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  • Best Jetpilot Watersports Products of 2023

    September 26, 2022 8 min read

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    Best Jetpilot Watersports Products of 2023

    Best Life Jackets Australia 2023

    For the greatest product on and off the water, shop Jetpilot, featuring everything for fans of watersports, including life jackets and tubes to swimwear and clothing. Jetpilot was founded in 1986 at a time when there was an increase in the need for high-tech, advanced wetsuits, vests, and clothing for personal watercraft racing. Pilot offers top-notch gear and apparel for water sports like wakeboarding, tubing and more, producing innovative, high-quality items that keep your time on the water joyful, secure, and safe. Here are the best Jetpilot products for 2023.

    It's crucial that a Jetpilot life jacket fits snugly against your skin, but not so snugly that breathing becomes challenging. Although your Jetpilot life jacket may seem awkward at first, it will make much more sense and feel very comfortable once it is wet. There is a potential that the vest will become too big and move once you are in the water if you are not stretching it to finish the zipper. A poorly fitting jacket might reduce the safety features in addition to the potential for becoming wet. Read more below on choosing the appropriate life jacket.

    Original SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion 237ML

    Original SPF 15 Sunscreen Lip Balm - Coconut

    Choosing The Appropriate Jetpilot Life Jacket

    Jetpilot life jackets are available in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and fits, so it's critical to choose one that meets your individual requirements. There are a few important considerations to make while selecting a life jacket:

    • You should wear a jacket that is both snug and comfortable on you so that it won't shift about when you use it in the water.
    • The most typical method for sizing a life jacket is to take a measurement around the thickest region of your chest and compare it to the measurements specified on the vest. All our products have size charts and size calculators to help you find the right size for you. Alternatively, visit one of our stores where our staff can help find the right life jacket for you.
    • It might be challenging to find the ideal fit for children. First verify the weight rating, then check for a snug fit around the waist and shoulders because a tight fit is essential for the jacket to be safe. When considering larger than necessary sizes or longer adult jacket styles for children, exercise caution. It is unsafe to wear a vest with the zip fastened at the hips rather than the waist since it will allow too much area for the shoulders. While we all want to make the most of our equipment, safety is always the top concern.
    • If you’re looking for more information on types of Life Jackets such as L50, see Types of Life Jackets at the bottom of this article.
    • You need a jacket with the features necessary for its intended function. For instance, a jacket with handles will allow any passengers on a sit-down jet ski something to grip onto, enhancing their safety.
    • The life jacket is too big if more than three fingers can fit between your shoulders and the vest. In an emergency, the vest won't be able to hold your head above water if it's too big.
    • To guarantee that you can float effectively in an emergency, make sure the neck part or collar does not sit up over your head. Instead, it should sit just above your shoulders.

    Jetpilot Quantum X Mens 2023 Life Jacket

    The Jetpilot Quantum X men's life jacket has been updated for 2023 with a glide skin exterior, a quick-dry interior, and a rip-stop body lock panel that secures the vest to the wearer's body while minimising vest lift. The Jetpilot Quantum X men's life vest has Jetpilot's fire fur lining for added warmth, oversize armholes, and ergonomically engineered segmentation that provides the utmost in freedom of movement. With its unique lightweight E360 stretch neoprene, large armholes, and ergonomic segmentation, it offers the greatest amount of freedom of movement.The Quantum X Mens Life Jacket is Australian standards Level 50s Approved, comes in white and black and in a range of sizes.

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Jetpilot Freeride Mens 2023 Life Jacket

    The performance and value of this 2023 life jacket are unsurpassed. The 100% Flex-Lite Neoprene Panels and Bevelled Segments used in the Jetpilot Freeride vest's ultra-light construction give it maximum flexibility and enable it to adapt to any body shape.

    Approved to Australian Standards Level L50, coming in black or camo, and a range of styles, this is one life jacket that will sell out fast!

    Jetpilot X1 Zahra Ladies 2023 Life Jacket

    The Jetpilot X1, which is still among the lightest and most comfortable models, has established itself as a mainstay of their line-up. With the X1, you can stay exceptionally comfortable while retaining the highest level of safety with to features like Jetpilot's top-end high stretch neo, a totally anatomical fit, and freelite foam, the lightest internals in the industry for the ultimate buoyancy. This vest's fire-fur liner ensures that it will not only dry rapidly but also keep you warm on brisk days. Approved to Australian Standards Level L50, coming in Peach, Charcoal and Purple, and a range of sizes, shop the X1 Zahrah today before it sells out.

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Jetpilot X1 Sina Ladies 2023 Life Jacket

    The high-performance X1 life jacket is on track to become one of the market's lightest, most flexible life jackets with Australian Standards Approval. With the X1 rapid dry lining included, you can always start the set with a dry vest. This women's Sina Fuchs pro fit life vest is our most popular because of its comfort, functionality, and style. Approved to Australian Standards Level L50s, the X1 Sina comes in Purple, Light Grey and Charcoal, and in a range of sizes.

    Jetpilot Freeride 2023 Ski Tube

    The Jetpilot 4 person Freeride 2023 Ski Tube gives you a thrilling ride that the whole family can enjoy. The 2023 Freeride Ski Tube is the newest and most distinctive way to get out on the water, with an entirely new style of ride and different seating configurations. Designed for up to 4 riders, the Freeride tube features built-in arm and back rests, pull-up straps, double webbing foam handles with padded knuckle guards, a reinforced tow system and quick connect tow hook as well as a POV camera mounting point enabled you to capture all the fun out on the water.

