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  • Best 2023 Ronix Wakeboards & 2023 Radar Water Skis

    October 03, 2022 11 min read

    Best 2023 Wakeboards & Waterskis

    Guide to the Best 2023 Ronix Wakeboards & 2023 Radar Water Skis

    The water products we feature in our blogs have been independently selected and reviewed by our Auski team of wake and waterski specialists.

    Personal choice, where you are in your riding development, and how YOU want your board to feel on the water all go into how a wakeboard rides, and ultimately decides the best board for you. The same goes for water skis. We've compiled a list of the best 2023 Radar Water skis and 2023 Ronix Wakeboard products, whether your priorities are a speedy on-water feel, enormous vertical pop, a fun ride with gentler flex, or an aggressive board that's quick edge to edge. We looked at everything that was available this year and chose some of the top wakeboards and water skis for 2023.

    Our team of water specialists scoured the range for products that stand out from the competition in some way, and they also need to be a lot of fun for us and anyone on the water. While choosing the greatest sellers would be simple, it sometimes feels like a cop-out and doesn't provide the complete picture. This below range allows us the chance to explore the various shapes and discuss what makes them unique from one another. This is significant to us because there is no one wakeboard or water ski that works for everyone.

    The market leaders have once again outdone themselves with an excellent selection of 2023 slalom skis, water ski bindings, 2023 wakeboards, ropes and accessories in a range of water skis and wakeboards for men, women, and children. Both in-store and online, Auski Australia carries the full collection of the newest Radar water skis and Ronix wakeboard products with free delivery across Australia!

    Here is our breakdown of the 2023 Ronix Wakeboard and 2023 Radar Water Ski products without further ado.

    Top 2023 Radar Water Skis

    2023 Radar Womens Lyric Slalom Ski with Lyric Boot Package

    Skiers are aware that a Lyric is a woman's closest companion on the water. The Lyric slalom ski is an effortless-skiing, level-riding, auto-turning ski that is built to carry pace. With the addition of two tenths of an inch to the Vapor, Radar were able to produce a high-performance ski with improved balance and support. The Lyric was designed with the first lady of the water in mind. The inside features lighter carbon, resulting in a finished product that is softer and simpler to turn. Ladies, enjoy making easy turns while cruising at speeds between 26 and 34 MPH on the Lyric. The Lyric Front Boot is internally softer and has less volume for a woman's smaller footprint because it is built on the Feather Frame and modelled after the Vector Boot. Slip into excellent ankle support without experiencing foot pain while achieving the ideal balance of comfort, support, and performance and is designed to accommodate any size foot.

    Sold out

    2023 Radar Vapor Lithium Slalom Ski with Vector Boot Package

    The word "Vapor" has come to mean balance and speed in the realm of water skiing. In an effort to improve water flow and provide the ski a more level ride, the overall width of the 2023 Vapor Lithium Slalom Ski has been reduced. In order to improve the drive behind the boat and give the ski greater angle before the buoy, the rocker has also been adjusted. Finally, to provide more stability and consistency at the turn's apex, the concave was expanded and allowed to extend through the ski's tail. Combined, this in turn created a ski that is faster than its predecessor, has more automated turns, and provides a genuinely consistent ride from turn to turn thanks to all of these small adjustments.

    Sold out

    The 2023 Lithium Slalom Ski is made from the same mould as the Pro Build and has the Vapor form with a PVC core. PVC has shown to be a durable and high-quality core material over time. A win-win situation in every sense of the word—a fantastic ski at a more reasonable cost. The Lithium build is ready to shred anything from 15 to 41MPH and is designed to be a course ski between 30-36 MPH. The Vector Front Boot is a mainstay and is designed for skiers who want all-day comfort without sacrificing performance. You can forget about your feet and concentrate on the journey thanks to a platform that is extremely light and comfy. The ARTP offers the ideal balance of comfort, support, and performance and is designed to accommodate any size foot.

    2023 Radar Senate Alloy Slalom Ski with Vector Boa Boot Package

    The Senate Slalom Ski is unrivalled in the field for its capacity for speed. This speed gives the skier the freedom they desire, providing them the ability to keep their breadth on the boat while still doing wicked spins on wide water. By taking the Vapor shape and doubling its width by two tenths of an inch, Radar were able to design a stable riding surface. This platform delivers the stability a skier needs to feel comfortable, and the ski's profile gives the skier the ability to experience the speed and angle desired at any level.

