excellent swimmer, you could still be caught in an unknown situation where a life jacket will save your life.

    Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

    PFDs are a legal safety requirement for everyone that participates in boating or water sport activities. Three different types are Australian Standard Approved. Ensure that your life jacket meets the conditions before heading out on the boat.


    Level 50s (PDF Type 3)

    These jackets are commonly used for watersports, waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, tubing, and other activities behind the boat. Designed for smooth water, they will cover you for most lakes, rivers, and damns. Level 50s tend to be lighter and less bulky. That is why they are ideal for waterskiers and wakeboarders, as the vest does not restrict their movement—intended for individuals in enclosed waters close to the shore or bank.

    Level 50 (PDF Type 2)

    Level 50 is very similar to Level 50s. However, not only can they be used in smooth water but also partially smooth waterways. These jackets can also be used in open channels, ideal for freestyle jet ski riders. The significant difference between Level 50 and Level 50s is the colour of the life jacket. Level 50s can be any color, whereas Level 50 has to be bright, such as red, yellow, or orange over the shoulders.

    Level 100 & 150 (PDF Type 1)

    Level 100 is the minimum requirement for general coastal use and shouldn't be used for towable watersports as they provide high buoyancy and head support, thus are more restricting. Further, they are not suitable for high impact at speeds, therefore watersports are not ideal for Level 100 PDFs and over. They are designed for offshore and coastal use, and they help turn the user into a face-up position.

    How to Know if Your Life Jacket Fits


    Having a life vest that fits you correctly is crucial to your safety. We have all the sizing details in the descriptions of our life jackets online for you to double-check before purchasing. As a general rule, when you put on your vest, you should have roughly 5-10cm to zip it up. Most life jackets are neoprene and stretch when they get wet, thus it should be tight-fitting on land, and once you enter the water, the stretch will give way slightly, and you will be comfortable all day. You do not want your life jacket riding up when you are swimming. This indicates that it is too big, or you need to do the bottom buckle up tighter. To ensure you are getting the right life vest for you, come into Auski, and we can help you get fitted correctly with one of our experienced team members.

    Kids Life Jackets

    Relax this summer by making sure your child is safe around the water with a high-quality, comfortable life vest they can wear all day. Online here at Auski, we sell various kid's life jackets that adhere to the Australian Safety Standard for PFDs. Coming in bright colours and excellent graphics so you can spot your child in the water from a distance away. Some of our kid's life jackets come with a strap that goes in-between their leg. This ensures that the kid's life vest does not ride up around their neck and stays in a comfortable, safe position all day. We have it all from infant life jackets to teenage life jackets – browse through our range today.

    We have a range of incredible brands online that will ensure you are safe, comfortable, and of course, look good while out on the water. Jet Pilot life jackets, Rip Curl vests, Connelly life jackets, Follow life jackets, KGB vests, Ivy life jackets, Ronix life jackets, and HO vests are our incredible brands you'll find here to start your summer adventures.





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