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  • The 10 Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

    June 08, 2022 6 min read

    The 10 Best Hikes & Walks in NSW

    The 10 Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    10 Best Hiking Trails in NSW

    Whether it’s looking for things to do on the weekend or ways to stay motivated that don’t just involve watching Netflix, getting outdoors for a day hike is one the best ways to stay energised, healthy and it’s a great way to take in some of the local scenic beauty. NSW has an abundance of forests, beaches and bushland just waiting to be explored, so anytime is the perfect time to plan a day trip of hiking adventures. In NSW, you can find a hike that suits everyone’s abilities, from easy coastal walks to intermediate rainforest trails to advance hikes across mountains. So here are our top picks for the best day hikes that you can find in New South Wales.

    1. Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk

    Sydney Harbour National Park
    4km one-way, 1.5- 2.5hrs

    One of the most popular walking tracks in Sydney is from Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay which features the two biggest tourist attractions, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. You’ll first start off at Bradleys Head which is the point where you can see both of Sydney’s icons, and then you’ll continue along the gentle bush tracks and paths and explore a few bays along the way. It’s a very short scenic walk, and you’ll eventually end up at Chowder Bay, where you can also take in great views of the Harbour. We recommend taking this walk on a cool but sunny day as the endpoint is a great spot to watch sailing boats come in and out of the bay.

    1.	Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay walk , Hikes in NSW

    Image: Instagram/timeoutsydney

    Birrawanna walking track, walks in NSW

    Image: Instagram/travel.notebooks

    2. Birrawanna walking track

    Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
    4km return, 1.5-2.5hrs

    The Birrawanna walking track is located 45 minutes north of Sydney, making it the perfect day trip activity. It’s a moderately challenging hike but is great for families as there’s lots of wildlife to observe, including an abundance of native birds such as wedge-tailed eagles and wood ducks. The loop begins at the Kalkari Discovery Centre, which, if you want to learn about the wild flora and fauna, is worth popping inside. Once you’re all clued up on the wildlife, the Birrawanna track then begins, and you’ll be heading towards Bobbin Head point, which is a great spot for a picnic. We definitely recommend wearing good hiking shoes as the trail can get a little rocky at times, but you’ll get to see amazing views of Cowan Creek.

    3. White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track

    Jervis Bay National Park
    2.5km loop, 30mins-1.5hrs

    The White Sands walk starts at the Greenfield Beach picnic area, and the track follows the white sands and crystal-clear water of Jervis Bay. It’s only a short walk, so we definitely recommend packing some swimwear for a dip, and you might even be lucky enough to spot some dolphins out in the water. White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track are interconnected and loop through Jervis Bay National Park, so once you’re done playing in the water, you can loop back along the Scribbly Gum track. Along the bush trail of Scribbly Gum, you’ll be walking through the woodlands and coastal forest and might be able to spot some possums and gliders. You’ll then end up at the same point you began, the Greenfield Beach picnic area, which is a great spot to sit down and have lunch at.

    White Sands walk and Scribbly Gum track, Walks and Hikes in NSW

    Image: Instagram/explorenewsouthwales

    Image: Instagram/bundanoon_nsw

    4. Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Walking Track

    Morton National Park
    5km return, 2.5-3.5hrs

    The Pigeon House Mountain Didthul walking track is one of the best hikes in NSW and is located only 3 hours out of Sydney. Hikers will be able to see panoramic views of the Morton National Park, but first, they must navigate through forest trails, sandstone paths and, the most exciting part, climbing a series of ladders to reach the top. For this reason, it is best to only attempt this hike on sunny days; plus, it allows you better views that won’t be skewed by cloud cover. Whilst hiking, you can enjoy the sights of cliffs and gorges in the national park and on those clear sunny days, you can even see Jervis Bay and Bermagui.

    5. Minnamurra Falls Walk

    Budderoo National Park
    4.2km return, 1-2hrs

    The Minnamurra waterfall is found within the Budderoo National Park and features a beautiful scenic bushwalk to get to it. It’s a popular track in NSW for walking and hiking, as the falls walk begins at the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre, which is located in the Illawarra region. The trail is paved however it has some very steep points, but since you are emersed in the rainforest canopy and canyon, you can take your time and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll see many water streams and wild creatures such as butterflies and birds perched among the treetops. There are many viewing platforms scattered throughout the hike and a very large one at the mouth of the falls, making sure there is enough room for all visitors to enjoy the views.

