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Top 10 Snowboards for the 2022 Snow Season

Top 10 Snowboards for the 2022 Snow Season

The sun is shining on the mountains again, and its time to prepare yourself for an unforgettable snow season with endless bluebird days. Over the past year, brands have been working hard to deliver an insane new range with amazing graphics and technology. We have gathered together our favourite 2022 snowboards for the season, giving you a firsthand insight into what you need for the slopes this year.

2022 Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

The 2022 Capita Defenders of Awesome (or DOA) is an award-winning men’s snowboard suitable for every kind of terrain. The DOA features a next-generation hybrid camber that puts the pop and response of positive camber back in the board while still keeping a catch-free and easy flexing ride. The 2022 Capita DOA snowboard has incredible graphics and provides a great medium flex that allows the board to hit big jumps, press rails, and ride all over the mountain, making it a top seller for 2022.

2022 Burton Process FVSnowboard

Continually evolving to drop ounces and amplify pop, the men's Burton Process snowboard is for freestyle riders eager to explore the whole mountain. The Squeezebox Core Profiling allows for effortless stability, while the Super Fly II core creates a lighter, lift-off-ready feel, building a deck designed for freestyle playfulness. The 2022 Burton Process features a Twin Shape design and is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride, so you can spin and stomp with outstanding stability whether you're riding regular or switch.

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2022 Burton Family Tree Hometown HeroSnowboard

The 2022 Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Men's Snowboard is for the adventurer looking for untouched, challenging slopes, rising to any and every obstacle thrown at you. The board incorporates twin flex making it perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile. The 2022 Burton FT Hometown Hero makes those challenging days into something that looks like a whole lot of fun. If you are an advanced to expert rider looking for thrilling adventures on the snow, come into Auski today, and we will hook you up with this insane new arrival.

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2022 Nitro Squash Snowboard

The 2022 Nitro Squash men’s snowboard is an all-mountain carving, powder-slashing weapon of a board made for intermediate to advanced backcountry riders. The Squash Snowboard offers pro-calibre performance in all sorts of conditions by providing a perfect blend of control and turning finesse through the Progressive Sidecut and True Camber. The 2022 Nitro Squash is favoured for delivering strong edge hold, lightning-fast speed, exceptional float and allows you to rip through the backcountry pow with ease.

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2022 Ride Warpig Snowboard

Calling all intermediate to advanced riders, the 2022 Ride Warpig Men's Snowboard is ready for battle. The board continues its hype for all-mountain domination and unmatched versatility, allowing you to lay down long carves, hit huge jumps, and ride big mountain lines. The Ride Warpig snowboard has medium flex making it stiff enough to be responsive and stable at speed and soft enough to handle a run through the park. Featuring a long list of built-in technology, this board is smooth, durable and fun to ride. It can take you from powder to the park and back down the groomed slopes, making the 2022 Ride Warpig a popular new arrival.

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2022 Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard

The 2022 Capita Birds of a Feather women’s snowboard is an all-terrain freestyle board that's able to go anywhere and do anything on the slopes, making this design extremely versatile and fun. Constructed the same from nose to tail, the 2022 Capita Birds of a Feather board will ride switch and regular equally as well for controlled jumps and landings, turns, and spins, changing your riding forever. The all-new Dual Blaster Ashpop Core with eight different sizes to choose from ensures this Capita snowboard is suitable for various riders. Check out the insane new graphic and stop by Auski today and talk to one of our specialists to see which size suits you best.

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2022 Capita Space Metal FantasySnowboard

The 2022 Capita Space Metal Fantasy women’s snowboard is one of the best women's park boards on the market; with a five-time Transworld Good Wood Award, it's no question this board is top of the range. The Space Metal Fantasy snowboard provides a zero-camber section throughout the insert area, offering a stable skate-style feel, and is fun for carving, playing on park rails and even floats extremely well in powder. A fun experience for intermediate riders looking to take their riding to the next level.

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2022 Burton Yeasayer Snowboard

From unexplored peaks to your favourite parks, the women's 2022 Burton Yeasayer snowboard performs in any condition. This board’s features work together to provide a friendly yet fun ride, designed with an energetic core and Scoop tip and tail, which turn up at the edges for a catch-free feel whether you're surfing through knee-deep pow or sliding a box in the park. The 2022 Burton Yeasayer women’s snowboard incorporates a true twin designed to keep you in control no matter which way you point it.

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2022 Nitro Drop Snowboard

Perfect for powder while also having versatile flex for all-mountain groomer days, the 2022 Nitro Drop snowboard is becoming a popular favourite for women. It's designed with a specific directional nose and tail shape, allowing the board to best perform when riding forwards. The Cam-Out Camber shape gives it that extra lift in powder but won't catch as hard when riding down the groomers. The 2022 Nitro Drop women’s snowboard is a dream and gives you exactly what you need to make most of the mountain.

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2022 BatAleon Feel Better Snowboard

Why feel good when you can feel better? The 2022 Bataleon Feel Better women's snowboard is designed with progression in mind, aiming to inspire female riders' confidence. It features a playful flex that's super easy to press on boxes and rails, backed up by 3BT to keep edge-catches to a minimum, whatever the terrain. From the park to the groomed slopes, Auski specialists recommend this board to ambitious female riders.

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Suppose you like the look of these boards and can see yourself being one of the first to ride down the slopes on a new design or want to learn more; come into one of our Auski stores today and talk to our team to find the perfect board for you. If skiing is more your thing, visit our other blog Top 10 Ski's for the 2022 Snow Season on our website to get an inside scoop of what else is coming to our stores this winter.

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