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  • 10 best Hikes in Queensland

    February 04, 2022 5 min read

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    10 Best Hikes in Queensland

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    We've all been trapped inside the last few years, so it's time to experience the outdoors and set off on an adventure, trying and seeing new things. These 10 best hikes in Queensland will have you eager to head out and explore the sunshine state ASAP and soak up the incredible scenery. Whether you enjoy coastal walks, the rainforest, or thrilling mountain climbing, you'll find a hike below to suit you.

    1. Noosa National Park Coastal Walk

    Length – 10.8km

    Starting off with our favourite hike Queensland has to offer, located in Noosa National Park, this coastal walk is nothing short of spectacular. Start in the very well-known Hastings Street and head towards Little Cove Beach to begin your hike. Walking around the coastline within the National Park, you'll see incredible wildlife, including koalas and whales, if you're lucky. We recommended starting the hike as the sun begins to rise as you'll get a spectacular view over the ocean of the sun peeping over the horizon. The Noosa National Park Coastal Walk is an easy hike, however, it is a very popular trail, so it can get busy in peak periods.

    2. Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

    Length – 54km


    The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk will take you the whole day to complete, so make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks, but we promise it's worth it. You'll explore the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest. Keep a close lookout for possums, sugar gliders, tree frogs, and native birds along the way. The Hinterland Great Walk winds along the ancient Tweed Volcano and beautiful waterfalls, making your hiking experience even more special.

    3. Ngaro Sea Trail, The Whitsundays

    Length – 5-15km


    The Ngaro Sea Trail hike in The Whitsundays is like no other. In the middle of your journey, you can jump on a boat and continue your trek over 3 islands, Whitsunday Island, South Molle, and Hook Island. The length of the hike is entirely up to you, taking you a few hours or a few days to complete depending on the journey you choose. With picturesque views spread across the crystal-clear ocean and white sand, the Ngaro Sea Trail will be your new favourite.

    4. Walshs Pyramid, Aloomba

    Length - 6km


    Located at the northern end of Wooroonooran National Park, Walshs Pyramid is a granite core left standing in the form of a pointed hill. It is challenging to complete, providing various steep and rocky sections. Once you reach the top of the summit, you'll be rewarded with 365-degree views of wide ranges and landscapes. Ensure to wear sunscreen and bring a hat as the hike isn't covered by much shade.

    5. Warrie Circuit Walk

    Length – 12.4km


    Warrie Circuit Walk is a track in Springbrook National Park. The circuit is rated as moderate and accessible for hiking all year-round. This walk will lead you to an incredible waterfall, so ensure to have your camera on you to capture the beauty of the gushing falls. The Warrie Circuit Walk has multiple stop points to take a break, so ensure to pack some snacks to munch on during your hike.

    6. Carnarvon Great Walk, Central Highlands

    Length – 14km hike (easy and popular) or 87km Great Walk through the entire national park


    Never experienced the Grand Canyon? Well, now you can with Australia's own version in the Central Highlands. It may not be even close to as big, but the gorge system has its own spectacular beauty. The Carnarvon Great Walk takes you through a journey of dramatic gorge systems formed over millions of years. Choose to complete the easy or difficult hike, and set off an incredible trek through Australia's history.

    7. Conway Circuit

    Length – 25km


    The Conway Circuit is located in The Whitsundays, a beautiful hike that you can choose to do in one go or take a few days stopping at campgrounds along the way. Begin your walk before daylight, leaving from Airlie Beach, and be sure to detour to Honeyeater Lookout for spectacular coastal views when the sun rises looking across the crystal-clear waters.

    8. Devil's Thumb, Daintree National Park

    Length – 14.5km


    This trial is for the experienced hiker requiring a high level of fitness; recommended to complete with a guide. Due to its difficulty, it is a quiet trail, making it even more special, surrounded by untouched rainforest and tranquillity. The Devil's Thumb hike received its name from a large boulder overhanging the Daintree National Park at the top, making the hike worth it. Further, you can look out over the Main Coast Range, the coastline, and the Coral Sea.

    9. Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island

    Length - 32km


    If you're up for a challenge, this multi-day hike in Hinchinbrook Island is for you. It is a hiker's dream, walking through dense rainforest, cloud-covered mountains, and an epic natural infinity pool at the end. On your journey through the Thorsborne Trail, you'll see some of Australia's most incredible waterfalls and white sandy beaches, making the hike worth it. Experience an avid hikers dream and add the Thorsborne Trail, Hinchinbrook Island, to your bucket list.

    10. Cooloola Great Walk, Sunshine Coast

    Length - 102km / can go as far or as short


    The Cooloola Great Walk located in the Sunshine Coast is classified as a moderate to difficult hike depending on the length you choose to complete. The extensive track system winds through the rainforest, dry coastal woodlands, sand dunes, beaches, and the Noose River. The Cooloola Great Walk is for the hiker that loves an ocean view. If you get lucky, you may be able to spot some whales off the shore from Double Island Point lighthouse.

    Queensland is known for relaxing and drinking cocktails by the beach. Change it up this year and set off on one of these incredible hikes through Queensland and experience the state as you've never seen before. If this blog caught your attention check out The Best 20 Day Hikes From Melbourne.


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