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Jetpilot JP3 Wing 2023 Ski Tube

    The Jetpilot JP3 Wing ski tube is a traditional lay-down design with wings that makes it more difficult for riders to fall off while still being a tonne of fun to try and stay on. With its new soft touch top for an even more comfortable ride, the Jetpilot Wing 3 Ski Tube offers a fun, adaptable ride for up to 3 persons. Catch all the action from your summer tubing adventures by placing your gopro on the gopro mount that most jetpilot tubes come with as standard equipment.

    Jetpilot Linear Ladies Boardshorts

    Ladies Linear boardshorts from Jetpilot are a must-have for when you next hit the water. For the hot summers in Australia, boardshorts are a necessity. Whether you plan to wakeboard, go jet skiing, or just go swimming, these 5 inch leg length linear boardshorts are the go-to. Featuring an elasticated waist, custom panelling and scallop at side seams, these will be your go-to all summer long.

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Jetpilot Tube Rope 1-4 Persons

    If you’ve got your tube sorted, or added the new Jetpilot Freeride 2023 Ski Tube or JP3 Wing Ski Tube to your cart, then add the 1-4 persons ski Tube Rope! Designed for towing up to 4 riders, this 60ft 12 strange PE rope can be used for different towables, and will be a staple in your watersport gear.

    Jetpilot Unisex Venture Hoodie Towel

    When your crew is on board, a hooded towel is ideal for changing in the boat. The new Jetpilot Unisex Venture Hoodie Towel is 100% microfibre, with an external front pocket and comes in teal and charcoal. You can never go wrong with one of these!

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Quantum X F/E Mens Neo Vest 2023

    Sold out

    Jetpilot Venture 2023 Esky – The Perfect Boat or Jetski Esky

    You can pack everything you need for a day on the water in the brand-new Jetpilot Venture 2023 Esky. Including bottle openers, 2 Bungee-Locked Rod Holders, and several utility storage loops and pockets, there’s enough room for a six-pack and a productive day of reeling! With 46L of cooling space, and constructed of cool cell foam, the Venture Esky keeps everything colder, longer, while keeping the water out. With secure clip connections, it’s easily clippable to your jetski or converts into a backpack.

    Dimensions: 50 x 27 x 34 cm; volume: 46 L

    Styles & Types of Life Jackets in Australia

    Styles & Types of Life Jackets

    No matter your anticipated destination and activities while on the water, you need to invest in a quality life jacket. Life jackets that meet Australian standards are L50 (PFD Type 2), L50S (PFD Type 3), or L100 (PFD TYPE1) are the most common. The cut and fit of the vest are equally as important as the materials used to create it. Always remember that the rating of a life jacket, as well as other important information like the weight rating, which may be located on the inside panel. This will be checked by the authorities if they stop you on your boat, so be sure to wear an approved life jacket avoid a fine!

    There are three primary types of life vests:

    Level 50S Life Jackets (PFD TYPE 3)

    Level 50S or L50s life jackets, are only to be used in smooth water, and will keep you safe in most rivers, lakes, and dams. These life jackets are the most frequently utilised because waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and wakesurfing are typically done in calm water. They are not colour-restricted and come in a wide range of colours and designs.

    Level 50 Life Jackets (PFD TYPE 2)

    In both smooth and moderately smooth rivers, it is legal to wear a life jacket that is an LEVEL 50 due to the fact that they may be used in open waterways as well. They are well like by jetskiers and operators of Personal Water Crafts (PWCs). The main difference between an L50 and an L50S life jackets are the colours. L50 life vests are required to be brightly coloured, with the shoulders typically being red, yellow, or orange, in accordance with Australian Standards. Despite the fact that you don't have a lot of colour options, jetskiers should purchase an L50 life vest since it will legally protect you for practically anywhere you wish to travel on a jetski, including offshore. Many L50 life vests come equipped with the amazing jetski features like grab handles and lower back support.

    Level 100, 150, or 275 (PFD TYPE 1) Life Jackets

    For the purposes of jetskiing or any other towable water sport, a life jacket with the designation level 100, 150, or 275 (PFD TYPE 1) is not permitted. They are designed to be used on boats, so they may be taken offshore in Open Waterways. Because these life jackets are only appropriate for regular boating on open water and cannot be used for jet skiing or other water sports, they are not usually stocked at Auski.

    It is up to each state to decide how to classify rivers in Australia, so be sure to check the relevant website to find out which life jacket you should wear.

    Styles of Life Jackets

    Make sure you select a life jacket that will match your specific needs even though they all float equally. If you usually waterski, a low-profile life jacket will keep out of the way on starts and provide you flexibility in your arms. Look for life jackets with a 4-panel design so that the foam may be dispersed more evenly through the front, back, and sides. If you intend to go skiing in the winter, some life vests also have quick-dry insulation on the inside. A lightweight life jacket may also be adequate for wakeboarding, but you'll be more protected in accidents with something bulkier.

    If you're on a jetski, think about your favourite water sports. If you're doing lengthy journeys or carrying the kids around all day, a life jacket with a kidney belt and grab handles will come in handy. Alternatively, if freestyle jetskiing is more your style, you might choose to use a side entrance vest that provides extra chest protection.

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