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  • The Difference Between Women's and Men's Wakeboards

    October 05, 2021 3 min read

    Your Questions Answered

    Is there actually a difference between mens wakeboards and womens wakeboards wakeboards, you ask? Well, we are here to debunk some of your most asked questions surrounding men's and women's wakeboards.

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    Heading into summer, we are all looking for the best wakeboard to get our hands-on. New and improved features, incredible graphics, and ultimately the feel of a new wakeboard gliding through the water is like no other. But what is the difference between men's and women's wakeboards? Let’s dive in.

    Women's and Men's Wakeboards Graphics


    Wakeboards have slowly begun to transition into similar graphics for both men and women. However, you will still find on the market that women's wakeboards tend to have florals and pink or purple colours compared to boys' darker retro graphics. But don't stress if you are a boy and like lighter, more feminine colours or a girl and try to steer away from the pinks, you will find a range of colours and graphics available for both men's and women's wakeboards that suit both sides of the spectrum. All our wakeboards online come with a range of imagery to allow you to browse by graphics that interest you.

    Ronix wakeboards, wakeboard graphics, difference between mens and womens wakeboards

    Women's and Men's Wakeboards Features

    In terms of the design and features incorporated into the wakeboard, most boards are designed the same for men and women. The most significant difference between the two is the length and weight of the board. Women typically weigh less and are shorter than most men; thus, wakeboards for women are shorter in length and lighter. Wakeboards come in various sizes and shapes, therefore instead of basing the board on your gender, look at your weight and height and find the right wakeboard for you. You can read our blog on how to choose a wakeboard & size chart to help.

    Women's and Men's Wakeboard Boots

    Wakeboard boots are the biggest difference between males and female when purchasing wakeboards and products. Women's wakeboard bindings are slightly narrower than men's due to most men having wider feet than women. Further, men's feet typically run longer, thus have bigger bindings that cater to the differences. Finally, the centre of gravity varies between men and women meaning the bindings are placed slightly differently on the board between both genders.

    Wakeboarding, wakeboard sizes, what wakeboard size do I need, womens wakeboard sizes, mens wakeboard sizes

    IG | @hyperlitewake

    Hyperlite wakeboards, wakeboard boots, womens and mens wakeboard boots


    Women's 2022 Ronix Rise Wakeboard


    The 2022 Ronix Rise Wakeboard just landed on the market, featuring a fast new lightweight board and a custom orthotic new boot. The women's wakeboard allows you to touch the sky with a fast new lightweight, reactive board. With black and orange subtle graphics, the board is sleek, professional and classy, making you blend in with the professionals on the water.

    Sold out
    Sold out

    Men's 2022 Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard

    The men's 2022 Hyperlite Relapse Wakeboard offers amazing value for their classic 3-Stage Rocker shape loved by many. Butch's Single Concave Base design provides a speedy ride throughout and soft landings after big airs. Molded-In fins offer you some customization as you can ride with or without the .8" P-Wing Fins that come with the Relapse.

    Ronix wakeboards, mens and women's wakeboards, wakeboard sizes, 2022 wakeboards
    Wakeboard sizes, difference between mens and womens wakeboards, wakeboard boots
    Mens and womens wakeboard boots, womens wakeboards, Ronix wakeboards, 2022 wakeboards

    Overall, there isn't a significant difference between mens wakeboards and womens wakeboards. If women want to test out a male's board and vise versa, they can. Choosing a wakeboard is all based on personal preference and what is best for you. If you want to learn more in-depth about which wakeboard to select and the different features available, check out our blog and dive into the world of wakeboarding.

    If you have any questions or need more advice on the right wakeboard for you, either get in touch with our online team or visit us in-store where our wake specialists can answer all your questions and find the board perfect for you.

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