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Everything You Need to Know About Volcom's New Workwear Range

Introducing Volcom's New Workwear Range

If you're a tradie on the tools all day and tired of uncomfortable workwear that doesn't last and keeps you comfortable, then it's time for you to invest in Volcom's new workwear range. Volcom's workwear is made from high-quality, durable fabrics built on a foundation of creative liberation. Designed with durability, function, and unique style, they've taken the best of what they've learned from 3 decades of concrete pouring, skatepark-building, and backyard-ramp-resurrecting to deliver this collection.

But Wait, What Is Workwear?  

In a nutshell, workwear is clothing made for worksites. Whether that be landscaping, concreting, or electricians, any labouring job, heavy-duty clothes are designed for physical or manual work. Workwear is produced to be safe on-site, using durable, high-quality fabrics made to be comfortable and warm for all tradies. However, workwear is slowly transitioning into all men's everyday wardrobe, being practical and classy enough to wear to the pub after work or for weekend adventures. Investing in comfortable, high-quality workwear is a must.

Where to Buy Workwear? At Auski!

Volcom’s new range of workwear is now available at Auski. Volcom Workwear is built on a foundation of creative liberation. Key features of Volcom workwear include:

Safe Protective Workwear

Volcom workwear is safe and protective for all trades. They pride themselves on three factors, durability, superior stretch, and indestructible buckle belt.


Volcom workwear is safe and protective as it is tough to tear. Using nylon 66 technology gives the clothing incredible strength and durability, making the garments extremely resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Superior Stretch

Volcom workwear delivers superior stretch through their products. It creates freedom of mobility with high recovery, allowing the garment to hold its shape, offering complete mobility and unstoppable recovery.

Indestructible Buckle

Volcom workwear provides an unbreakable buckle bottom, bartacked with self-fabric. It gives far more durability and longevity than a standard shank. Bartacking with self-fabric offers a strong connection to the garment.

Shop the Volcom Workwear Range

Volcom Hoodies

Volcom hoodies are designed with comfort in mind, incorporating a lined hood, metal eyelets, drawcord tips, and a front joey pocket. Volcom hoodies are produced to be a heavy-weight pullover fleece to keep you warm throughout the day on the tools.

Volcom VWW Pullover

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Volcom Pants

Tradies are constantly on the move all day, thus they need to invest in pants that allow for unrestricted movement and comfort. Volcom pants are made with 66 Yarns, an extremely durable fabric, incorporating a superior stretch, allowing for complete mobility and unstoppable recovery. Volcom pants have reinforced knees, allowing for long jeopardy and protection while kneeling throughout the day.

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Volcom Socks

Socks are an essential aspect of a tradie's workwear for all-day comfort and warmth. We have Volcom socksavailable for you to purchase online, coming in a three-pair pack. The heavy-weight crew sock incorporates an articulated heel, ribbed leg and arch support, and a reinforced footbed. The socks come with small detailing of the Volcom logo as well, all designed with tradies comfort in mind.

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Volcom's workwear range was designed with an emphasis on durability, functionality, and all-day comfort. Like the tradesmen they're catering for, they wanted to build things that last. Invest in high-quality workwear that you can wear on the site to weekend activities. Purchase online today for the ultimate tradie workwear.

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