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  • Best Road Trips In Queensland, Australia: The Ultimate Guide

    February 04, 2022 4 min read

    The Ultimate Queensland Road Trips

    The Ultimate Queensland
    Road Trips

    1. Pacific Coast Way

    2. Central Queensland Outback Drive

    3. Leichhardt Way

    4. The Bloomfield Track

    Written for Auski by Pink Lemonade Social

    Queensland is the third largest state in Australia and is home to some of the best road trips in the country, and offers a range of different landscapes for visitors to explore. It is home to some of the most incredible places on earth. If you're looking for a vacation destination, you can't go wrong with Queensland. From beaches to rainforests, the region has it all.

    Road trips are a great way to experience the world and take a break from the everyday life. They are not only a lot of fun but also provide plenty of benefits to your mental health.

    Road trips are not only about driving, they are about having conversations with people you care about, discovering new places, and making memories together. And for many people, road trips are the best way to spend time with family and friends.

    Pack the car, chuck on some tunes, and set off on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip around Queensland. These Queensland road trips can be done in any style. If you've got a caravan or done up your favourite van, these road trips are perfect for you. Or if you have a 4WD and camping suits your fancy, you'll also find yourself having the time of your life. Get a taste of the outback, relax in the sun by the beach or hike a beautiful waterfall. These top road trips in Queensland need to be added to your bucket list.

    Pacific Coast Way

    21 hours / 1808 kms

    If you like salt water, the feeling of sun-kissed skin, and beautiful tropical views, the then Pacific Coast Way road trip is for you. The 21-hour journey will have you passing almost every beach along the east coast of Queensland. The long drive is well and truly worth it if you plan your stops well. Stop in Hervey Bay for whale watching or visit the Capricorn Caves for amazing an walk-through limestone caves. The Pacific Coast Way road trip will have you discovering hidden beaches, where you can switch off and relax while reading your favourite book listening to nothing but waves crashing alongside you.




    Brisbane to Bundaberg

    Bundaberg to Yeppoon

    Yeppoon to Airlie Beach

    Airlie Beach to Townsville

    Townsville to Cairns


    Central Queensland Outback Drive

    9 days / 1985 kms

    Get out of the hustle and avoid bad drivers; begin your road trip at Longreach, and drive through the outback to experience Australia as you've never seen it before. A 9-day journey where you'll learn Australian history, experience old-fashion hospitality, and get a feel on what it's like to live in the outback. If you take part on this Queensland road trip, visiting the largest sapphire fields in the Southern Hemisphere is a must-do adventure. Tour an underground mine, wash and learn how to spot sapphires in the rough; an experience you won't get anywhere else. Take a slight detour south of Biloela to hike trails around Mount Scoria, an incredible natural basalt formation over 25 million years from a volcano. You'll experience picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets through Central Queensland and see many native animals along the way, certainly not one to miss.



    Longreach to Springsure

    Springsure to Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park

    Carnarvon Gorge, Carnarvon National Park to Biloela

    Biloela to Rockhampton

    Airlie Beach to Townsville

    Townsville to Cairns


    Leichhardt Way

    240 hrs Total / 2019 kms Total

    If you want the best of everything Queensland has to offer, the Leichhardt Way road trip is for you. Leave the stressful city-life behind and drive through mesmerising rivers, country towns, and National Parks. Although this trip is longer than the others, Leichardt Way is the ultimate road trip through Queensland. Begin your road trip in Goondiwindi and travel through to Miles, where you'll find beautiful walking trials and Miles Historical Village Museum with its streetscape of authentically restored heritage buildings. Your trip will come to an end at the edge of The Great Barrier Reef, with stunning beaches and insane marine life. It is the perfect ending to an incredible road trip through Queensland.





    Goondiwindi to Miles

    Miles to the Theodore

    Theodore to Rockhampton

    Rockhampton to Yeppoon

    The Bloomfield Track

    6 – 7 hrs / 256 kms

    The Bloomfield Track road trip through Queensland can be done in a day; set off on a journey that will take you through Queensland landmarks and beautiful towns while experiencing the tropics. Starting in Cairns heading into Port Douglas, you'll pass irresistible beaches with crystal clear waters, calling your name for a quick dip. Continuing further on your road trip, you'll have the opportunity to visit The Great Barrier Reef, swim with marine life, or head over to the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, where you can spot Australian wildlife. The Bloomfield Track leads into various hikes through tropical rainforests, where you can stop for a picnic and search for streaming waterfalls. The Bloomfield Track through Queensland is perfect for a weekend adventure with friends.





    Cairns to Port Douglas

    Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation

    Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield Track

    Bloomfield Track to Cooktown

    Road trips are the best way to experience what Queensland has to offer. Driving around scenic beaches, country towns, or tropical rainforests with the windows down and music blaring is the serotonin we all need. Choose which Queensland road trip you want to make incredible memories on and grab a group of friends or venture off alone. Start your 2022 the right way.

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