    Minnamurra Falls Walk, Waterfalls and Hikes in NSW

    Image: Instagram/vanessa_mller

    Wonga Walk, Walks in NSW

    Image: Instagram/come.vanish

    6. Wonga Walk

    Dorrigo National Park
    6.6km loop, 2-3hrs

    The Wonga walk is a great hike found within NSW as it is nestled within a beautiful subtropical rainforest that is also on the World Heritage list! The Dorrigo National Park has a tree canopy that covers the walkways, and it’s believed that some of the trees are over 600 years old. You’ll also find two waterfalls on your way, the first one being the Crystal Showers Falls which is roughly a 30-to-40-minute walk. The track goes behind the waterfall to a water-worn cave, so you’ll actually be able to walk under the flowing water. Then it’s another 30-minute walk to get to Tristania Falls, which is a permanent waterfall, meaning it flows every day of the year!

    7. Cape Byron Walking Track

    Cape Byron State Conservation Area
    3.7km loop, 2 hrs

    Found within the picturesque town of Byron Bay, the Cape Byron walk will lead you through rainforests and over clifftops all whilst giving you full ocean views. You’ll eventually end up at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, so look out for marine animals such as dolphins, turtles and stingrays who all swim along the coast. There are also plenty of cafes along the way, so take your time and stop for lunch or simply grab a takeaway coffee to sip at whilst you wander. Whilst it is a 2-hour loop, generally, it takes visitors longer as there are so many little beaches and bays for you to stop and have a dip at!

    Cape Byron Walking Track, Best Hikes in NSW

    Image: Instagram/dwaroundtheworld

    Bob Turners Track, Best Walks in NSW

    Image: Instagram/mfstudiosboutique

    8. Bob Turners Track

    Colo Heights  
    7km, 3-4 hrs

    Located 1.5 hours northwest of Sydney, the Bob Turner Track is found within the Wollemi National Park, near Colo Heights. It’s a more challenging track but is popular among hikers for its great array of birdlife and wildflowers such as orchids. The trail begins at the Bob Turners Trail Road, and from here, you’ll follow the track to the banks of the Colo River. There’s a camping ground where you can stay the night, or you can return back to the beginning by following the same trail you’ve already walked.

    9. Bondi to Manly Walk

    80kms, 4-7 days

    The Bondi to Manly walk is definitely more of a relaxed coastal walk of Sydney rather than a hike, but it is 80km long! The track passes many of Sydney’s historical attractions, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera house and the Macquarie Lighthouse. The walk is broken up into eight sections with various different access points, making it easier for tourists and locals to navigate through. There are so many different shops, cafes and even the Tooronga Zoo along the way, making sure you take at least take a pitstop, even if it’s just to get a beer at a local bar. This is the ultimate walk to enjoy the best of NSW.

    Bondi to Manly Walk NSW

    Image: Instagram/manlybeachaustralia

    Burramoko Ridge Trail, Hanging Rock Hike, Best Hikes NSW

    Image: Instagram/visitbluemountains

    10. Burramoko Ridge (Hanging Rock) Trail

    Blue Mountains National Park
    10km, 2 hrs

    The Burramoko Ridge Trail is a challenging trail for hikers however it has such a rewarding view of the Grose Wilderness, so we had to add it to the list. The trail begins at Ridgewell Road, and the hike will take you through open forest, where you will eventually end up at the Balzter Lookout. The rocky bluff is unfenced, so please do be careful around the edge, especially when trying to get the infamous Instagram pic of Hanging Rock.

    New South Wales is known for many attractions and sights, but we recommend you change it up and set off on one of these incredible hikes through NSW and experience the state as you've never seen before. If this blog caught your attention, check out The Best 20 Day Hikes From Melbourne, 10 Best Hikes in Queensland, or the Best Walks & Hikes in Tasmania.

    See you out on the trails! ✌🏻

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