    Sold out

    The 2023 Alloy Senate Slalom Ski, the most well-liked ski, has a polyurethane core and stringers made of Paulownia wood that are covered in carbon fibre. This stunning ski is quick, stable, and an incredible fun to ride whether you're carving turns in wide water or taking a course. Enjoy the ride while skiing the Alloy Senate between 26 and 34 mph. The Vector Boa Front Boot has a powerful bite. Featuring Carbitex CX6 strips for maximum reaction and a Boa reel for consistently excellent fit adjustment, you'll be left wondering how you ever lived without this boot. The ARTP offers the ideal balance of comfort, support, and performance and is designed to accommodate any size foot.

    2023 Radar Terrain Slalom Ski With Prime Boot Package

    The 2023 Radar Terrain Slalom Ski is equipped for any adventure on the water you can dream up. Its straight lines make it easy for the ski to glide and carve. This makes it perfect for anyone wishing to spice things up to carve in open water or bring inside the course. With a distinctive form and 100% carbon laminates, this ski is lightweight and quick to maintain speed. With greater balance and support, Radar's brand-new Open Water series enables skis with larger volume to ski at a high level. Surface area is undeniably your friend when skiing since it makes it easy for you to get out of the water and allows you to float above it.

    Sold out

    A ski that is even easier to ride and has less drag has been produced by combining that surface area with our flat spine and the newest iteration of Grip Rails. Go rip it up! The brand-new Sessions and Terrain will transform the way you perceive a piece of glass. Simplicity was a priority in the design of the Prime Front Boot. The upper has a bungee for mobility, and the lower has laces for support. It is cost-effective and provides excellent performance and comfort. The ARTP offers the ideal balance of comfort, support, and performance and is designed to accommodate any size foot.

    2023 Radar TRA Junior Slalom Ski with TRA Boot Package

    The kids will want to go skiing more regularly after using the Radar Junior 2023 TRA Kids Slalom Ski! The Radar Senate shape and a kid-specific flex have been combined to produce a ski that is simple to turn and effective through wakes. Radar made it simple for youngsters to advance quickly by designing in this way, leaving them with a smile on their face and the desire to ski every day. The most forgiving architecture is the All-Terrain Core, featuring 100% carbon fibre ensuring constant flex.

    Sold out

    The TRA has the fastest carrying capacity in the business. This speed gives the skier the freedom they desire, providing them the ability to keep their breadth on the boat while still doing wicked spins on wide water (recommended speed range 10-34MPH). The TRA Front Boot is a scaled-down version of the famous Vector. The kid shredder in your life can now have a cosy, performance boot to swerve in thanks to this absolute beast of a boot featuring symmetrical fit, feather frame chassis and a soft density footbed. The ARTP offers the ideal balance of comfort, support, and performance and is designed to accommodate any size foot.

    2023 Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard with One Boots Wakeboard Package

    The 2023 Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard is a fresh mystery that is reactive and lighter. Ronix selected the fastest, most well-rounded board and for 2023 reduced its weight by more than 1.5 pounds. So what’s new? New foam, new chemicals that must remain anonymous, and new methods to ride a board. The tip and tail design of the RXT breaks up the water for gentler landings and is even more forgiving of errant drops from above.

    Sold out

    You can now easily alter your course and ride away from a shape that will reward you for being off course rather than punish you for it. Ronix’s quickest rockerline, smooth, predictable take-offs, and increased forwards momentum into the flats are all features of the RXT. Blackout Technology, Ronix’s secret ingredient, produces more responsiveness during turns, provides more feel on the water, and improves take-offs for a more stable connection between rider and board. Unparalleled modernisation for riders seeking every advantage to advance their skills or for intermediate wakeboarders seeking a forgiving shape and build they can develop into. The 2023 One Wakeboard Boots are a high-response, foot-on-the-gas powerhouse that eliminate dead space around your feet with 3D-molded components that speed up energy transfer. The most popular boot in the range features an updated Cordura ballistic nylon upper for increased longevity and durability, as well as an industry-exclusive heat-moldable liner called Intuition+.

    Who said that men are the only ones that can have all the fun? The 2023 Ronix Rise Womens Wakeboard is the most cutting-edge wakeboard ever produced for women. A lightweight reactive board made to fit the unique shape of female riders that is quick and responsive yet won't ever develop a steep edge hold, and prevents the rider from producing too much load line. The speed of the RXT and the kick of the One were combined with two of Ronix’s most popular rockerlines, and added a construction that lived up to its name, the Air Core, with the least amount of swing weight and the greatest hole-shot response out of a turn. Ronix then created a form with bottom channels that was functional for riders new to the sport while yet enabling advanced riders to consistently land 720s. Achieve greater heights in women's wakeboarding with the 2023 Ronix Rise Womens Wakeboard.

