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  • Top 10 Outdoor Adventures in Kosciuszko National Park

    May 27, 2021 4 min read

    What to do in Mt Kosciuszko
    National Park


    Image - IG | @escape_trekking_adventures

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    Mt Kosciuszko National Park is the gateway to two of Australia's best snow resorts Thredbo and Perisher. If you love outdoor adventures, Mt Kosciuszko is nothing short of spectacular, with an array of activities to get your body moving while enjoying the fresh air. Mt Kosciuszko National Park is roughly a 6-hour drive from Melbourne or a 5-hour drive from Sydney, but don't let the trip deter you from going. The scenic journey through Australia's Alps is not to be missed. We have gathered together the top 10 adventure activities to put on your bucket list next time you're heading to Mt Kosciuszko.

    1. Walk Thredbo River Track

    Walking the Thredbo River Track in Mount Kosciuszko's region is a beautiful scenic hike with magnificent flora along the way and wildlife. The walk is roughly an 8km trek alongside the Snowy River. This hike is covered in snow during the winter season (June to October), but don't be upset, you can still cross-country ski or snowshoe. However, no poles are marking the route, so ensure you know where you're heading.
    Image - IG | @nswnationalparks

    2. Visit Perisher and Thredbo Snow Resort

    Thredbo-Perisher area is your gateway to the Kosciuszko National Park, located in New South Wales. Pack your snow skis or snowboard and enjoy a trip away to these incredible snow resorts. If you want more information on your way around these two resorts, head to our blogs, where you'll find the ultimate guide to Perisher and a guide to Thredbo.
    Image - IG | @perisher_resort

    3. Visit Yarrangobilly Caves

    When you think of Mt Kosciuszko National Park, hiking up the highest mountain in Australia typically comes to mind. However, the Yarrangobilly caves will be the highlight of your trip. Experience six jaw-dropping caves, created from a belt of limestone laid down about 440 million years ago in Kosciuszko National Park. Make sure to pack your bathers, as a short walk away are thermal pools above ground, staying around 27 degrees year-round; a wanderlust experience in the middle of winter.
    Image - IG | @brookemaxwell

    4. Stay at Tom Groggin Campground

    Tom Groggin Campground is located between Khancoban and Thredbo, positioned on the banks of the upper Murray River. The campground is popular for those exploring Kosciuszko National Park, as the weather conditions generally are much milder in the valley than in higher mountain areas. There are large open spaces, making plenty of room for all activities while watching the sunrise and set over the surrounding gorgeous mountains.

    5.Snowy River Paddling

    Multiple kayaking tours operate that take you down the magnificent snowy river. You will pass by some of the most remote wilderness in Australia while paddling through breathtaking scenery. Stop for your lunch break and enjoy a spot for fishing or take a dip in the freshwater.

    6. Backcountry Skiing

    Backcountry skiing around Mt Kosciuszko offers breathtaking views and an ever-changing landscape everywhere you look. These ranges should undoubtedly be at the top of your skiing bucket list. There are beginner slopes for snowboards or snow skiers first time, all the way to advanced mountain tops that will get the heart pumping with adrenaline. We recommend going through a program such as Snowy Mountains Backcountry Introductory Tours, where you'll be taught everything you need to know about backcountry skiing.
    Image - IG | @kosciuszkonationalpark

    7. Climbing Mt Kosciuszko

    Although not relatively as high as Mount Everest, Mt Kosciuszko is still one to complete once in your life. It rises 2,228 meters above sea level, and once you've reached the top, you will be atop Australia's highest peak. There are two options to getting there:

    Starting at Thredbo – 13km return, 4-5 hours

    Starting at Charlottes Pass – 18.6km, 6-8 hours

    Both offer spectacular views of the alpine region and it’s best to endure once the snow has melted between December to March. It is crucial to check the weather before heading off, as the conditions can change on the mountains without a moment's notice. Pack lots of snacks, water, and different layers of clothes as you never know what to expect on the top.
    Image - IG | @jarrydsinclair

    8. Participate in Bike Riding

    Mount Kosciuszko is a beautiful region to take your mountain bike out for a spin. There are many trails accessible for any ability, from easy, casual cycles to cross-country and adrenaline trails. Mount Kosciuszko summit trail is a popular, beautiful trail to experience once the snow melts. It follows the old road to Mount Kosciuszko, passing through snow gums, wildlife and crosses the Snowy River.
    Image - IG | @stefandemontis

    9. Kosciuszko Express Chairlift

    The Kosciuszko Express Chairlift is the perfect way to enjoy the remarkable views that Thredbo has to offer. The chairlift is nearly 2km long, taking 15 minutes to get from the bottom to the top. You are lifted 560 vertical meters to the closest access point to Mount Kosciuszko. It is open year-round and a fun experience the kids will love.

    10. Cascade Hut Trail

    Cascade Hut Trail is a well-known hiking and mountain bike trail that takes you to a historic alpine hut. It's a 20km return trail through snow gum woodland and the beauty of Pilot Wilderness Area. Easily accessible in summer for any ability of rider or hiker, however in winter, the trail turns white with snow, with the opportunity for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or fat biking, making it a truly incredible experience.

    This blog got us itching to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Australia's wonders, and I'm sure it did the same to you. While we have your attention, head over to our other blogs, best waterfalls in Queensland and day hikes from Melbourne, that will have you daydreaming of your next adventure.

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