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  • Top 12 Best Waterfalls in Queensland

    April 14, 2021 6 min read

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    Top 12 Best Waterfalls in QLD

    Best Waterfalls in Queensland, Australia

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    Queensland is well-known for its picture-perfect beaches but go inland slightly and you’ll come across magical waterfalls surrounded by incredible rainforests. From Windin Falls with an infinity pool at the top to Wallaman Falls (the biggest waterfall in Australia), you’ll experience breath-taking views and awe-inspiring bushwalks to reach them.

    If you love adventure and the outdoors then this article is for you, with our list of the 12 best waterfalls in Queensland (you’re going to want to visit them all by the end of this)!

    Wallaman Falls – Biggest Waterfall in Australia

    Starting with the highest single-drop waterfall in Australia, Wallaman Falls are Australia’s biggest with a massive 268 meters of cascading water.

    There are two ways of getting to Wallaman Falls; the easy-grade Banggurru route (800m return) or the medium grade Djyinda trek (3.2km return). It includes viewing platforms at the top, so bring a picnic rug and some lunch to enjoy the breathtaking view. The water plummets off the cliff face of the gorge and falls straight down, overlooking the lush green rainforest. Located north of Townsville, Wallaman Falls is a must-visit on the drive between Brisbane and Cairns.  

    Millaa Millaa Falls – Waterfall Close to Cairns

    The Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit is a trio of epic rainforest waterfalls located in the Atherton Tablelands Region just behind Cairns, Queensland. There is an incredible swimming hole in front of the 18m high falls, and we recommended to go on a warm summer’s day to make the most of your time there. The scenic views surrounding the dense rainforest and waterhole are certainly not to miss.

    Windin Falls – Waterfall with Infinity Pool

    By far a personal favourite of ours, Windin Falls has a unique feature that isn’t for the faint-hearted. There is a natural infinity pool at the top of the falls that drops deep into the valley below; make sure to bring your bathers as you are allowed to swim amongst this insane waterfall.

    Located in Wooroonooran National Park just south of Cairns, Windin Falls has incredible views over the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. It is a 90-minute hike each way, so pack some lunch and set foot to see some of the most spectacular views in Far North Queensland.

    Morans Falls - National Park Waterfall

    Morans Falls located in the south east region of Queensland, and is a remarkable plunging waterfall, falling 80 metres to the valley floor.

    Encapsulating spectacular sunsets over nearby mountains, visiting in the late afternoon is extraordinary, but make sure to bring a torch as you will be walking back in the dark. The waterfall changes depending on the weather, from a thunderous roar after a downpour to a light trickle in the drier months.

    Located in the Lamington National Park, you’ll end up walking the same path there and back through subtropical rain rainforest to visit one of Gold Coast’s best waterfalls.

    Image: Instagram/nic_blake_85

    Larapinta Falls – Gold Coast Waterfall Hike

    Larapinta Falls is a hidden gem within the Lamington National Park 1 hour east of Coolangatta, perfect for thrill-seekers as it is only accessible via a challenging off-track trail involving creek crossings, rock hopping, scrambling, while attempting to follow effectively non-existent paths.

    Swimming under the falling water, which is over 30 meters high, is magical; the secluded waterfall is surrounded by nature and native animals and is well-worth the 5–6-hour hike. To get to the falls drive to the end of Christmas Creek Road and follow the creek for approximately 90 minutes before starting rockhop upstream.

    Josephine Falls – Waterfall Swimming Hole

    Josephine Falls is a local’s favourite as there is swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall.

    Adding to the popularity of Josephine Falls is a natural waterslide formed by smooth rocks; the water flowing over rocks for around 10m, making it a whole load of fun to slide down. There are public facilities at the waterfall ensuring it’s an enjoyable trip for families, including a barbeque and picnic set up, allowing you to relax in the beautiful environment.

    The crystal-clear waters and sandy beach overlooking the rainforest and falls certainly lives up to its reputation for one of the best waterfalls in North Queensland.  

    Purling Brook Falls – National Park Waterfall

    This spectacular waterfall flows all year round and is undoubtedly worth the 4km trek surrounded by lush green tree ferns and wildlife. It’s often framed by rainbows through the spray from the falls, and is a magical place to sit and watch the beauty the waterfall has to offer. Located in the beautiful World Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest of Springbrook National Park only 50 minutes from the Gold Coast, we highly recommend a visit to Purling Brook Falls.

    Kondalilla Falls – Swimming Pool Waterfall

    This small swimming hole located just behind the Sunshine Coast, is surrounded by nature with water from Kondalillia Falls flowing in. Well suited to families, it’s an easy walk to the Falls with public facilities and a picnic area for use. The surrounding national park is an important refuge for many animals and plants including the pouched frog and the bopple nut, which are vulnerable to extinction. So, make sure to clean up around you once you’ve finished visiting this beautiful location.

    Barron Falls – One of the Largest Waterfalls in Australia

    Barron Falls is famously known in North Queensland as a mighty waterfall; visiting after days of heavy rain is remarkable, when you get to truly experience the gushing water down the falls.

    In the wet months, you will be enveloped in a cloud of mist as the falls thunder spectacularly down the gorge. In drier times, enjoy the scenic falls as they tumble endlessly over water-sculpted rocks of the narrow gorge walls.

    While standing looking at Barron Falls you can also enjoy watching the gondolas of the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway glide above the far-side of the gorge.

    Elabana Falls - Lamington National Park Iconic Waterfall

    Elabana Falls is Lamington National Park's iconic waterfall, it's part of the Box Forest circuit, that includes other spectacular waterfalls.

    Located approximately 1.5 hours out of Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, or 2 hours from Brisbane, Elabana falls is the perfect activity to complete on cooler days. Visitors suggest getting the best view of the stunning cascade waterfall is to carefully climb over rocks across the creek, however for the less adventurous, you still get a magnificent view of Elabana Falls from the track.

    Natural Bridge - Unique Waterfall Located in South-East Queensland

    Natural Bridge is in the western part of Springbrook National Park, located in South-East Queensland. The unique waterfall features a picturesque rock formation formed by the waterfall force over the basalt cave.

    Many native animals surround natural Bridge, also rare, threatened species like the cascade tree frog, tusked frog, sooty owl, and koala. Not only a beautiful walk surrounded by the beauty of nature to reach the falls, but once you arrive at Natural Bridge, you will be blown away; ensure to bring a camera as you will want to capture the extraordinary falls.

    Crystal Cascades - Secluded Freshwater Swimming Hole

    This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Knights. Famous for the Pro Bodyboarding competition and loved by locals for the good quality breaks and huge swells, Knights conditions are second to very, very few.

    Knights is known for larger swell and deep barrels, so is perfect for more experienced surfers. The water in the area is so clear that you can see the bottom most of the times all year. The best part - camping is super close by, so you can stay the week.

    Surf season: year-round.

    There is no shortage of waterfalls when it comes to Queensland, and with so many different locations and types you’ll be itching to get out there and visit them all. Perfect for a quick dip or mind reset, when you’re planning your next Queensland getaway, consider hunting down these beautiful Queensland waterfalls.

    The above list isn’t complete by any means, there are many more waterfalls around , so let us know what your favourite is, or if we missed any that deserve a mention. Remember to Tag #YourLifeOutdoors and share your next adventure with us on Facebook or Instagram (@auskiaustralia)!

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