    Sold out

    The 2023 Rise Womens Wakeboard Boots feature an Intuition+ liner, which is heat moldable, and is a feature of the Rise Boot that provides a premium fit and performance. Ronix understand that a woman's foot has different proportions, so utilised softer foam and provide a lower cut to produce the ideal fit and maximum comfort. The FlexForm heel panel's inclusion provides for more mobility and durability. You won't know how far technology has advanced in footwear until you put on the high-performance BrainFrame chassis.

    2023 Ronix Quarter 'Til Midnight Womens Wakeboard with Luxe Womens Boots Wakeboard Package

    The Ronix 2023 Quarter 'Til Midnight Womens Wakeboard is a female-specific board that adjusts to your riding technique. Regardless of your style or skill level, this board has the exceptional capacity to adapt to you. Ronix just developed one of their most popular all-purpose series, which rides without stereotypes, is lighter, more responsive, and with notably softer landings. The Quarter 'Til Midnight Womens Wakeboard's hybrid rocker enables it to perform wide-open, high-speed cuts in addition to smooth, low-maintenance turns.

    Sold out

    This series truly covers the gamut, from quick predictable take-offs to powerful wake-to-wake jumps. Riders who enter the wake flat will experience a powerful, explosive three-stage lift. You will see a smooth blended rocker line with an unbroken rapid take-off and landing if you jump while on the rail. When they commence spins, riders who tend to ride with their weight more equally distributed will experience a freeride-like floating sensation. Alternatively, if you ride with greater weight in the board's tail, you may encounter hairpin turns with rapid edge transitions.

    The 2023 Luxe Womens Wakeboard Boots conforms to every feature of your foot when you lace up the AutoLock system thanks to its adaptive MainFrame chassis. The Luxe is a top-of-the-line, universal boot with an affordable price that is made from soft, lightweight Stage 1 foam. With the support and ease of entry you would expect from a high-end boot, you can’t pass the 2023 Luxe Womens Wake Boots.

    2023 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard with District Boots Wakeboard Package

    The Ronix 2023 Supreme Wakeboard will fit you whether your high-end style is smooth, assertive, mellow, or reactive. It’s also a lot lighter. For the rider who wants a little bit of everything, there is a new Hybrid rocker, new construction, and new full-length Speedwalls, but the riding style is still adjustable. The weight of the 2023 Supreme Wakeboard was decreased by more than 1 pound thanks to a new, dynamic, Italian-imported Air Core foam and a slimmer design.

    Sold out

    The wakeboard was revamped in shape while keeping a high-end board that will accommodate your natural riding style with reduced weight and an increasing water feel. The 2023 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard is a new school shape that combines a dynamic take-off with improved damping properties on the water to represent a growing riding style. Riders who approach the wake on edge can experience the ideal vertical take-off thanks to the board's unique rocker line and large flat region on the outer rails. The board then features a progressive continuous rocker in the middle for riders that come into the wake flatter and want to jump more quickly and smoothly into the flats. The 2023 District Wakeboard Books are a pioneer in lightweight adjustability, with a MainFrame chassis that adapts to every feature of the rider's foot as it is tightened. Complete with AutoLock lacing system, Stage 1 foam, and a ground-breaking adaptive skeleton, it stands out from the competition in terms of ease of entry, adaptability, and general fit.

    2023 Ronix Vault Jr Wakeboard with Vision Jr Boots Wakeboard Package

    The 2023 Ronix Vault Junior Wakeboard is the perfect young rider's introduction to wakeboarding and will aid in laying the ideal groundwork for their riding career. Wakeboards can be ridden in two different ways. Edging and driving through the wake, where your lift is determined by your speed from your attack angle and pop. Due to the pull of the line and the timing of your jump, a rider must cope with varied forces, which calls for a higher level of ability. Secondly, riding a board with a narrower profile at a higher top speed and with less line load.

    Sold out

    This technique uses a more natural centripetal approach to create a pendulum with less effort on and off the water. Ronix put the Vault on a diet last year and removed about 20% of its weight. Riders now have smoother transitioned turns, more feedback from the water, and less swing weight in the air. Every feature of the Vault takes into account the fact that a rider’s body is crossed up when riding toeside and more inline when riding heelside in order to provide the best possible riding foundation.


    The 2023 Vision Jr. Wakeboard Boots feature a fit made especially for children, the first of its kind. Built on a MainFrame chassis to conform to future wakeboarders' feet when they tighten the AutoLock lacing system. A modern, comfy boot that is fully equipped and simple to enter.

    What are you keen to try out this season? Leave a comment below!

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